NitroVolt – Pänzer

29a Panzer Cover

NitroVolt – Pänzer
Mausoleum Records
Release Date 12/08/2014
Running Time 32:51
Review by Rick Tilley

‘NitroVolt’…For some reason I really like that name, and after listening to their second album ‘Pänzer’ there is also a lot to like about this German band. NitroVolt ply their trade in a variety of genres, namely Speedrock, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Punk, Hardcore and a little bit of Thrash. Take ‘Motorhead’, add liberal doses of ‘Airbourne’, Rose Tattoo and ‘AC/DC’ (after they’ve been smoking some good weed) and mix together with a little ‘Warfare’ and ‘Septic Death’ and what you get is a completely unpretentious thirty minutes of fun!

NitroVolt  have been around, in one form or another, since 2004. They have toured relentlessly and built a following the hard way. In 2011 they were rewarded with a record deal (IHP Records) and released their debut album ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Commando’. to favourable comments. Unfortunately the record company folded and the owners disappeared leaving the band high and dry. Undeterred, they forged ahead, and where many bands would have packed it in NitroVolt persevered, and have now signed a deal with Mausoleum.

‘Pänzer’ kicks off with the speedy ‘Pay The Price’, and at just under two minutes it leaves you in no doubt as to what this album is all about. Dirty, sweaty and alcohol soaked rock music with loads of catchy tunes and some great guitar work (Phil Campbell from Motorhead would be proud of some of these solos). Tracks follow swiftly with barely a chance to take breath. ‘Twisted Shot Of Booze’, ‘Hardröck Queen’, ‘Rock It Out’ and ‘Hail Hail’ all bristle with energy. At first you might be a little put off by the vocal scream/bark of singer and guitarist ‘Tom Krämer’ (NitroTom), but after a few listens it all makes sense. NitroVolt’s lineup is completed by ‘Tim Vader’ (NitroTim) on guitars, ‘Luciano Vanini’ (Louis Nitrovolt) on bass and ‘Shockstar’ on drums who all play with the required amount of filth. Everything sounds great production wise but I reckon seeing these guys live would make for a great evening out, although you might need an extra long cold shower afterwards!

There are thousands of bands around and many of them are releasing long, story driven albums or similar. I have nothing against that, but once in a while I just like to get back to basics, open a beer, let my hair down and listen to some unadulterated heavy rock ‘n’ roll and NitroVolt fit that bill very nicely thanks.

01. Pay the Price
02. Rock It Out
03. Don’t Let Go
04. Twisted Shot of Booze
05. Lie to You
06. Into the Night
07. Hardröck Queen
08. Going Down
09. Born to Love
10. Get Rid
11. So You Die
12. Hail Hail


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Originally written for Brutiful Metal Radio in 2014 and reproduced here with their kind permission