Deathgeist – Procession of Souls

Procession Of Souls Album Cover Art

Deathgeist – Procession Of Souls
Punishment 18/Thrash Or Death Records
Release Date: 07/01/2022
Running Time: 33:21
Review by Victor Augusto

If you like to waste time in your life reading all my useless writings here, you’ll know how much I’ve mentioned what keeps the Brazilian Metalheads united despite all the problems we face in our musical scene. I won’t repeat all the bad things, but here we have another case of a good band that makes all the time we spend listening to hear their music worth it, and I am not only talking about the quality of it. 

If you are not familiar with the band (we have an amazing interview and EMQ’s with them on Ever Metal); a few members were part of a traditional Thrash band called Bywar, and they are carrying on with all their good work here. For this third album, the only change is the new guy on drums, Fernando Oster. He might be new to the band, but he is quite well known for his work with the incredible band Woslom, who did plenty of European tours in the last decade. And now we have in front of us another brilliant Brazilian thrash release from Deathgeist. 

The most mature album? It is hard to say how mature they are when you have musicians who have been on the road for so long. Since the first album they have shown maturity, but I guess they are playing in a very good synergy, even after the lack of concerts in the last 2 years. And yes, the sonority of the recording production is perfect – like an organic raw recording with a good quality, especially for the drums sound.

The bass of Mauricio Bertoni received amazing space in the mixing. He is very present on the entire album, but also has his own space on the amazing ‘Nightmare’s Chamber’. It feels like the main riff of this track was planned for Mauricio to play without the guitars, like it happens in the middle of the song, just with a few drum beats alongside. The solos right after this part make it even more beautiful.

By the way, the guitar work between Adriano Perfetto and Victor Regep is a highlight here through all the good, but not complicated riffs. The solos are more oriented to the structures and melodies. Don’t expect just that showing off ultra-speed pickings, that sometimes just offers tons of soulless notes. Here, they put the perfect blend of speed and feeling.  Adriano also offers good vocal lines, going from aggressiveness, to a few moments of melodies.

If you’ve read the band’s EMQ’s explanation of the band’s name, you know that the word ‘geist’ comes from Poltergeist. So, I believe the addition of a few keyboards, like on the title track, is to offer this atmosphere of some spiritual possession that can bring Death. Maybe it was intentional or maybe it is just one more nonsense though from myself. But what really matters are the beautiful solos from Adriano and Victor, in this track.

Personally, I really enjoyed songs like ‘Living Dead Melody’ and the title track as well, but the entire album is amazing. I like how linear the songs are. It made the album easy to digest. On ‘Far From Reality’ Fernando puts a faster element, like a double bass, to change the dynamics a bit. This worked really well.

Maybe the Old German Thrash Metal will be your first impression of a major influence to Deathgeist. At least it was mine when I heard them, 3 years ago, with the previous album “666”. It is a kind of a blend of the Destruction aggressiveness with a dark and cadenced atmosphere from Sodom.  For me it is exactly this not overwhelming speed or technique that makes them sound catchy. 

Aside from all the musical quality here, these four guys are good people and work a lot to promote good music, and in Brazil that counts for a lot. After all I’ve said, I hope you take the time to have fun listening to “Procession of Souls” as Much as I always do when listening to Deathgeist. See you later, folks!

‘Procession Of Souls’ Official Music Video

01. The Greed’s Inferno                                                                                                            02. 02. Morlocks
03. Living Dead Melody
04. Procession of Souls
05. Nightmare’s Chamber
06. Far From Reality
07. Depressive Thoughts
08. Fear

Adriano Perfetto – Guitars and Vocals
Victor Regep – Guitars
Mauricio Bertoni – Bass
Fernando Oster – Drums


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