Indren – Of Time And Autumn Leaves

Of Time And Autumn Leaves Album Cover Art

Indren – Of Time And Autumn Leaves
Naturmacht Productions
Release Date: 20/05/22
Running Time: 36:27 
Review by Rick Eaglestone

Italy’s Indren, who take their name from a glacier on the Monte Rosa (mountain of ice in an ancient dialect) aim to take the listener on an emotional transition from autumnal nature into winter times with new release “Of Time And Autumn Leaves”.

The opening to this album, ‘Winds of Desolation’, sounds like it should be a full-on swirling Black Metal assault. But it’s quite the opposite – A short instrumental piece that flows very well into the type of track I described earlier. ‘Of Time’ – the bass tones in this track are prominent, which let’s be honest is never a bad thing, is it?

Following on is the only track to be put out ahead of the release, ‘Autumn Leaves’, which has a great, Doom-laden riff at the start, that momentarily takes you by surprise, but then the atmospheric Black Metal parts once again take hold and engulfed the listener. My highlight track from “Of Time And Autumn Leaves” has to be ‘Nightsoul’, which blends delicate whispers with harsh bleakness, and the twists and turns between the two are just an utter delight.

‘Nebbie’ tries to continue where the previous track leaves off and, although the guitar parts are great, with some wonderful solos, unfortunately some of cleaner vocals didn’t quite connect for me. But then the mighty eight and a half minute ‘La Luna Del Lupo’ swoops in to steady the ship. This would’ve made for a great final track, but that honour is given to ‘Outro’, which unlike the atmospheric start to the release, feels it would’ve been better used elsewhere.

This definitely does what it sets out to though, providing an atmospheric Black Metal journey through nature & melancholy. 

‘Autumn Leaves’ Official Video

01. Winds of Desolation
02. Of Time
03. Autumn Leaves
04. Nightsoul
05. Nebbie
06. La Luna Del Lupo
07. Outro

L. Skarn – Vocals 
C. Nordlandson: music, lyrics, concept


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