Rose Tattoo and Girlschool, Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, 8th September 2018


Rose Tattoo and Girlschool
Voodoo Lounge, Dublin
8th September, 2018
Review by Graham Horne

I arrived at the venue just before doors opened and there was already a queue of old rockers (I actually didn’t feel like the oldest one there for a change) starting to stretch its way down the road. I’ve not been to the Voodoo Lounge before and was surprised at how small and narrow it was. It was quite a nice bar (5 euros a pint, not bad for Dublin) and a seating area at the back, then a long narrow area to the stage. The stage is very small and there is no rear exit from the stage so all the artists and equipment have to somehow squeeze pass the punters, which seemed a bit of a nightmare for stage crew during change over.

Anyway, onto the bands. Up first were Girlschool who I have seen a few times since the heady days of ‘79. The band were on fire, kicking things off with ‘Demolition’, mixing the old classics, (and with a nod to Dio and Lemmy ) tracks from Legacy and Guilty As Sin. The years just rolled away for me and I felt like a teenager again. Listening to them playing most of their classic songs, ‘Hit And Run’, ‘Yeah Right’, ‘Race With The Devil etc, it’s hard to believe that the girls have been doing this for almost 40 years and they still look like they are enjoying it!

Now I have seen Rose Tattoo before (at Wacken) and thought they were good then, but in a small, tightly packed, sweaty pub they were amazing. This band are meant to be heard live. Starting off with ‘One Of The Boys, they played a good mix of classics such as ‘Rock n Roll Outlaw’, Assault And Battery’, ‘Butcher And Fast Eddie’, ‘Scarred For Life’, ‘Rock And Roll Is King’, and later tracks ‘1845’ and ‘Man About Town’, only pausing for Mr Anderson (swigging from a bottle of Stones Ginger Wine) to preach to the converted in between songs and deal with the odd heckler in the only way he can. By the time they got to ‘Astra Wally’ the crowd and band were sweating like a dingo’s dangly bits. It was hot in there I can tell you. They finished things off with ‘Nice Boys’, and then they were gone and everyone filed out with big grins on their faces, knowing they had seen a special gig.

Rose Tattoo Setlist
One Of The Boys
Juice On The Loose
Man About Town
Assault And Battery
Rock n Roll Outlaw
Butcher And Fast Eddie
Once In A Lifetime
Rock n Roll Is King
Bad Boy For Love
Scarred For Life
Astra Wally
We Can’t Be Beaten
Nice Boys


Rose Tattoo:

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Rose Tattoo – Blood Brothers


Rose Tattoo – Blood Brothers
Golden Robot Records
Release Date: 18/05/2018
Running Time: 73:31
Review by Tsarina Wilson

The 2018 bonus reissue of Rose Tattoo’s classic 2007 album was released on the 18th May 2018 through Golden Robot records.

The album contains some truly great tracks, plus live, adrenalin-packed versions, which only adds to the already brilliant album. These include Man About Town, Black Eyed Bruiser and Sweet Meat… just to name a few.

The album features the fantastic vocals of the one and only Angry Anderson, whose voice can transform, in a heartbeat, from gentle and mellow to full on scream and not miss a beat, Mark Evans from AC/DC on bass, Angels and Skyhooks axeman Bob Spencer, Aussie Crawl’s John ’Watto’ Watson up the back and the Pete Well’s endorsed Dai Pritchard on the slide guitar.

The band are touring the UK in September 2018 with dates to include the 02, the ABC in Glasgow and the 02 Academy 2 Birmingham, and with the energy these guys put into their songs, these gigs will be ones not to miss from this high-octane band.

Angry’s voice is raw with no let-up in any of the tracks. It’s totally 100% all the way. A modern rock sound but with their trademark riffs makes this album timeless. The live tracks give you just a taste of what you can expect if you are luckily enough to see these guys live…

Sadly, a few members have passed away (who are probably jamming away on another level) and these are paid homage to in the album and Angry wrote Once In A Lifetime in memory of Pete Wells who passed away in 2006.

The band still play with the same passion as always and give it their all, whether in the studio or live, and this is a band who doesn’t have an age limit, to either them or their fans!

Rose Tattoo are rough, ready and raw and this album is them at their best. Black Eyed Bruiser is just thumping all the way through and how Angry hits and keeps some of the notes is just amazing. The slide guitar is intense in Once In A Lifetime, and listening to the album you would be forgiven, if you didn’t know who the singer was, for mistaking him for a young gritty voiced singer. This is only half right as Angry is 71 but, believe me, he isn’t ready to hang up his singing and this guy has more energy than most younger men on the scene, having been with the band since 1976 and his voice still cuts to the bone.

There is everything from head banging tracks to more blues tracks, this album seriously has it all. Nothing To Lose leaves you almost breathless, with lyrics like ‘never had a problem with drinking till I ran out of booze’ Never had a problem with lying couldn’t lay straight in bed…

This is a band who will not lay down and retire any time soon. They seem to still have so much to give and I hope there are many more albums coming our way from these guys… keep on rockin!!

01. Black Eyed Bruiser
02. Slipping Away
03. Once In a Lifetime
04. 1854
05. City Blues
06. Sweet Meat
07. Man About Town
08. Creeper
09. Stand Over Man
10. Nothing To Lose
11. Lubricated
12. Man About Town Live
13. Black Eyed Bruiser Live
14. Once In A Lifetime Live
15. Sweet Meat Live
16. Standover Man Live
17. Nothing To Lose Live


Promo Pic1 by Darryl Edwards

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Rose Tattoo – Tatts Live In Brunswick 1982


Rose Tattoo – Tatts Live In Brunswick 1982
Golden Robot Records
Release Date: 24/11/2017
Running Time: 63.32
Review by Tsarina Wilson

As the title suggest this album has been remastered for the fans in 2017 and has been around for a few years, recorded with a line up of Angry Anderson, Pete Wells, Rob Riley, Geordie Leach and Dallas “Digger” Royall. This albums gives you it all; raw vocals , a bit of blues and heavy rock. Close your eyes and you’re there at the gig with them.

For those who don’t know much about the band, they are from Australia and fronted by Angry Anderson, who has a tattoo or two! Their first few albums were produced by Vanda and Young, the team who were also responsible for early AC/DC albums. During many of the songs you could be mistaken for thinking it was being recorded in a good old fashioned bar with the crowd and banter going on. Being up by the stage in a hot sweaty club with band interaction is a rare thing these days. In 1980 the band toured the United States and Europe including the UK. They also supported Guns and Roses on the Australian part of their Use Your Illusion Tour.

The band, over the years, has had people leave to come back again, some have sadly passed away but one thing that hasn’t changed is their formidable sound. Angry Anderson (yes, known by many as the voice of the song Suddenly) is raw and rocking and he has so much energy yet so much anger in his voice that you can tell he is passionate about his music.

The innuendos in Juice on the Loose will easily make you smirk “momma come stroke the goose”. The ace slide guitar sound on this track just keeps rocking, with a combination of rock and blues sound. Scarred For Life has to my favourite, the story of getting a first tattoo at the early age of 16, probably as I get the same thing said to me. Bad Boy for Love has a AC/DC edge to it but is just pure rock. The Butcher And Fast Eddie, at over 7 minutes long, has a definite blues start to it but still has the raw rock sound, and with fantastic guitar riffs is formidable. Unlike most of todays music, which is mainly all studio based and perfection, this album is literally warts and all. You have the rawness of Andersons voice, the crowd cheering, the interaction of the band with the crowd and you will be forgiven for forgetting this album isn’t one from the past few months but is over 30 years old. They just don’t make bands like this anymore. One Of The Boys has to be an anthem for many guys I know. This track is pure gritty rock and roll, and the guitar riff in it is what air guitar was made for, to feel and love the music.

The band will be releasing a new album in 2018 and touring worldwide with their new line up, which includes Mark Evans on bass and if they are as good now as this album suggests, then they will really be worth going to see and I look forward to hearing their new album, to see just how much more of the epic sound they can produce.

This CD is stickered Parental Advisory (Explicit Content)

01. Out Of This Place
02. Bad Boy For Love
03. Assult And Battery
04. Tramp
05. We Cant Be Beaten
06. Butcher And Fast Eddie
07. Rock And Roll Is King
08. Texas
09. One Of The Boys
10. Branded
11. Revenge
12. Juice On The Loose
13. Rock And Roll Outlaw
14. Scarred For Life


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