North of South – New Latitudes

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North Of South – New Latitudes
Rockshots Records
Release Date: 28/09/2018
Running Time: 33:46
Reviewer Tsarina Wilson

North Of South, from Spain, was founded by guitarist Chechu Gomez (aka Chechu Nos) and he brings so much to the table musically. This album “New Latitudes” isn’t just pure rock. It is the complete package of metal, with a hint of pop and a dash of Latin influence, all mixed together with great guitar riffs, insane drumming, and both English and Spanish lyrics and so makes for a very powerful album.

The nine tracks on “New Latitudes” cover more than one genre and the changes from one to the other are effortless. There is an almost flamenco hint on some of the tracks, and you really don’t know what’s coming next.

It is truly refreshing to have tracks such as ‘Time Will Tell’, proving Chechu Nos’ voice can range from deep, harsh and gravelly to crystal clear and the incredible drumming makes you wonder how fast the poor guy was actually playing (it sounded exhausting to me). With vocals switching between Spanish and English, you are given a whole new view on “New Latitudes”. It is strangely refreshing that this is not a run of the mill metal album as it just has so much to give. The album has depth yet isn’t overpowering, guitar solos which are just mad, flamenco overtones to the sound, and then changes back to metal all in the same song!! I think it’s safe to say this is truly a different kind of metal.

As a personal preference, I would have loved a few more tracks but we don’t always get what we want and let’s hope, with the intense tracks on this album, there will be plenty more releases in the pipeline. After listening to “New Latitudes” I’m not sure if I should be in a mosh pit or doing flamenco or even trying to create a mix of both! That would make for an interesting dance!

“New Latitudes” was recorded at Zoilo Unreal’s Studios (Marin Spain) which is familiar with the Spanish extreme metal scene, having been involved with bands like Unreal Overflows, The Anthagonist and Unhuman Nature.

On the whole, “New Latitudes” is great, with so many different genres covered and yet such a great listen and it’s all wrapped up in one album.

01. The Human Equation
02. Nobody Knows
03. Balance Paradox
04. Before We Die
05. Crystal Waters
06. There’s No Glamour In Death
07. Time Will Tell
08. Faith Is Not A Hope
09. Montreux


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