Soulfly – The Soul Remains Insane – The Studio Albums 1998 To 2004

The Soul Remains Insane Box Set Cover Art

Soulfly – The Soul Remains Insane – The Studio Albums 1998 To 2004
Release Date: 17/06/2022
Running Time: 04:55:00 
Review by Emma Torkington 
Score 8/10

If you haven’t heard of the epic band that is Soulfly here is your guide to their first 4 albums! 

Their first album “Soulfly” was released into the world in 1998. What a legend it was / is still to this day. The unmistakable growl of Max Cavalera’s voice and the hard-hitting guitars sets you up for a head-banging, air-guitaring, mosh-pitting ride. My favourite song on this album is so hard to choose, as they are all a knockout. ‘Tribe’ has a slightly different vibe with a chant start which I even had to check it was still the same band, then all of a sudden that guy punching drumline kicks in and brings you right back. If this album is only a taste of what is to come… then I will need some physio for head banging! 

The next album came two years later in 2000 called “Primitive”. I have to say that this is one of my favourite albums and the song ‘Jumpdafuckup’ was my introduction to this band waaayyyy back in the day. This brings back so many memories (some of which are a little hazy). This album is the epitome of early 2000’s Metal! The other song that I find hits hard in your gut is ‘Terrorist’, with which Max’s distinguished growl kicks you into gear! If you need a new workout song this should be on your playlist. 

The third album in this back catalogue is titled “3” entered in 2002. This 14-track album has the same energy, gut thumping, moshing music that we love from Max! With that tribal feel, it grabs you and pulls you in. ‘Tree of Pain’ is a break from the heavy intros we are used, to but this eight minute track is not to be taken lightly either, and it is my favourite on this album. 

“Prophecy” was dropped in 2004, making this fourth album a delight to fans everywhere. This tribal dream just hits so hard that you can’t help but replay it over and over again. The title track ‘Prophecy’ is a huge welcome to this album, with the traits that Max Cavalera is known for. When bands who have been around as long as Soulfly sometimes you know what to expect, but this fourth album you do know what to expect but it has its surprises too.

The fifth album to my surprise was a bonus of unreleased tracks, B-sides and singles! This album called “Soulfire” was a shock, but it is such a good listen. Not going to give too much away though but this bonus album makes it worth it! 

This walk through Soulfly’s back catalogue has had me dancing to old favourites and reliving the tracks I had long forgotten. The entire box set with the bonus album and book is a must have for any die hard Max Cavalera fans! 


Disk 1 – “Soulfly”: 
01. Eye For An Eye
02. No Hope = No Fear
03. Bleed
04. Tribe
05. Bumba
06. First Commandment
07. Bumbklaatt
08. Soulfly
09. Umbabarauma
10. Quilombo
11. Fire
12. The Song Remains Insane
13. No
14. Prejudice 
15. Karmageddon

Disk 2 – “Primitive”:
01. Back To The Primitive 
02. Pain
03. Bring It 
04. Jumpdafuckup 
05. Son Song
06. Boom
07. Terrorist 
08. The Prophet
09. Soulfly II
10. In Memory Of 
11. Flyhigh

Disk 3 – “3”:
01. Downstory
02. Seek ‘N’ Strike
03. Enterfaith
04. One 
05. L.O.T.M
06. Brasil
07. Tree Of Pain 
08. One Nation
09. 9-11-01
10. Call To Arms
11. Four Elements 
12. Soulfly III
13. Sangue De Barrio
14. Zumbi

Disk 4 – “Prophecy”:
01. Prophecy 
02. Living Sacrifice 
03. Execution Style
04. Defeat U
05. Mars
06. I Believe 
07. Moses
08. Born Again Anarchist 
09. Porrada
10. In The Meantime 
11. Soulfly IV
12. Wings

Disk 5 – “Soulfire”:
01. Cangaceiro
02. Ain’t No Feeble Bastard
03. Possibility Of Life’s Destruction 
04. Chaos 
05. Soulfire (Uncontrollable Mix) 
06. I Will Refuse 
07. Under The Sun
08. Tribe (Tribal Terrorism Mix) 
09. Quilombo (Zumbi Dub Mix) 
10. Umbabarauma (World Cup Mix) 
11. Terrorist (Total Destruction Mix) 
12. Berimbau Jam


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Jordan Blum – Opeth: Every Album, Every Song 

Opeth Every Album Every Song Book Cover

Jordan Blum – Opeth: Every Album, Every Song 
Release Date: 29/04/22
Book Review by Emma Torkington 

If you are not familiar with Opeth have you been living in a cave for the last 30 years? This band has been the influence of many bands that we love today. And now, thanks to the writing and compiling skills of Jordan Blum, we can enjoy their music in a new way. 

Opeth: Every Album Every Song gives a beautiful insight to more than just the music this renowned band has created. It offers a detailed look into every twist and turn, every band change, and every possible thought. 

I have to admit that, while I know Opeth and like a few of their tracks, through reading this book I got to know the band so much more. I didn’t know that much about the line up, and the changes, but this book gave me that insight, and makes listening to their back catalogue even more interesting.

This book breaks down each album and gives you an in depth look at how the band changed and formed their unique sound over the years. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves Opeth, or in fact anyone who is interested in how a band can withstand the tests of time. 

The book is available to buy now from all good bookstores!


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Ye Banished Privateers – A Pirate Stole My Christmas 

A Pirate Stole My Christmas Album Cover Art

Ye Banished Privateers – A Pirate Stole My Christmas 
Naplalm Records 
Release Date: 03/12/2021
Running Time: 35:46
Review by Emma Torkington 
8/ 10

Bored of the usual xmas songs? Need something different? Then look no further, because this is where Ye Banished Privateers come to save you from Wham and Maria! 

This 11 track album  starts with “Ring The Bells”, which is a wonder to listen to, as it is a weird mix of vocals, not something you would expect to work but it does  amazingly well. “Deck and Hull” is a great mix of the usual “fa la la” from the original “Deck the Halls” but with a pirate twang that you can’t help  but sing along with, even at the late hour I am writing this! The ending of this song had me in stitches! The usual “12 Days Of Christmas” has a fantastic change to it, that I will happily play every year, again as the song plays on you start singing it without even realising. The clever use of pirate slang instead of the usual Christian lines is very ingenious and turns the now tired and out of date songs into something that you want to share with friends while drinking copious amounts of rum! 

“O Cannonball” is a different tempo, taking a slower pace, but this doesn’t make the song any less beautiful. The mix of male and female harmonies actually stunned me for a brief moment. The acoustics of this song are something that you can not stop listening to. This is my favourite track by far, it just has a melancholy to it that pierces your soul. “Festival Days” is not a song as such, but over a minute of storytelling to guide you into the final part of the album. “Drawn and Quartered” is a fantastically gruesome song that makes you sing along loudly with a hardy drink in hand. “Away In The Gutter” is a Christian masterpiece that’s been beaten with wenches and mead! 

It’s one of those albums that you can’t help but smile as you listen to it, which I cannot say about many Christmas albums! It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, one moment you are singing, the next you are shouting “Bring me more rum”. It has officially made it onto my xmas playlist and I am sure if, like me, you don’t take things too seriously, you will love it. The full album is now available on spotify along with their other tracks!

01. Ring the bells
02. It Came to Bloody Pass
03. Deck and Hull
04. 12 Days of Christmas 
05. Sulphur Ahoy
06. Little Rummer Boy 
07. O Cannonball
08. Festival Days 
09. Drawn and Quartered 
10. Carol of Bellows
11. Away in the Gutter 

Anders ”Nobility” Nyberg – cembalo, pump organ and miniature piano
Anton “Quinton Taljenblock” Teljebäck – viola pomposa, fiddle, mandoline, cable cutting crashes and main chopper of the sloppy beats
Björn ”Bellows” Malmros – squeeze box, hurdy gurdy and voices of madness
Eva ”the Navigator” Maaherra Lövheim – violin, nyckelharpa and vocals
Frida “Freebird af Wærmaland” Granström – violin, viola and vocals
Hampus “Monkey Boy” Holm – the big drum and other floggables
Louise “Happy Lou” Gillman – feisty fiddle
Ina ”Battery” Molin – cajon, marimba, pompous percussions and all things beatable
Jens ”Wan Chou Zhong” Tzan Choong – obnoxious stringdrum, wee guitar, huge oriental fruit thing with strings and Chinese harpy harpy – aka Banjo/Guitalele/Sitar/Guzheng
Jim ”Silent Jim” Sundström – mandolino, guitarra, irish tenor banjo, false chord-posing, wishful singing, wrong stage-whistle and mould infested clothing
Jonas “Hogeye McGinn” Nilsson –  rusty old 5-string
Magda “Magda Malvina Märlprim” Andersson – blood stained lute guitar and cherry vocals
Martin “Scurvy Ben” Gavelin – cajon, percussions and vocals
Nick “Meat Stick Nick” Bohman-Ernhill – ukulele bass, double bass and bass trombone
Peter “Quartermaster Blackpowder Pyte” Mollwing – crude singing, sentimental lyrics, desecration of primary sources and debatable British accent
Richard ”Old Red” Larsson – them thick and them thin strings
Sara “Landmark” Lundmark – percussion and marching drum
Stina “Filthylocks” Hake –violoncell and fipple pipes
William ”Shameless Will” Hallin -vocals, vanity, profanity, coin snatching and coat turning
Hampus “Bojtikken” Larsson – tight noose vocals and scrap percussion


Ye Banished Privateers Promo Pic

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Bulletproöf – Dynamite EP

Dynamite EP Cover Art

Bulletproöf – Dynamite EP
Ossuary Records (European edition)
Release Date: (Europe) 01/11/2021
Running Time: 20:11
Review by Emma Torkington 

Bulletproöf are here with their brand new EP, “Dynamite”! This 4-piece band takes inspiration from the likes of Judas Priest, Grave Digger, and Attack and with these absolute 80/90’s heavy metal legends feeding their music, I was excited to listen and see what they can bring. So, let’s jump in and see what these guys are all about! 

This being an EP means there are only 5 songs available, but they are a great selection of tracks, so you get to know this band very quickly! The start of the EP is hard hitting with those influences straight out of the gate, getting you right in the mindset for 80s heavy rock. ‘Fist Pounding’ has to be my favourite track on the EP. You start nodding along, and feeling that heavy rock vibe immediately. Some may call it cheesy, but you can’t help smile at it! The last track, ‘Feel The Heat’, has a totally different air about it – it reminds me of the band Lordi (not a bad thing at all, Lordi are one of the best known acts from Eurovision, after all!). 

The EP overall is good, and I can definitely hear the Judas Priest influence, but I can also see a huge connection with Manowar! Again, this is not a bad thing at all in my eyes! The music itself is very tight – a good cohesive band. My only criticism is the vocal harmonies, which to me personally, don’t have that same tightness as the rest of it had. Though individually the voices are really good! This is a great building block for more EPs/albums in the future. 

01. Banners High!
02. Dynamite
03. Flag of Freedom
04. Fist pounding 
05. Feel The Heat

Poli Serafini – Lead vocal / Guitar
Matías Pena – Drums
Martín De Bonis – Bass guitar / Vocals
Ariel García – Lead Guitar / Vocals


Bulletproöf Promo Pic

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Ablaze My Sorrow – Among Ashes And Monoliths

Among Ashes And Monoliths Cover Art

Ablaze My Sorrow – Among Ashes And Monoliths
Black Lion Records
Release Date: 12/02/2021
Running Time: 44:27
Review by Emma Torkington

Ablaze My Sorrow are no strangers to the death metal scene by any means! Starting in 1993 they made a huge impact right away. During the intervening years, the band has changed, but their heart has stayed the same. Now back with their fifth album, can it reach new heights for this Swedish band?

Jumping right in with the first track ‘My Sorrow’, new vocalist Jonas Udd has a great raspy voice perfectly suited for the backing of kick ass drums and guitars. I know I am only one song in, but I am liking what I am hearing here. The title track is next and it does not disappoint, kicking in with a 19 second heavy solo then a deep growl start. Personally, I love it when a song has that type of build- up. Having said that, the way the song moves from that growl into a mosh pit worthy track, means I can see this being played and going down well at festivals (when they are allowed again) and bringing in the crowds. We are onto track 3 ‘Black Waters’ and this has a totally different feel to what you have heard so far! A melodic song and deep, guttural vocals were a total shock to me but a welcome surprise. ‘Grit’ is up next…and it is gritty! This fast-paced song takes you to a whole other place and you cannot help but air guitar along to it! It’s 3 minutes and 39 seconds of heavy drums, guitars and bass…what more could you ask for? ‘Her Cold Embrace’ is next and the over a minute-long intro makes you sway to the melody of the instruments. When the vocals kick in, though, it takes on a totally different feel and guest vocalist Jonna Enckell’s voice complements Udd’s perfectly.

We are now nearly half way through, what appears to be a wonderful album and ‘At The Graves Of Giants kicks you with a bang, the fast-paced and gut punching drums do not disappear for a second! ‘Dark Chasms’ is another absolute mosh pit favourite. For me this has everything I need from a death metal song…deep vocals, shredding guitars, intense bass lines and thundering drums. This is my favourite track on “Among Ashes And Monoliths”! Onto the home stretch now and ‘The Cavernous Deep’ is something I wasn’t expecting but a very pleasant change. The intro is totally different in style with an electronic feel. There is also a slight change in tempo, but I was nodding along happily to it. Now it’s the turn of ‘Nonextence’ and wow…what an entrance. As soon as I hit play, ‘BOOM’!! Now, this is never a bad thing in my book. In fact, when it happens, I always crank up that volume and make sure my neighbours can hear it! Track 10 ‘March Of The Eldritch Spawn’ is a beautifully played near two minutes of pure instrumental music, that feels like the sort of thing you would hear in a film/play, just before the hard-hitting ending commences, and it acts as an introduction to the penultimate track ‘The Day I Die’. This song, in particular, reminds me of In Flames earlier work and I am completely hooked. ‘Frihet Framför Feghet’ is the final song of this incredible album and acts as an epic finale!

If you love everything that Swedish melodic death metal has to offer then go and buy this album! Even if you are not a huge fan of death metal, I still strongly recommend giving this a listen. I am not the biggest death metal fan in the world, but this gave me everything I needed. I was dancing, headbanging and most importantly…playing air guitar like the over 30’s do best!

‘My Sorrow (Lyric Video)

01. My Sorrow
02. Among Ashes And Monoliths
03. Black Waters
04. Grit
05. Her Cold Embrace
06. At The Graves Of Giants
07. Dark Chasms
08. The Cavernous Deep
09. Nonextence
10. March Of The Eldritch Spawn
11. The Day I Die
12. Frihet Framför Feghet

Jonas Udd – Vocals
Magnus Karlsson – Guitars
Dennie Lindén – Guitars
Anders Brorsson – Bass
Alex Kribensten – Drums


Ablaze My Sorrow Promo Pic

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Six Foot Six – End Of All

Six Foot Six – End Of All
Scarlet Records
Release Date: 11/12/2020
Running Time: 52:36
Review by Emma Torkington

Epic Heavy Metal band Six foot Six was started by long term friends Kristoffer Göbel and Christoffer Borg back in 2018 with their debut album “The Six Foot Six Project”. Fast forward two years and we have the next instalment from them “End Of All”.

The album kicks off with ‘Welcome to Your Nightmare’. An incredible start, you are pulled in by Kristoffer’s beautiful, charming vocals, and when the guitars play you feel yourself smiling while you’re listening. We move on to the title track ‘End Of All’. It is a wonderfully catchy song that I, personally, can see being an instant classic. It has the backbones of every great heavy metal song! From great vocals, wonderful guitar solos and a drum beat you can feel in your chest. The third track off of this, so far, incredible album is ‘In God We Trust’. This song does start off completely differently to the previous tracks, with a chorus of voices and the occasional church bell in the background. Then the tempo changes and kicks in with heavy drums and guitar riffs and  mix of charismatic vocals.

As you go through “End Of All” it gets harder and harder to choose a favourite song, as each brings something slightly different to the table. Track 5 ‘Blood Will Out’ is a prime example of this! It begins with heavy guitars, drums and a great rhythm. The vocals again fill you with a light and a longing to dance with your friends. The backing singers here add a haunting feeling to this fantastic track. I have to say this is my favourite out of the whole album. It ticks every box for me.

Moving to the second half of the album, well it is just as fantastic as the first. ‘Abducted’ is a close second favourite for me. The lyrics are beautifully written and with Göbel ‘s crisp voice, it delivers a powerful message.

“End Of All” is an incredible experience to listen too and I have been listening to it non-stop for weeks! It is definitely an album that you never get bored of and I will continue to listen to it for months to come. Who would love this album? Any fans of Black Sabbath, Europe or even Judas Priest. Having said that, anyone who appreciates beautiful vocals will enjoy this!

01. Welcome to Your Nightmare
02. End Of All
03. In God We Trust
04. In The Eyes Of The World
05. Blood Will Out
06. Last Days Of Our Lives
07. Finale Vittoria
08. Abducted
09. I am Your King
10. Edge Of the World
11. Oblivion
12. Break The Wheel

Kristoffer Göbel – Vocals
Christoffer Borg – Guitars
Markus Gustafsson – Bass
Henrik Hedman – Drums


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EMQ’s With Emma Torkington

EMQ’s With Emma Torkington

What is your name, what do you do, and can you tell us a little bit about how you ended up doing it?

My name is Emma Torkington, I am a reviewer/music listener person. I kinda fell into writing about music, in fairness. A good friend wanted to start a music part in his magazine. My husband put me forward as I had written stories, etc, in the past… And it has gone from there really.

What Country/Region are you from and what is the Metal/Rock scene like there?

I live in Blackpool, moved here from Manchester, but I was born in Cornwall. We have only moved here recently, and I have been told there is a great metal club here. But, due to Covid, I haven’t been able to experience it all yet 😭

What is your favourite latest release? (Album, EP, Single, Video)

I am currently really loving Corey Taylor ‘CMFT’ video and song. It just makes me so happy. I am also loving Cory Marks, ‘Drive’.

Who have been your greatest influences, in music or in life?

Music wise, so many bands have spoken to me. The stand outs are Linkin Park, P!nk (don’t judge me, I adore her), and Wardruna. In life, my greatest influences have been family and the friends I have. I love to learn what people listen to, and I feel that listening to their tastes gives you a deeper understanding of them as people.

What first got you into music?

Listening to my mum and dad’s music as a kid, and then watching music channels. Going “ooooh” at anything with a hard and heavy drumbeat.

Which current bands or musicians would you like to see collaborate on a record?

Wardruna and Corey Taylor.

If you could go to any festival in the world, which would you choose and why?

Knotfest in the States. It seems to have everything that I want at a festival. Though, at the moment, I would be happy with any live music!

What’s the weirdest music related thing you own?

It’s not weird, but I have a drumstick from Shinedown. I have picks from Motley Crue, Matalica, Slipknot and Def Leppard. I also have a Foo Fighters crew T-shirt.

If you had one message for your Ever Metal readers, what would it be?

Don’t let yourself stand in your own way.

If you could bring one rock star back from the dead, who would it be?

I can’t just pick just one, but if pushed, I would go with Wayne Static or Layne Stanley.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

That the music is for the fans, not the money.

Name one of your all-time favourite albums?

Black Stone Cherry – “Kentucky” or Linkin Park – “Hybrid Theory”

What’s best? Vinyl, Cassettes, CD’s or Downloads?

Vinyl is a beautiful sound, but for me, ease of access is key. So streaming services.

What’s the best gig that you have been to, and why?

One that always stands out in my mind is Black Stone Cherry, Shinedown, Halestorm with support from Highly Suspect. It was just an incredible line-up, and to hear the MEN Arena silent for ‘Things my father said’ made every hair stand up on end. It was a beautiful gig, and sharing that moment with my now husband, will always be a special one.

What do you get up to when you’re not writing/taking photos?

When I am not writing, I am either modelling or watching Drag – from Ru Paul’s drag race to Dragula!

Which five people would you invite to a dinner party?

My five people would be Corey Taylor, Lzzy Hale, P!nk, Gabriel Iglesias, and Trixie Mattel.

Jaffa Cakes. Are they a cake or a biscuit?

I don’t like Jaffa Cakes! Though I would say they are a cake more than a biscuit.

Thank you for your time. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I’ve got a plan so cunning that you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Disclaimer: This interview is solely the property of Ever Metal. It is strictly forbidden to copy any part of this interview, unless you have the strict permission of said party. Failure to adhere to this will be treated as plagiarism and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Volkihar – Blood Magik Ritual

Volkihar – Blood Magik Ritual
Release Date: 26/10/2020
Running Time: 27:01
Review by Emma Torkington

Volkihar is a Vampiric Black Metal project that has taken influence from the popular game series Elder Scrolls.

“Blood Magik Ritual” is a 10 track, debut release, and is exactly what you expect from a second wave Black Metal band, it’s heavy, with deep growling vocals and some killer guitar. The first song, which is also the title track, sets the scene perfectly for what awaits you! It starts with hard drum beats and shredding guitar riffs then the deep vocals hit you hard and, overall, it’s a great track to start off with. ‘Struggle For Survival’, takes you on a slightly faster journey but remains very much guitar heavy and, with those growling vocals, you feel yourself nodding along without even realising it. The seamless transition between tracks has not gone unnoticed! The ease of listening to this album is really a credit to Volkihar!

Half way through ‘The Shaken Lamb Bleats’, which is an interlude, is a great melodic break between the heavier tracks and I, for one, was not expecting it. ‘Thrall’s Blood is up next and after that beautiful interlude this slams you back into the heavy, gut punching riffs you expect. As with all the tracks so far, I’m still nodding along and even as the track comes to a close, with the guitar notes fading out, you leave the end of that song with a smile. My favourite track is ‘Slay The Dawnguard’. For me, this song provides everything I love about this genre. You immediately sit up and pay attention to what you are listening to, and are present and in the moment with it!

As you reach the end of the album you think you have gotten to know this band/project and their signature sound…then Volkihar drop the last track, ‘Bathing In Moonlight’ which contains a beautiful chorus of voices and harmonies. It is an unexpected, yet somehow fitting end to the debut album.

However, there was one thing that did let this album down. I feel that the drums could have been louder and the vocals turned up a little as it can be a struggle to hear them over the guitars. This was a key factor in the rating I have given.

Overall, though, if you are a fan of Black Metal and have a love for Elder Scrolls then I do suggest you check out Volkihar! “Blood Magik Ritual” is out now and ready to download. For all their information see below.

01. Blood Magik Ritual
02. Struggle For Survival
03. March For Blood
04. Feast On The Herd
05. The Shaken Lamb Bleats (Interlude)
06. Thrall’s Blood
07. The Machinations Of Court
08. Slay The Dawnguard
09. Onwards To A Blackened Son
10. Bathing In Moonlight (Outro)

Lord Malice – All Instruments
Normakk – Second Guitar, Vocals and Lyrics on ‘Slay The Dawnguard’


Disclaimer: This review is solely the property of Emma Torkington and Ever Metal. It is strictly forbidden to copy any part of this review, unless you have the strict permission of both parties. Failure to adhere to this will be treated as plagiarism and will be reported to the relevant authorities.