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I Am The Wreckage – Ocelot Revolver
Roast Review by Rob Sutton

Manchester boys I am the Wreckage are next on my list to roast and this was a great honour as these guys are the 0161 house band, playing every gig they put on! Though this isn’t because they’re any good but more like no other promoter will touch them.

Let’s change things up and start with the actual video. We find ourselves in the unique setting of an abandoned warehouse with all the band members facing each other, I guess they are the only ones who would actually want to look at them. Still, from bland, we go to pain and that pain is from the insufferable sound of Protest the Hero meets Hatebreed, I’m talking about the vocals and they are about as painful as being fisted by the Infinity Gauntlet. 

Moving onto their overall sound and honestly it sounds like they’ve taken inspiration from American deep south Groove / Hardcore, no bad thing but you get the image of these boys sat outside their caravan, feet in a paddling pool ‘rearranging’ their man junk while watching their cousin parade around the dried up grass. That’s right we have the Coors Light beer of Metal! Weak ass hillbilly shite. Now the drums aren’t bad, but they are about as basic as your next Tinder date. This is no surprise as the riffs coming out of these guys do sound like one of the guitarists lazy ass students who doesn’t practice. In fairness to the kids, I hope they don’t listen to their teacher as if they do, we clearly have a problem with the future of Manchester Metal… Watch out kids the great American dream of caravan style Metal is coming your way! I can see it, 10 years from now – a young band starts up under the name I am Wrecking my Cousin! God bless ‘merica!

Speaking of education, who hired the geography teacher to play bass?

Disclaimer: None of the above represents my true opinions of I Am The Wreckage and they are in fact one of my favourite bands to come out of Manchester and would highly recommend them to anyone!

Ahhh this is normally the part where I would call them ‘deep south, cousin fucking metal’ but whilst I was reading the comments on the video I found this piece of gold!

‘That guy at the beginning with the guitar is too attractive x’ this came from… The Blind Gamer!

Hahahahaha someone did my job for me!!!!


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