The Crawling – Wolves And The Hideous White

Wolves And The Hideous White Cover

The Crawling – Wolves And The Hideous White
Grindscene Records
Release Date: 16/11/2018
Running Time: 34:13
Review by Sheri Bicheno

I had seen the name of this band pop up many times over the last year or so and after seeing them play Mammothfest 2018, I jumped at the opportunity to review this album.
I was not disappointed.
The Crawling are a three piece Northern Irish Metal band forming in 2014 with the release of debut single “Choking on Concrete” in January 2015. EP “Light of Dark Days” was then released in October 2015, followed by debut album “Anatomy of Loss” in 2017.
Combining elements of Doom and Melodic Death Metal, The Crawling have a perfect balance of absolute chaos within their style.
Upon hearing the first track of this album; title track ‘Wolves And The Hideous White’ – I am immediately hit with the velocity of what this album is about to bring. No going in easy here. Full pelt, mate… and I am drawn in!
The vocals are deep and dark, there is storytelling throughout the album, the riffs are beautifully ever changing – from slow and deep in ‘Drowned In Shallow Water’ to the harsher and more demanding tones in ‘Rancid Harmony’, with the skills behind that growling bass and intense double pedal, I imagine visions of being surrounded by black silk.
Focusing on the lyrics, in this example, particularly in the title track:
“Dragging sunlight across my skin. Glide so soft; seven heart strings on the violin.
Sadness song, for all to hear. A final wish to end it all and make you disappear.
Tell the wolves I’m home.
Drowning in rats.
Tell the wolves I’m home.”
There is a story behind this album – some beautiful song writing flares up as you listen to each track and really pricks your ears up to what you interpret the story to be.
Relatable or not, the pure energy and emotion behind the voice is undeniable.
This is a beautiful, dark and diverse album and one that I am going to be holding on loop for some time.
01. Wolves And The Hideous White
02. Still No Sun
03. Drowned in Shallow Water
04. A Time For Broken Things
05. Rancid Harmony
06 Promises and Parasites
Andy Clarke – Guitar and Vocals
Stuart Rainey – Bass and Vocals
Gary Beattie – Drums

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