Reaper – Sigil (Single)

Reaper – Sigil (Single)
Release Date: 01/04/2020
Review by Rick Tilley

Hello to you all, Rick here.

Yes, I know we don’t usually do single reviews, but hey, it’s my website so I can always change the rules, plus, if you didn’t see my Facebook post about this earlier and, thanks to their ridiculous algorithms only about 3 of our nearly 6,000 followers do, then I thought I would put this up on the website as well. It’s not the longest or most in depth review ever but the proof is in the pudding so read what I have written and go and check out an awesome track from an awesome band!!

Those most Metal of Gentleman at Reaper UK have released a new single ‘Sigil’ and it’s an absolute ripper!

If you’ve seen us go on recently about the voice of Daniel Moran and want to know what you’ve been missing then look no further because this will, more than adequately, give you the answers. Reaper aren’t just a voice though and both the musicianship and songwriting are excellent. This is a band going places!

Check it out at the link below and head over to their Bandcamp page where you can download the track for free.

You can also find it on the Ever Metal YouTube and Spotify Playlists because that’s how we roll!!

Reaper – Sigil ft. David Dyson



Daniel Moran: Guitarist and Lead Vocalist
Anthony Dalton: Lead Guitarist and Backing Vocalist
Elliott Kyriakides: Bass Guitarist
Anthony Longworth: Drummer


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