Lifer – Cursing Them Out

03c Cursing Them Out Cover

Lifer – Cursing Them Out
House Of Doom
Release Date 01/03/2011
Running Time 46:57
Review by Rick Tilley

Do you love Down, Pantera, Clutch & Sabbath? Do you live for Thrash, Groove & Southern Metal with a dash of Hardcore, Punk & Death? If the answer to any of these is yes, indeed if you just love Heavy ‘fucking’ Metal then you need Lifer! If you’ve yet to hear this band, who come from South Wales (no they aren’t from the States, although you wouldn’t know that from listening to them), then be prepared because they will be hunting you down and bludgeoning you until your face bleeds.

Originally released in 2011 ‘Cursing You Out’, Lifer’s debut album is one huge beast, which actually strains not to escape from your stereo as you play it. From the first notes and scream of opener ‘Curse You Out’ you know you are listening to something special. Every song is filled with enough hooks to make ‘Hellraiser’ look like a kids film, the vocals and lyrics of lead singer ‘Scriv’ demand attention from the off (Anselmo really does have some serious competition with this guy), everything is beautifully produced (the quality is amazing for an independent), there is some fabulous guitar work and drumming on offer, it’s heavy as lead, but with melody and emotion in abundance. Lifer are a product of their collective upbringings and that knowledge has stood them in good stead when writing these songs. There are no standout tracks because the whole album is full of them, ‘Bring It Down’, ‘Loss’, ‘Long Time Dead’, ‘Broken Bones’ & ‘Goathead’. Once you hear these they will be firmly embedded in your withered skull!

Lifer gig relentlessly in the UK, also playing on some major festival bills including Hammerfest and have recently supported Orange Goblin to excellent pres. They have many more shows in the pipeline as well as getting ready to release album number two. I know how good these guys are live because I witnessed them destroy Bloodstock Festival’s ‘New Blood Tent’ in 2011, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing them again next month. 2013 is going to be a big year for Lifer. Any doubters should quickly retreat. I may not be the first person to review this but I’ll be on the front line shouting “I told you so” when this band take off. Simply immense!

1. Curse Them Out
2. Nothing Left To Lose
3. Bring It Down
4. Reach
5. Loss
6. Broken Bones
7. Goathead
8. Long Time Dead
9. Raging Waters
10. Embrace The Madness

Web – Guitars
Scriv – Vocals
Simon – Bass
David – Drums


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