Oracle Sun – Machine Man

Machine Man Cover Art

Oracle Sun – Machine Man
Volcano Records
Running Time: 48:55
Review by Simon Black

Oracle Sun are a Progressive Power Metal six-piece hailing from Lucca in Tuscany, Italy. Despite having been formed way back in 2002, they have had a somewhat challenging history, with their first album being way back in 2005 (“Deep Inside”), a lengthy gap in any activity and then stuttering attempts to get back underway again. As well as being plagued by the usual line up challenges and disagreements, this was topped up by the tragic death of their guitarist Vic in 2017. Even so, fifteen years is a hell of a gap to bridge between your debut and your sophomore albums. This records though is very much an attempt at a clean reboot and although some of the material had its origins in previous line-ups, the whole thing has been refreshed with the addition of two new members and completely rearranged and re-recorded. The end result is a record that actually sounds like a fresh new young band trying to make a mark and that’s how I recommend that you approach it.

There’s a lovely rich sound here, and unusually for a Prog Metal outfit a twin guitar-based song structure, which adds a beautiful harmonic richness to the sound without bringing in excessive heaviness rhythmically – not that the rhythm section of the band isn’t doing a cracking job of this anyway. Vocalist Wild Steel (yes, really) takes a more Northern European singing style and veers away from the over-dramatic semi-operatic approach that you often find with Italian bands of this style, not that I doubt that his voice doesn’t possesses the range to do so if needed – it just doesn’t fit these particular songs. All this contributes to a band who are slightly more Power than Prog in tone, but with sufficient technical flourishes to lift this above the madding crowd. It’s melodic, it’s catchy, it’s got just enough technical whizz to go alongside the mid-tempo flow of the majority of the songs and to engage a more demanding audience, but is still sufficiently metal to get a crowd who doesn’t know their material going in a festival field. A really promising reboot.

01. Edge Of Life
02. Million To Ascension
03. Fallin’ Time
04. Machine Man
05. Sunset Feelings
06. Look Behind Me
07. Daydream
08. Calling
09. Coming Back

Wild Steel – Voice
Alessandro Cola – Bass
Tommy Pellegrini – Guitar
Giacomo Paradiso – Guitar
Alessio Pascucci – Keyboard
Frank Andiver – Drums


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