Demon Eyes – Out Of Control

Demon Eyes - Out Of Control Cover

Demon Eyes – Out Of Control (Re-issue)
No Remorse Records
Release Date: 10/07/2017

Running Time: 72:58
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Demon Eyes who are from Sannois, Lie-de France, were formed in 1982 and originally released their debut album, entitled “Rites Of Chaos” in 1984 followed by “Garde a vue” in 1987.   They went back into the studio for their third studio album in 1990 which was called “Out Of Control”, but due to limited pressing and promotion of the album, it was almost unheard of to the wider crowd of metal lovers.

Now, thanks to No Remorse Records, the album has been reissued but limited to 500 copies which consists of eight original album tracks, two extra studio tracks, five demo tracks and one live track, so very good value!

Listening to this album now it seems very 80s based along the lines of Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Judas Priest and Deep Purple with a lot of great guitar riffs which isn’t a bad thing at all. It is sung partly in their native language and although my French isn’t good you can still enjoy it and the bonus tracks don’t feel out-of-place!

Founded by the Masson brothers, Thierry “Atomic Tim” and Philippe “Fil Of Steel”, Demon Eyes should really be spoken about in the same vein as classic French band Sortilege. The lineup on this album was completed by Stéphane Guenet, Chris Bruneau and Gil ‘Gun’ Morvan.

With some brilliant drumming and great riffs this album is good listening and easily gets you singing the songs in your head, and with the diverse vocals you keep thinking okay, I’ll listen to just one more track, okay just one more … and before you know it you’ve listened to the whole album. Then there is the final live track, “Pestiferes” which is just fast and loud! You go from one extreme to the other with Demon Eyes, they certainly keep you on your toes. The whole album is full of energy and the music pounds along but, because of when it was originally released, it just doesn’t have the same production values as a lot of today’s metal, and the low-end boom is sadly lacking. Having said that it must have a lot of appeal to some for it to be released again and I sincerely hope it does well for them!

My favourite track was “Shy”, definitely one that had some meaning for me but, apart from that, it was just very rocky with a great guitar riff and drumming that immediately gets you head banging.

If you love early, historic, French heavy metal or are a fan of classic heavy metal / hard rock / NWOBHM then there will be a lot for you to enjoy here!

01. Lady White Bride
02. Songs Of Death
03. Shy
04. Out Of Control
05. Let Me Go To The Party
06. Gotta Wait
07. Just For A Night
08. Dreams Never Lie

09. Fantomas (French version)
10. Empire et Gloire (Unreleased track)
11. L’invincible Force Deux La Mort (Demo)
12. Mal Divin (Demo)
13. Les Deux Maudities (Demo)
14. Ombre Du Malheur (Demo)
15. Remords Posthumes (Demo)
16. Pestiferes (Live)


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