Vega – Anarchy And Unity

Anarchy And Unity Album Cover Art

Vega – Anarchy And Unity
Frontiers Music srl
Release Date: 17/09/2021
Running Time: 48:39
Review by Beth Jones

Vega have been a staple for me since seeing them live at Amplified in 2017. They deliver a fabulous early Bon Jovi-esque sound, which is right up my street. So, every time a new release from my favourite British Melodic Hard Rockers pops up, I grab it without a second thought. And here we are chatting about them again, in the shape of their seventh studio album, “Anarchy And Unity”. This album brings with it two new band members, Billy Taylor (ex-Inglorious) on guitars and Pete Newdeck (Nitrate, Midnite City) on drums, and for me, their arrival has reinvented and rejuvenated Vega’s already excellent sound, which I’m very happy about.

This album is a voyage into more ambitious territory I feel. They’ve taken the already highly set bar, and raised it a little more (ironically, this is a lyric in ‘C’mon’). This is their most complete and well-rounded album to date. Everything from the actual songwriting, to the playing, and production, seems to have hit the sweet spot here, and I really can’t fault it. So, I’m going to give you a rundown of some of the highlights for me.

The album opener, ‘Beautiful Lie’, is a hard-hitting up-tempo track, which is delivered with ferocity musically, and Nick Workman’s vocals are just fabulous. Gravelling, gritty lower end tones, and then impressive richness in the soaring higher vocals. He has a fabulous range. This track is also full of great vocal harmonies, and classic 80’s Hard Melodic Rock sounds, and an awesome guitar solo.

‘End Of The Fade’ is an absolute banging power ballad. It’s got a sinister minor undertone in the verse, and the chorus throws in a minor cadence, which I just love. Again, I am in awe of Nick’s vocals, as well as the fullness of the instrumentals. It’s a really satisfying track, which I keep going back to.

‘Welcome To Wherever’ is completely Bon Jovi through and through. I don’t really need to say anything else, but it’s a great track. It’s got some superb keyboard moments too. ‘Live For Me’ is another great standout ballad to start, but with a hard edge, that moves everything to a more up-tempo middle section, with a properly good guitar solo.

I’m loving the mix of upbeat and ballad tracks on the album as well. It makes it really easy to listen to and get lost in. And the production is crystal clear throughout, with everything balanced and placed masterfully.

Track 10, ‘C’mon’ explores new territory, switching between Jazz and Rock in an ingeniously smooth way. Groovy! And why the hell not – it’s exciting and alive. Honestly, there is nothing not to like about this album. Every track is a banger. If you like Melodic Rock, and are partial to a bit of Bon Jovi (I should probably point out that I LOOOOOVE Bon Jovi, and one of my favourite ever gigs was seeing them in the Etihad Stadium in 2013) then you will love this album, and Vega in general. They should be huge. They should be playing stadiums around the world. End of. LOVE IT!!

‘Ain’t Who I Am’ (Official Video)

01. Beautiful Lie
02. Sooner Or Later
03. End Of The Fade
04. Ain’t Who I Am
05. Welcome To Wherever
06. Bring The Riot
07. Live For Me
08. Kneel To You
09. Glow
10. C’mon
11. Had Enough
12. 2Die4

Nick Workman – Vocals
Tom Martin – Bass
James Martin – Keyboards
Marcus Thurston – Guitar
Billy Taylor – Guitar
Pete Newdeck – Drums


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