Helleruin/ De Gevreesde Ziekte – Invincible / Ω

Helleruin/ De Gevreesde Ziekte – Invincible / Ω
Babylon Doom Cult Records
Release Date: 07/01/2022

Running Time: 45:00
Review by Wallace Magri

Hey, you all! It’s been a while since I wrote my last review for Ever Metal. No big deal, I just couldn’t find the right time and vibe to sit my ass down, to listen to an album and talk about my impressions on that. The funny thing is, when people ask me what I am, I get a little confused answering that question: because I can’t define myself by telling you about what I do for a living (I am a lawyer and I teach philosophy of law, when I get paid for it). What I do know is that I write a lot, most of the time. So, basically, I guess I am a writer. 

The point here is: when I am not able to write, I know that something is going wrong in my mind. Because, If I define myself as a writer, I must write the goddamn texts, right? That is why, in order to reactivate my writing ability, instead of starting over posting on FaceBook, complaining about this and that on my wall, I decided to fight against my procrastinating tendencies by finding inspiration on what brings colour to my life: listening to Heavy Metal music – Black Metal, actually… not really colourful, I know… but black, white and grey seem like a full rainbow, in my blue sky world, at least.

While I had the writer’s block, I was listening to, from time to time, the split album from Helleruin and De Gevreesde Ziekte, “Invincible/ Ω”: 3 songs from each band, inspired by lots of second wave of Black Metal, which sounded heavy, fast and dirty enough for my old school metalhead ears. 

Helleruin is the typical one-man-band project experience – performed by Carchost, who is in charge of everything here: composing, arrangements and he also plays all the instruments – that is what I call a man who is taking on enough for himself! It seems like closing himself into a shell makes things easier for the musician to give birth to his own ideas, with nobody bothering him with details that would perhaps make the songs richer and more accessible. And, at the same time, if you are the only one who is able to understand your own composing process, it is possible that fewer people would get connected to the songs. 

Possibly, Carchost doesn’t mind about any of the arguments above and neither do I, because I loved his 3 songs, ‘Invincible’, ‘Mijn ziel aan de duivel’ and ‘We Rush Ahead’. That is it, my friends: raw producion, rough mixing, painful blast beats, tremolo-lead guitar fingering riffs and somebody screaming throughout this wall of noisy Black Metal atmosphere. There are some calm rhythm sections here and there, which helps to increase the sense of heaviness of the songs as a whole. Pretty simple, it is true, and that can’t get any better than this, I tell you! 

The 3 songs delivered by Eindhoven based De Gevreesde Ziekte are also related to the second wave of Black Metal, but with a more post-Black Metal approach on the composition process. Just listen to the 8 minute self-titled ‘De Gevreesde Ziekte’ and you are going to understand exactly what I mean. 

Fun fact: on the contrast to Helleruin, De Gevreesde Ziekte have 5 musicians giving life to the band, but they are named only by a single letter each, instead of using their actual names: L, M, T, R, K … 

Yeah, definitely “Invincible/ Ω” is a split album that either is going to blow your mind away, or make you realise that something went wrong in the history of civilization… So, if you are into bizarre Black Metal performed by anonymous / nameless individuals, just go for it and rejoice yourself with mayhem and emptiness’ momentum consuming your life!

01. Helleruin – Invincible
02. Helleruin – Mijn Ziel Aan De Duivel
03. Helleruin – We Rush Ahead
04. De Gevreesde Ziekte – Zwartgallig
05. De Gevreesde Ziekte – Zelfhaat
06. De Gevreesde Ziekte – De Gevreesde Ziekte
Carchost – All instruments & vocals
S. – Photography
Carchost – Recording, mixing & mastering

De Gevreesde Ziekte:
 L – Guitar
M – Guitar
T – Vocals
R – Bass
K – Drums


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