Unhoped – Nuclear Death EP

08b Nuclear Death Cover

Unhoped – Nuclear Death EP
Violent Journey Records
Release Date: 24/05/2013
Running Time 19:25
Review by Rick Tilley

I have a question for you Dear Readers! Do you love any of the following bands; Slayer, Kreator, Possessed, Venom, Warfare, Exciter, Sodom, Destruction, Nuclear Assault, Exodus or Obituary? If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you are going to love ‘Nuclear Death’ the new EP from Unhoped because it is Thrash/Death excellence! Hailing from Finland (how many good bands can possibly come from this country?), and formed in 2007 Unhoped already have a Demo EP (‘First Blood’) and full length debut album (‘Die Harder’) to their name, both of which have received a very positive response, and now they are signed to Violent Journey Records are hoping to take the next step with ‘Nuclear Death’. If they don’t achieve that then there is no justice because all five tracks on this EP kick some serious butt!

There is no hanging around with this band. Opener ‘Pestilence’ punches you in the guts within seconds and for the next 20 minutes vocalist ‘J. Luostarinen’, guitarists ‘K. Laanto’ and ‘A. Paasu’, bassist ‘S. Parviainen and last, but not least, drummer ‘M. Huisko’ repeatedly pound you into a bloody submission with their brutality until you are a crumpled heap on the floor! Unhoped recreate the feel of the classic bands whilst still managing to sound current and relevant and even though you shouldn’t expect heaps of originality, what you will get is a band who know how to write a great song and infuse that with enough melody and change of pace to make them more than memorable once the music has ceased and you recover your breath! Even the blast beats (not one of my favourite things) sound right because they aren’t used constantly. Add to that a production and mix which could probably crumble concrete and you have a band that any self respecting thrash or death fan should check out immediately!

01. Pestilence
02. Modern State Of Sodomy
03. Eternal Infernal
04. Empire Of Lies
05. Nuclear Death

Samu Parviainen – Bass
Mikko Huisko – Drums
Aku Paasu – Guitars
Kalle Laanto – Guitars
Jyri Luostarinen – Vocals


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