Victor’s Top Ten Albums of 2022

Victor’s Top Ten Albums of 2022
By Victor Augusto

Hello, my ever-readers and friends! Here I am for one more top ten list, and that means that we survived one more crazy year. 

Before I list my favourite albums, I must confess that I almost couldn’t make it considering how I was away from what happened in 2022 in terms of Heavy Metal releases. For personal reasons, I had to take time to put my chaotic life in chaos in order. I must say thanks to my Friends at Ever Metal staff to understand my lack of productivity. You all gave a lot of support to keep myself motivated!

Most of the bands on my list I put because I could review them, but there are always a few names that are an important part of my fan side of Heavy Metal, so here we go.

10. Phrenesy – Fears Apocalypse

My long-time friends from Hangover and Thrash Metal Phrenesy have finally released a new album. “Fears Apocalypse” is the result of what they conquered with powerful music and great parties with their friends. There are few Brazilian bands that really put in practice what we claim about union and inclusion of all tribes. For sure Phrenesy is one of them.

09. Megadeth – The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!

Thrash Metal is my favourite style, and I was curious how a new Megadeth album could sound after the addition of Kiko Loureiro. I know that is the second material with Kiko, but the previous one was already finished when he came to put his parts. This album still sounds like classic Mustaine music from the nineties, but he still can surprise us with his machine-gun way of playing riffs!

08. Deathgeist – Procession of Souls

My friends in Deathgeist offered what was the easiest and lightest experience to review that I’ve had in 2022. I mean light, because they don’t get complicated, despite being pretty heavy and brutal. “Procession of Souls” is a straightforward album! Organic sound with good and catchy riffs for lovers of good Brazilian Thrash Metal.

07. Sacred Sin – Storms Over The Dying World

Probably what most made me enjoy the new album of this Portuguese band is how their experience of decades on the road gave me a sensation of a band that knows exactly what they want to sound like. 

Sacred Sin offers a good Death Metal which carries all the heaviness of this style, but they don’t let their music become massive or tiring. It is like listening to a Classic Metal band from the eighties, but in a Death Metal orientation!

06. Chrysalid – Back On The Streets

Emannuel Thorsen, the vocalist and the brain behind this amazing project called Chrysalid once said that we are like dreamers trying to realise what we dream. I believe these words really reflect my relationship with music and everything related to it. For Emannuel, he had one of his dreams coming true which was to bring life to this project after decades of working on it. 

He had the absolutely hard task to invite many incredible musicians from all around the world, like Ralf Scheepers, Timo Tolkki, Tim Owens and Steve Grimmett. He also had another complicated task to compose songs to fit the identity of all these guys and the result is inspiring material. At least, it inspired me to keep fighting and not give up on music!

05. Splintered Throne – The Greater Good Of Man

The American Blues bassist/vocalist Lisa Mann has a kind of magic similar to what Ronnie James Dio had in his entire career. The magic of turning into gold whatever she touches. In this case, I am talking about music. She became part of the American Metal band Splintered Throne and despite already having a long career, Lisa helped them to offer an incredible album.

It is a pure Classic Heavy Metal album, like the best of Accept or Judas Priest. I really missed music like that. Nothing exacerbated, but it is very well done about composition, guitar work and Lisa gives a masterclass on her vocals!

04. Blind Guardian – The God Machine

Before I got contaminated by the Thrash Metal virus during my teenage years, I was a fan of Traditional Heavy Metal like Manowar and Iron Maiden. I remember when I discovered Blind Guardian with this mix of traditional Heavy Metal, but much faster than everything I’ve already heard. Sometimes, they sound even a bit Thrashy like in “Imaginations From The Other Side” (1995). Of course, their music had a few changes after many decades, but I still enjoyed their new face on the previous albums. 

What made me dig “The God Machine” is exactly how they mixed the new elements with the old ones. After a long time, I’ve caught myself really hypnotised whilst hearing André Olbich, like we used to stay in the past. He is like a David Gilmour of Power Metal. 

Blind Guardian are German masters that don’t disappoint their fans.

03. Krisiun – Mortem Solis

You often see me writing good words about Brazilian bands. Naturally, I receive many albums from them, because I still live in Brazil, but Krisiun is a different case. They became Death Metal masters around the world, and I had the honour to interview them this year. 

Every new Krisiun album creates a good expectation for their fans because we know they will never disappoint us. “Morten Solis” is one of the band’s most mature albums with the perfect blend of an organic and clear sound together with all the brutal stuff they used to offer!

02. Caravellus – Inter Mundos

Maybe Caravellus hasn’t reached the proper world-wide fame yet, but I can 100% assure you that what they released is a masterpiece that could leave any famous band astonished to see these Brazilians playing. 

“Inter Mundos” carries an intense history, full of cultural elements, mainly from the Northeast area of Brazil. It is so rich musically and literally. Although it has few parts of fiction, most parts of the history are related to exactly what the native Brazilians of this part of the country suffered in the past. 

I’m not a huge fan of Progressive Metal, but “Inter Mundos” changed my conception about it. For sure it was one of the hardest reviews I’ve written, and this album made me feel that I am still able to go deep in the material. It also made me realise that I still love to do it.

01. Behemoth – Opvs Contra Natvram

I am writing this top ten list on December 30th, and I must confess two things. Just today I discovered that Behemoth had a new album and just today I listened to them. It was necessary to listen just once to have no doubts that they would perform in first place on this list.

What a brutal album! I felt that they rescued more of that aggressiveness from albums like “Demigod” with all the atmosphere from “The Satanist”. There was a long time that I was missing this energy in their music and now I just regret that I haven’t listened to it before this year.

Honourable mentions

Kamala – Forgive the weak (Single)

It is not an album or EP, but it is the first single of the upcoming Kamala album. Listen to it just once and this blend of Death Angel with Machine Head spirit will make you believe that Kamala will appear in the top ten list of 2023 when they finally release “Karma”.

As a long-time fan and friend of theirs, I am proud of their path so far. A band that is an example of dedication and they also inspired me to keep on this journey.

Sacramentia – IX

Young guys playing a good Death Metal, full of dense atmosphere to recreate the nine chapters of “9 circles of hell” from the book The Divine Comedy (Dante Alighieri). Considering all challenges to record an album in a small city, without resources, I believe that their anger and passion for music is the key that made this album special!

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Nile, with Krisiun, In Element, and Decrepid – ‘The Garage’, London – 06/11/2022

Nile, with Krisiun, In Element, and Decrepid
‘The Garage’, London
Live Review & Photos by Chris Galea


Decrepid are a local Brutal Death Metal band – as far as I can remember this was my first foray into their music. They sounded tight and intense … jeez, if this was only the first band, I dread to imagine how flayed my body and mind will be by the end of the event. Anyway, the vocals sounded particularly fierce and occasionally I heard some cool guitar licks amongst a ferocious barrage of riffs.


In Element stood out from the rest of the bill but not necessarily for the right reasons. The band does a sort of Industrial / Nu-Metal cross-bred with Crematory-type sonorities. They sounded a bit lost to me to be honest and definitely weren’t my cup of tea. At times their singer kept babbling incoherently for more than my patience could endure. As in the case of Decrepid, In Element had very little stage space to move about. Consequentially their singer performed standing on the pit barrier, and it was weird avoiding any collisions when I skirted from one side of the pit to the other to take my photos. Brownie points to the band for their efforts in providing a visually impactful show despite stage restrictions.


Krisiun’s confidence in delivering the goods was clear as the band steam-rolled through their set with fearsome tightness. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past thirty years, Krisiun, from Brazil, infuse the aural menace of Thrash and Death Metal. The Kolesne brothers that make up the band performed a sort of greatest hits from their vast repertoire with an understandable leaning towards their new album “Mortem Solis”.

The Garage happily lapped everything up and the band members seemed quite pleased at the audience’s reaction. Highlights for me included some guitar shredding from Moyses Kolesne that I hadn’t always picked up from the band’s recordings. Set closer ‘Hatred Inherit’ was particularly impressive too but was delivered with the same passion that the trio showed for the whole set. Quite a good live band.


Nile upped the ante in terms of brutality and the crowd responded to that with some serious moshing. Sounding immensely tight, the U.S.A. quartet delivered its own brand of Death Metal inspired by Ancient Egypt and its grim mythology.

Behind the drum kit, George Kollias was particularly impressive … tight, precise and relentless. I remember meeting him when he was playing with Greek band Nightfall … he has built up quite a name for himself since then. Similarly, guitarist, band founder and riff-meister Karl Sanders was excellent as he flew through one intricate series of riffs to another without getting entangled.

Despite the fact that the band members seem to work well together, this line-up is actually quite new. Brian Kingsland, on guitar and lead vocals, joined just as the band started working on “Vile Nilotic Rites”, Nile’s most recent album, from which the band played a couple of numbers tonight. Bass player and lead growler Julian David Guillen has only been with Nile for a few weeks, and this is in fact his very first tour with the band. 

Thankfully I exited The Garage relatively unscathed but pleased as it had been a while since I attended such a good Death Metal gig.



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Krisiun – Mortem Solis

Mortem Solis Album Cover Art

Krisiun – Mortem Solis
Century Media Records
Release Date: 29/07/2022
Running Time: 40:13
Review by Victor Augusto

What do you think about bands that are still able to surprise their fans after 30 years of existence? How impressed would you be if I tell you about a band that has never stopped releasing albums, neither has stopped touring along all these decades and they are still releasing impressive material? Do you still believe it is possible? I can assure it is and we will talk about it today. 

The mighty Krisiun! 

If you have never heard of them, they are a band of three Brazilian brothers that decided to leave behind everything in their lives to move from their small town of Ijuí, in the south of the country, to São Paulo to stay around the biggest Heavy Metal scene in Brazil. The reason for this decision was simply to put in all efforts and dedication for the band. Their brutality and fast speed for music called a worldwide attention that resulted in non-stop tours around the world, all along the decades. 

Many things have happened so far. First, they showed how fast and powerfully they can play, especially on stage, where you can see their primal energy and adrenaline. After they conquered the world with this amazing success, they even added few grooves and more cadenced rhythms to their sound without losing the brutality, mainly since the “AssassiNation” album, back in 2006. One more interesting thing is how organic and natural they started to sound in studio. They went completely against the current trend of all digitized and soulless production from many Extreme bands nowadays. OK, I have tried to summarize their path so far, because these details will be important to understand the context of this new album which translates from “The Death of The Sun” in Latin.

It is the most mature album from Krisiun, in my humble opinion. I could hear the perfect match of everything I mentioned from their past. The brutality and fast speed, but with cadenced parts. The best part is how organic and clear they sound on the album’s production. It’s beautiful to hear a real sound from a drum. Moyses Kolesne guitar’s sound is even more straight and to the point, with riffs and a good blast of heaviness. There are not so many layers of guitars that (again) could make the music a bit plastic. Alex Camargo’s bass is strongly present as well, to increase the heaviness.

Alex’s singing is very straight and to the point with his voice as well, and his anger gives a good interpretation of the lyrics on “Mortem Solis”, that somehow represents what we live and what we suffered along these last two years, but in an even darker thematic. Max Kolesne drums surprise with such a different versatility. I really love how creative he is. In ‘Necronomical’ for example, the Motörhead spirit and cadence is suddenly changed with killer drum fills that I was not expecting. At the end, this song finishes in the traditional Krisiun style. 

On this record, the way that Max put the drum fills down is a bit different from the previous one. I felt like he tried to extend these parts and it is quite interesting because among a sequence of blast beats, these drum fills can really surprise the listeners and bring their attention back, like he did on ‘Sworn Enemies’. As reference to make it clear how Max is killing his drum set here, you just must imagine the Dave Lombardo versatile style, but played by a Death Metal Drummer. Is it enough for you?

The Middle Eastern and Oriental music on ‘Dawn Sun Carnage (Intro)’ seems like an intro to a more obscure and aggressive song that goes to the end of the album, and it is a pure carnage. Musically, they kept all the key elements, but it is a bit more brutal, especially on ‘As Angels Burn’. Everything abruptly ends on ‘Worm God’.

“Mortem Solis” sounds more than brutal and aggressive. It offers excitement and adrenaline to keep us connected to the album. It also carries everything that made Krisiun so well known in the Death Metal genre, but their experience even offered a better result. They have been doing it for a long time, but as I said before, I felt they reached almost perfection now. Maybe the two years without touring due to the pandemic helped them to put out of the chest all their anger on it.

‘Swords Into Flesh’ (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 

Video interview: Alex Camargo of Krisiun:

01. Sworn Enemies
02. Serpent Messiah
03. Swords into Flesh 
04. Necronomical
05. Tomb of the Nameless 
06. Dawn Sun Carnage (Intro)
07. Temple of the Abattoir
08. War Blood Hammer
09. As Angels Burn
10. Worm God

Alex Camargo – Vocals and bass
Max Kolesne – Drums
Moyses Kolesne – Guitars 


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Video Interview: Alex Camargo of Krisiun

Video Interview: Alex Camargo of Krisiun
Interviewed and produced by Victor Augusto

The Brazilian Death Metal band Krisiun became very respected among the legends that made this style so strong around the world, and they have just released a new album “Mortem Solis” after four years without new material.

Our friend from Brazil, Victor Augusto, had a chat with the vocalist/bassist Alex Camargo to find out more about the early days of the band, that is considered a legendary one, especially in their homeland. They also talked about the band’s offering.

I hope you enjoy it!


Alex Camargo – Vocals and bass
Max Kolesne – Drums
Moyses Kolesne – Guitars


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