Voivod – Post Society EP

Voivod – Post Society EP
Release Date: 26/02/2016
Running Time: 30:24
Review by Dawn King

Never before have I heard a band with such diversity as Voivod. Formed in the early 1980’s by Michel “Away” Langevin and Denis “Piggy” d’Amour they have undergone a succession of sound and line-up changes but are still a band that cannot really be classified under any one particular genre.

Hailing from Jonqiuère, Québec in Canada, the band started out playing speed metal but influenced by NWOBHM, hardcore punk and 70’s progressive rock they have, over the years, mixed in progressive and thrash traits to give them the unique sound they have today.

The “Post Society EP” is the first recording from the band since 2013’s “Target Earth”, the first to feature guitarist Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain after the death of “Piggy” in 2005 from colon cancer, and introduces new bassist Dominique “Rocky” Laroche, who seems to have had no difficulties slotting into the band.

Release by Century Media in February 2016, the ep’s five tracks, with a running time of 31 minutes, include two brand new songs, two songs released in 2015 as split 7” singles, one with Napalm Death and one with At The Gates, and a cover of Hawkwind’s “Silver Machine”, a fitting tribute to the great Lemmy.

The EP opens with the self-titled track “Post Society”, a punk influenced beast of a song, and sets the bar for the rest. Langevin’s drumming is tight and precise, new boy Laroche’s bass playing is distinctive and technical, coming into his own on “Fall”, where he simply shines playing melodic runs as well as heavy riffs.

Singer Denis “Snake” Bélanger’s vocals, far from being the best in the music business, are distinct as always, showing he does know how to sing, adding to the uniqueness of the band and the virtuosity and breathtaking guitar solos of Mongrain more than adequately live up to those of his predecessor’s.

Some people say if you are going to do a cover song, then at least put your own slant on it, but this cover of “Silver Machine,” sounding, to me, as if Lemmy from Motorhead was singing it rather than Lemmy from Hawkwind, has been done well and the great man himself, should be raising his JD and coke in respect.

Overall, I enjoyed this ep, the tempo changes, something I usually steer away from, in all songs between fast thrash and slower, doomier sounds giving it a more intricate feel, and if I had to classify it under a particular genre, I would say it was technical thrash, with progressive tendencies….and a little punk thrown in.

I would imagine this is a must have for all Voivod fans but even if you are not a big fan, I would still recommend you check it out. Voivod are back!!

1. Post Society
2. Forever Mountain
3. Fall
4. We are Connected
5. Silver Machine

Michel Langevin (Away) – drums
Denis Belanger (Snake) – vocals
Daniel Mongrain (Chewy) – guitar
Dominique Laroche (Rocky) – bass



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