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In Depths – Drained
Roasted by Rob Sutton

Chester based In Depths are next on my list of bands to roast and these guys are a curious one, as there is a mix of many sub-genres which makes it difficult to pin point exactly where they sit. No worries though as I will break them down. There is a mix of Beatdown, Deathcore and a bit of Djent, basically meaning mixing the noncing of Beatdown, the domestic abuse of Deathcore and the virginity of Djent… so they found a girl who’s underage, dated them, beat them but still not popped their cherry! 

Right onto the song Drained, we actually start off with a riff but then it descends into more 0’s than a bowl of Cheerio’s… I mean what’s the point of having an ironing board of a guitar when you only play a handful of notes? Ehhh, anyway vocals – well they are a bit bland, kind of like having toast with only butter on. Still, this is better than the 00’s hair style he has, aww did he use his mums straighteners? I do love the use of the talking which sounds in pain, I mean the line “I stand alone” seems fitting, as I cant see why anyone would stand by the basic sound that’s going on here. Hey at least the breakdowns are pretty good, very heavy and the drums really fit to this perfectly, I can see the hipsters of the Metal world really digging this. So maybe that’s all this is, Metal for those that have minimal imagination when it comes to music. 

The video itself is an interesting one as it is neither fully performance nor narrative, but instead just the vocalist shouting in a cave, I guess the rest of the band were too embarrassed to join in. Also, I think their camera guy needs a stand, there is so much shaking it’s giving me vertigo, but I guess that’s what happens when you let an epileptic film shit.

Oh, wow there is a fat bass guitar! Anyway…

Disclaimer: Non of the above represents my true opinions of In Depths as they truly are one of the heaviest bands around and boy are they fun to headbang to! Ahhh you know what’s coming… GHD virgin beatdown!


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