Sheri’s Top Ten Releases Of 2020

Sheri’s Top Ten Releases Of 2020
By Sheri Bicheno

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Sheri’s top ten releases of 2020. Sheri is one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. Apart from being hugely passionate about our scene and music, she is so friendly, caring and always there for her friends, even though she’s had a tough year herself. It doesn’t matter how down you are; Sheri always makes you smile. Her lovely nature means she is excellent at interviews and she has become my interview guru, always managing to get the best out of people, in a year where the nearest we have been able to get to most bands, is on Zoom. We can look forward to many more of those. I am incredibly lucky that she is a part of Ever Metal and my friend. Thanks Sheri.

10. Ashen Reach – Homecoming (November 2020)

‘Tear It Down’ (Official Video)

9. Kataklysm – Unconquered (September 2020)

‘The Killshot’ (Official Video)

8. Deified – Anthrobscene (May 2020)

‘Apotheosis/Rebirth’ (Lyric Video)

7. Grimorte – Esoteric Ascendence EP (October 2020)

‘Esoteric Ascendance’ (Full EP Stream)

6. Draconian – Under a Godless Veil (October 2020)

‘Sleepwalkers’ (Official Video)

5. Ward XVI – Metamorphosis (September 2020)

‘Shadows’ (Official Video)

4. My Dying Bride – The Ghost of Orion (March 2020)

‘To Outlive The Gods’ (Official Video)

3. Lamb of God – Lamb of God (June 2020)

‘Memento Mori’ (Official Video)

2. Ensiferum – Thalassic (July 2020)

‘Andromeda’ (Official Video)

1. Paradise Lost – Obsidian (May 2020)

‘Fall From Grace’ (Official Video)

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Deified – Anthrobscene (Mini-Album)

Deified – Anthrobscene (Mini-Album)
Release Date: 29/05/2020
Running Time: 27:31
Review by Sheri Bicheno

Hailing from Merseyside, Deified formed in 2013 and are an utter treasure, you don’t expect them to hit you the way they do when you first listen to their music. The raw sound that is apparent from the first moment is clear cut with elements of thrash and prog metal joining forces to create a rampant beast!

Looking into their background, Deified have made an impressionable footprint. Supporting acts such as Exodus, Lost Society and Cattle Decapitation, gaining the M2TM crowns for Merseyside in 2015 and therefore, playing the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock 2015. They released their first album “Ascension”, in 2015 and then EP “Inhuman Manifesto” in 2018.

I’m looking forward to what’s in store with “Anthrobscene”!

Thumping straight in, I detect a serious amount of vibe that reminds me of a Lamb of God crossover style, whilst still retaining their own sound.

We start with a ‘Prelude’ to the album. This is a taster of Jordan’s drumming that introduces a fast, but not too aggressive, pace to the album. Just edging us a bit along with the guitars. A slow and prog type riff that rolls with the exposed pounding drums.

First track proper ‘Dark Desires’ starts this journey with winding strings. Jamie’s vocals then kick in and they really do give a range on this track that remind me a lot of Randy Blythe’s technique – gravelling screeches, growling, and also softly spoken in places. I adore this track actually. The lyrics address the problem in the world of social media and privacy; identity problems surrounding this and the effects it has on someone with a fragile or darkening mind set. Like a creeping illness.

The strings and bass melt together and bring a heavy, progressive and chaotic sound…and in places, an almost doomy element to proceedings.

Next, ‘Broken Matrix’, is absolutely chaotic! I feel the sharp and tight guitars from Matt and Alistair really stand out here. The thumping and riffing on this track and the backbone of the strings from Tom present us with something you can get submerged in and take HUGE ENERGY from. When we come to 3:40 (the beginning of the end of the track), it still leaves you wanting more. I’m also picking up some Thrash and Groove vibes entwined throughout this track. It works so well and keeps the album momentum going.

Power. Greed and Corruption. Control….

“Because in a world so volatile, it only takes once more.”

‘Enemies Within’ smashes us right in the face with the global issues of these times – where is humanity going to end up?

Strings and drums are hammering and powerful with the apt message that Deified are telling us to sit the hell up and take notice. We are taken through a hellish picture and the pure energetic force and powerful tone tell us that this isn’t just sound and music – this is fast, ripping, spreading, wild and presently without order. I really feel that the aggressive, hard and slamming foundation of this track, should be highlighted and put out there to draw even more attention to Deified. This is the sort of track many people need to hear and feel so that the same level of passion and power can be created within themselves to understand. Not just lyrically, but with the style of tone.

This a top track and definitely my favourite on “Anthrobscene”.

A short, apocalyptic and industrial feeling drum piece, ‘Intermission’, appears next. This is a preparation for ‘Apotheosis – Rebirth’ which starts off with Thrashy guitars, winding bass and, once again, Jordan’s outstanding superspeed beats which are pounding and take us on a journey to some deep places; all welded with Jamie’s vocals, which are rough, fast and dark. The melodic breakdowns in this track are beautifully placed after such a rapid wander through the track, which are still heavy but touch on Deified’s progressive side. Then a fast and rough pace picks up again along with Jamie’s raging vocals and it all sweeps into a fadeout.

‘Blood Under The Bridge’ is a battering ram of Death Metal, Thrash and Groove that’s come to break anything in its path. I love a track that can keep you on your toes and this one captures that so well. The droning guitars, harsh vocals, rapid ever-changing beats and wailing bass that later melt into a moment of dirty breakdowns. Both guitars are skilled here with the riffs keeping us edged and the bass gluing everything in place.

Airing a beautiful wandering through the beginning of ‘An Ode To Armageddon’ with gentle strings and softer beats conclude “Anthrobscene”. The pace does pick up with some harsher tones but still stays true to the gentler and synth side of Deified. Although non vocal, this is another favourite of mine. In my journey through this album, this track feels like a time of reflection during post destruction!

What would you feel after such an ordeal?

“Anthrobscene” has nothing on it that I can negatively critique. Deified have created an album that is sharp, tight and takes us through the issues we, as humanity, face and have long taken advantage of. Their sound is a blend of tones that I enjoy most during live and studio versions of music and they bring it to us without compromise and with power. I’ll be more than happy to recommend “Anthrobscene” and Deified to friends and to colleagues in the industry from now.

Killer album!

01. Prelude
02. Dark Desires
03. Broken Matrix
04. Enemies Within
05. Intermission
06. Apotheosis – Rebirth
07. Blood Under The Bridge
08. An Ode To Armageddon

Jamie Hughes – Vocals
Matt Pike – Guitar
Alistair Blackhall – Guitar
Tom Simm – Bass
Jordan Stanley-Jones – Drums


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Hi everyone! Welcome to our new EMQ’s interview with Merseyside, UK based Groove Metal band Deified. Huge thanks to all of them for taking part.

What is your name, what do you play, and can you tell us a little bit about the history of the band?

Our band name is Deified – We have Jamie Hughes (Vox), Matt Pike(Guitar), Alistair Blackhall (Guitar), Tom Simm (Bass) & Jordan Stanley-Jones (Drums).

As a band we’ve been playing together for 7 years now, but as of 2019, we’ve had a new drummer in the form of Jordan-Stanley Jones. We all knew each other from a wider group of friends, but came together to form a band in late 2013 when Alistair put a post out on Facebook, and the metal cogs of fate seemed to fall in place. Matt was DJing at a local event and started the band that very night. Straight out of the door, our sound was described as ‘a ballroom brawl between DevilDriver and Sylosis’ by Burn Fist webzine at our first gig. Our lyrics started out as scenarios, ideas, dreams but as we’ve got older, we’ve wanted to relay the problems going on in our lives, the people around us, the politics, the issues in our society and the world. We are pointing out issues and imbalances in a positive way – We all should be talking about how certain facets of social media / ads are feeding us shit, how global warming is killing our planet and a lack of proper discourse around issues that affect us all.

How did you come up with your band name?

Deified to us means family, friends & some f**king amazing fans, but the actual meaning of the name is to make someone or something into a god. We’ve now got USA Deified and Greece Deified to compete under the Deified name, but at the end of the day we’re all spreading metal around the world! #OGDeified 😉

What Country/Region are you from and what is the Metal/Rock scene like there?

We’re located in St. Helens, so we’re classed as a Merseyside Metal Band, but have members from Wigan / Lancaster so we’re also involved with the Greater Manchester Scene! Both scenes are insane, amazing bands, amazing fans, & we’ve made so many friends over the years.

What is your latest release? (Album, EP, Single, Video)

We’ve got an 8-track mini album coming, “Anthrobscene” out 29th May 2020. “Anthrobscene” means a number of things to us. But at its core, it’s an attempt to get people talking about certain issues that surround us every day and how these issues affect us (or will affect us), rather than just ignoring them and leaving future generations with the burden of our ignorance. It’s a call to arms and wants to encourage people to believe in a more conscious world. This concept mini album has an overriding theme, but that theme overarches into the many issues that surround us in the current climate and how they affect us all. From governmental to technological issues, each song vents our own and others frustration with a world that everyday seems increasingly self-destructive, underhanded and untruthful.

We’ve release two videos that you can find on our Youtube:

And potentially more coming on release…

Who have been your greatest influences?

Our influences all differ but range from DevilDriver, Black Dahlia Murder, Sylosis, Trivium, Lamb of God, Metallica, Threat Signal, Machine Head, Parkway Drive & many, many more

What first got you into music?

Jordan: Weirdly, it was Guitar Hero 3. I got it for Christmas when I was about 10 or 11 and through playing the game and asking my mum who the guy on the cover was, I discovered Guns N’ Roses. The guy on the cover was obviously slash and it all took off from there for me.

Matt: I picked up the “Significant Other” album by Limp Bizkit when I was 9, because I had seen them on Top of the Pops when I was a kid. It was just so different to the other rubbish that was on the mainstream charts. I then had my first glimpse of screaming after picking up the “Alive or Just Breathing” album by Killswitch Engage from a local music shop. The cogs started to flow from there.

Jamie: When I was a kid, my stepdad and my uncle were very music orientated and I guess it kinda rubbed off onto me. But, as I became older and craved something fresh, I started to branch out into other genres and that’s when I discovered a deep love for the metal scene.

Tom: I got my first electric guitar when I was around 3 or 4, this changed into Classical Acoustic for a while. Played Bass Trombone around the world in Jazz / Brass Band / Orchestras but stringed metal always grounded me. The best next place to Guitar was Bass, after playing the Bass Trombone for so long. Here I am playing dirty Bass riffs for Deified now!

If you could collaborate with a current band or musician who would it be?

Our lists are endless, but on our next feature-length record, we may be looking at collaborating with some bands in the scene on certain aspects of some songs. It would be cool to collaborate with Jinjer, as we think Jamie and Tatiana’s vocal style are quite similar (minus the singing).

We are always looking to evolve our sound, so it would also be cool to collaborate with a band that use synths and samples.

If you could play any festival in the world, which would you choose and why?

Easy! Bloodstock, the fans are amazing, beer is flowing, sun is shining (hopefully), absolutely insane line ups, guaranteed a great time! We played there once in 2015 and we may play again sometime in the future…

It would also be fantastic to play at Graspop or Download festival, as there are always an eclectic mix of bands on and they are both great festivals to attend.

What’s the weirdest gift you have ever received from a fan?

I am not sure if this counts, but a friend of ours called John Matthews got our tattoo on his leg and a girl we once knew got one on her wrist!

Jamie: A prostitute once deepthroated my beer bottle, right in front of me whilst we were playing a show. Does that count?

If you had one message for your fans, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to challenge others!

If you could bring one rock star back from the dead, who would it be?

Jordan: I would have to choose The Rev from A7X he’s what got me into drums and playing with precision.

Matt: Lemmy!

Jamie: Chris Cornell

Tom: I’ve always wondered what kind of music Nirvana would be making right now if Kurt was still here…

What do you enjoy the most about being a musician? And what do you hate?

Jordan: I love smashing huge breakdowns and how much of a laugh we all have together while practicing, writing or recording. I absolutely hate how much crap I have to lug about. Perks of being a drummer.

Matt: I enjoy recording riffs and songwriting. Being out on the road, meeting new people, giving people music that helps the soul.

Jamie: I love the comradery and the passion of the scene. But the venue’s and the people who operate them definitely need more protection. Especially now.

Tom: Making music, meeting people, playing our music to 100’s of people. I hate the situation right now, music has a healing property to it (especially live), it would be great to be back on the road.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

How much control music streaming services have over musicians and their art.

Also, it would be nice if the government would invest in the music business by funding bands to be able to afford what they want to put out.

Name one of your all-time favourite albums?

Jordan: “Death Magnetic” by Metallica because of all the memories it brings back. Also, the riffs on that album are some of their best ones to date. ‘All Nightmare Long’ is a classic and I could listen to that song all day.

Matt: “Shogun” by Trivium. It ticks all the boxes!

Jamie: Slipknot’s “Iowa” is definitely up there. There’s so much power and aggression in one album.

Tom: “Era” by Bleed From Within – I’ve got it on constantly at the moment, absolutely vibing with my isolation feels.

What’s best? Vinyl, Cassettes, CD’s or Downloads?

Do you even need to ask?!! VINYL!!!!!!! It’s the way music was intended to be consumed. There’s something about physically putting the record on and placing the needle that really makes us feel more connected to the artist and their music.

Unfortunately, it’s something we’re yet to utilise due to the sheer cost of production.

What’s the best gig that you have played to date?

Jordan: For me, it was Grand Central in Manchester. There were so many pits that night it went off! But I’ve only been in the band for the last 20 gigs. The guys have told me about some classics which I’m sure they’ll share.

Matt: The first Badgerfest held by John Badger in Manchester in the Star and Garter (when Krysthla were headlining). It was crammed and everyone was just pitting. Bloodstock was good, but we were a very fresh-faced band at the time. This resulted in not having much of a crowd…

Jamie: Definitely the Cattle Decapitation show, in Liverpool. Beer, titties, inflatables, brutal music and probably the best pit I’ve ever been in at a small venue. What more do you want?

Tom: There’s been a few but the Exodus gig was unreal, I couldn’t exactly believe what was going on! Cattle Decapitation was another, and of course Bloodstock. We were much smaller then though, young, naive and it would be an honour to hear our rumbling sounds again on those hallowed grounds. We’re older, bigger tunes, a bigger following – Cannot wait for the future.

If you weren’t a musician, what else would you be doing?

Jordan: I’d probably have a go at basketball seen as I’m the tallest member of the band 😉

Matt: I would probably live in London attempting to make it in post-production.

Jamie: Probably something still music related. Maybe sound-tech.

Tom: Brewing Beer.

Which five people would you invite to a dinner party?

Jordan: Axel Rose, Corey Taylor, James Hetfield, Slash and Lars Ulrich. I think that would be really interesting. I just hope Axel actually turns up…

Matt: All of Metallica and Dave Mustaine. If Lemmy was still alive…I’m sure I would sub one of them.

Jamie: Jacque Fresco, Mike Patton, Daron Malakian, Brian Cox, Joe Rogan.

What’s next for the band?

Hopefully, once venues re-open we can get back to gigging. We want to gig as much as possible with the new stuff in the set. We also need to invest in the future of the band by doing tours and writing more.

What Social Media/Website links do you use to get your music out to people?

Jaffa Cakes? Are they a cake or a biscuit?

Jordan: I’m saying cake because Jaffa’s consist of 3 layers.

Matt: Cake!

Jamie: Cake!

Tom: Cake!

Thank you for your time. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Stay true to yourself, do what makes you happy and go to as many gigs as you can when lockdown is over! Support our bands & venues!

Massive thanks for having us Ever Metal as ever, it’s been an absolute pleasure!

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Pentre Fest 2019 Day Two – Mcleans, Pentre, North Wales – 23/02/2019

00 Pentrefest 2019 Final Line-Up Poster 3

Pentre Fest 2019 Day Two
Mcleans, Pentre, North Wales
Review by Beth & Rick Tilley
Pictures by Beth Jones

…We arrived back at McLean’s Bar around Midday, fresh faced and ready for Day Two of Pentre Fest. To say there were a few faces looking slightly less fresh would be an understatement, but a good old ‘hair of the dog’ session was already ensuing for most! The weather was fine, everyone was smiling & chatting and we were thoroughly looking forward to another day of full on Metal, starting with a relatively new, local band, Navnlos.
Its always nice to see local acts perform at events like this, and Navnlos certainly kicked the day off in style, with there thrashy groove metal style executed really well. It certainly cleared the head of the already growing crowd, and was a great way to get people back in to the swing of things. They had catchy hooks to their songs, and you could move to them, and everything they played was executed really well. Our one qualm with their performance was the length of time between songs, spent in relative silence. It was too much and they lost all the energy that the song had just built up. Their stage craft will grow the more they gig but, apart from that, musically they are a talented bunch and we are both very much looking forward to see what they do!

01 Navnlos

Cheerfully Undiagnosed
Next, we went from the sublime to the cor blimey, with another new local band, who hadn’t played many gigs before. They were a kind of punk pop metal crossover, and their lead vocalist was certainly up for it, and had everyone joining in with some audience participation on the majority of their quirky, funny and bizarre set. They weren’t the best band that we were going to hear on the day, but they certainly weren’t the worst we had ever heard. With a bit more gelling time, and a bit more confidence as a band together, they could be good. I hope they carry on working on this because it was funny and light – hearted, but if it doesn’t work out, then frontman Adam (who reminded us of comedian Jack Whitehall) could probably do really well as a kid’s party host, after managing to command the hungover gathering here, and get them to sing random things with seeming ease!

02 Cheerfully Undiagnosed

Agent 47
I hadn’t heard these guys before, so wasn’t sure what to expect, but my ears pricked up when they started playing, as their style was instantly recognisable to me as the sound of the 90s! A Rage Against The Machine / Alice In Chains / Corrosion Of Conformity influenced sound that got me jigging along and took me back my formative years! They were really tight and very bloody good. Formed in 2011, and hailing from the Manchester scene, you could tell that they properly know what they are doing, and they deliver it with passion and style. For me they were one of my stand out bands of the weekend, not only because I love their sound, but because of how well rehearsed they were. A new one to add to my list of ‘must see again’ bands.

03 Agent 47

I saw these guys at Badgerfest last year, and was not as impressed with them as I thought I might be. I had wanted to see them again, and for Rick to see them too, to see if my first impression was founded, or if I was just a complete dick. The answer to that question was, ‘I’m a complete dick!’ Although, in my defence, I don’t think the sound issues at Badgerfest helped them last year, and thus the performance I saw then wasn’t their best, but I am so glad that I saw them again here, where the sound was superb, and I was able to make a more informed judgement about them. They are a super-talented product of Lancaster and well worth a watch. Lead vocalist Steve Graham has a great set of pipes on him, and the Rhythmic work of Kev Yates on drums and Ben Macfarlane on bass is spot on and If you top that with some crunchy, groove laden and intricate guitars then you have a recipe for awesome. Rick said they were one of his top bands of the weekend and that he actually preferred hearing them live rather than on album.

04 Promethium

Next up, and getting dangerously close to clashing with the most important game in the Rugby Calendar – Wales vs England in the Six Nations – were the Merseyside monsters, Deified! With as much punch as an angry gorilla on amphetamines with a score to settle, we LOVE these guys. We first saw them at the Christmas Mosh back in December, and were impressed then, but somehow, they were even better at this performance. Putting the OOO into groove metal, and the AAAaAAraragh into thrash, with an added spoonful of death metal vocals, they crushed our skulls continuously for their 45 minute set, and left us all wanting more. Fair play to these guys – they kept the crowd until the end of the set, and put everyone in a great mood!

05 Deified

The next set was delayed, because of a small matter of one of the best Rugby games in recent years playing out on the big screen in the bar, and everybody, including the bands and the event organisers wanting to watch it! It was nail-biting, but Wales managed to overcome England! CYMRU AM BYTH!!!!!!! (Apologies to the English members amongst the merry gathering, but it was a damn fine game, and the best team won! We still love you though).
Frozen In Shadows
I was a bit like a child with a new toy when I found out Frozen In Shadows were playing at Pentre Fest – I couldn’t wait for Rick to see them after they totally destroyed my mind with their immenseness at Badgerfest last year. They were once again brilliant! They are excitingly heavy, and it makes every bone and sinew in your body vibrate with their power. For me they are the epitome of a super group. Incredibly talented musicians from other bands, coming together to do something magical that plays to each of their strengths. They are incredible to watch, with so much energy, passion and technique, that I am quite sure they will blow me away every time I see them. I don’t really think I need to say any more than that!

06 Frozen In Shadows

Ashen Crown
After seeing these guys as a full band at Amplified 2018, and seeing lead singer Kieran guesting with Mad Spanner on a number of occasions, we knew what these guys were about, and they lived up to their Amplified performance of last year, which was fab. They are super technical and tight, and Kieran’s growly death metal vocals punch you in the face like a street fighter on steroids! They are brutal as, and always fill the stage with energy. The local crowd love these guys, and it is easy to see why, when they deliver a belting performance every time, and this was no exception.

07 Ashen Crown

Cadence Noir
Filling the main support slot were last years M2TM North Wales winners, and all-round lovely folk, Cadence Noir, bringing their unique ‘Gothic Folk ‘n’ Roll’ to Deeside. I love these guys, and it is always a pleasure to watch them play, especially when they have a full quota of members, as they did tonight, with Nick on guitar making up the quintet. The thing that makes me love them is the way they blend heavy metal riffs, with folk melodies, and lamenting violin with crunchy distorted guitars. They put on a great show for everyone again here, whipping up the hall into good old jig! Speaking to frontman Ade after the show, he said that he was happy with the performance, and that it felt good – that was definitely transmitted to the room, because it sounded good too.

08 Cadence Noir

Sodomised Cadaver
So, to the headliners. We had watched these guys earlier in the day doing an ‘acoustic’ (lol) set on the acoustic stage, so knew they were going to be heavy and loud as fuuuuuuck! They were. Crazy energy, meets brain shattering vocals, meets speed drumming, meets everything turned up to eleven, with a side helping of so much hair it would make bald men weep! I seriously thought that my skin might disintegrate, and needed to go hunting for my ear drums, which I could only assume had ended up somewhere in the car park! Whilst musically these guys aren’t really me cup of tea, tipping the scales into the realms of too heavy, they are very adept at their style and they are also endearing chaps who all have a great sense of humour. Good to watch, and if you like to feel like your whole body has been in an industrial tumble dryer, then you definitely need to look them up.

09 Sodomized Cadaver

Acoustic Stage
One thing that we have touched upon throughout this, but not gone into detail about was the Acoustic Stage, run over both days, by the one and only Edd Case, a stalwart of the local scene, with an immense passion not just for music, but for supporting underground, unsigned and local talent. His acoustic stage showcased a number of local acts: Neill Murphy, Captain Andy, The Hairy Bitches, and Zanda Stone, along with acoustic sets from Adam Robinson of Cheerfully Undiagnosed, Ade and Emma from Cadence Noir who pulled off an immense cover of AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’, and a full on acoustic set, complete with a bin lid bass drum, from Sodomized Cadaver, which is possibly the funniest acoustic set I have ever seen. Edd himself also did a few turns on the stage, closing the proceedings by doing his final set with his pants round his ankles! Clearly one of those, ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’ moments, as it was a little chilly! It was a brilliant side attraction to the main event, and a great place to chill out and have a right old giggle between bands. I definitely would like to see this return next year.
10 Edd Case - Acoustic Stage
One other thing that I need to mention, before I stop waxing lyrical about what a brilliant weekend we had, was the sound quality. For every single band, throughout the weekend, on both the main and acoustic stages, the sound was completely faultless. With the diverse line-up, this was no mean feat, and a special mention needs to be given to LA1 Audio’s Edward Davies who absolutely stepped up to the plate and worked like a Trojan all weekend. A special thank you must also be given to Ian ‘Fozzy’ Forrester and Ian ‘Beany’ North, for putting on yet another brilliant show in their tireless pursuit of bringing Metal back to North Wales. They both do a sterling job, and the local scene owes a lot to their dedication – thanks again guys. Bring on next year – HELL YEAH!!!
Disclaimer: This review is solely the property of Rick Tilley and Beth Jones and Ever Metal. It is strictly forbidden to copy any part of this review, unless you have the strict permission of both parties. Failure to adhere to this will be treated as plagiarism and will be reported to the relevant authorities.
All photos courtesy of Beth Jones and PhotograBee Images