Elimination – Icon of Despair

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Elimination – Icon of Despair
Roasted by Rob Sutton

Ugh! Thrash, my least favourite of the Metal genres and here I am presented with Ipswich based Elimination. I suppose being from Ipswich means there should be some interesting riffs, what with the extra digits on their hands, but alas we have riffs that sound like they have been used in every Thrash song since the dawn of time.

First up, as always, let’s begin with the vocals and who has resurrected Lemmy?! Man, this facial hair is poorly kept, if this is an imitation of the late great, then I would seriously recommend getting some Gillette on it and save yourself the embarrassment. Anyway, I digress, the actual style seems to be a cross between a shout and a scream much like that of Kreator, but with added constipation. This first scream sounds faker than Katie Prices tits. I think there is an effort to change things up at the beginning of the song with a clean intro, again this is just a vague attempt to be different and stand out from the ever-growing pile of shit this genre throws up. Does this work? Kind of, but it’s more of an after thought… like having a second child. This is continued by a few more melodies throughout the song which do give it a more European feel to it, so I’m guessing these guys were gutted when Brexit happened, as plagiarising the Germans will be a lot harder now. Still, drums are pretty solid and actually sound fat, shame the drummer looks like your Dad when he decides to go to his first Metal gig with you (yep that backwards hat is about as cool as MySpace). 

Lyrically, wow! We have the ability to rhyme and it’s used in almost every line. I didn’t realise the education system in Ipswich actually worked, although this is done to the standard of year 6 SATS and not that of a grown educated man. Guitar solos in songs tend to be a highlight for me and while these cut through the mix nicely, it does feel like a bit of a showoff. Well, I guess they have to try and impress women somehow (or men, I don’t judge). Speaking of which there is a lovely woman in the video, if this is one of their girlfriends then wow they are punching… or have money.

Shit! Bassist again, well its Thrash, no one cares about a bassist.


None of the above represents my true feelings towards Elimination as they really are one of the best Thrash bands on the UK circuit! Ahhh what the hell, constipated, six fingered Trash metal!


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