Grima – Rotten Garden

Rotten Garden Cover Art

Grima – Rotten Garden
Naturmacht Productions
Release Date: 22/01/2021
Running Time: 43:40
Review by Rick Eaglestone

Continuing with the studio only project, concentrating on the pagan ethos based on the worship of the elder forest, Russia’s grotesque pairing once again prepare to walk their own black metal path with fourth album – “Rotten Garden”.

‘Cedar And Owls’ has a beautifully woeful tone throughout with swirling solos and naturalist soundscapes which is so serene in places that when the fury of ‘Mourning Comes At Sunset’ takes hold I was taken aback slightly.

I am a huge fan of certain sounds in black metal and ‘At The Foot Of The Red Mountains’ has some absolutely sublime accordion included that, combined with the guitar parts, just had me going back to it again and again – This is ,easily, highlight track of the album for me!

Things take on a much calmer pace with the instrumental ‘Old Oak’ which weaves into the early part of title track ‘Rotten Garden’ and includes slices of fury with that accordion again but with added hypnotic keyboards which almost gave it a dungeon synth feel.

There is a real cold, frostbitten atmosphere to ‘Grom’ that I really enjoyed but that’s not quite the end, also included as a bonus track, is a re-recording of the 2015 track ‘Devotion To Lord’ which, if not familiar with the band previously, should make the listener go back and check out the bands previous offerings.

We are only one month into the new year, yet I don’t think it is an unimaginable assumption that by the time we reach year end “Rotten Garden” would’ve made many peoples top album lists.

‘Cedar And Owls’ (Official Video)

01. Cedar And Owls
02. Mourning Comes At Sunset
03. At The Foot Of The Red Mountains
04. Old Oak
05. Rotten Garden
06. Grom
07. Devotion To Lord 2020 (Bonus Track)

Vehelm – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard
Morbius – Guitar, Bass


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