Sacred Sin – Storms Over The Dying World

Storms Over The Dying World Album Cover Art

Sacred Sin – Storms Over The Dying World
Lusitanian Music
Release Date: 29/07/2022
Running Time: 39:26
Review by Victor Augusto

You are probably completely exhausted to hear (or read) from me how happy I get when I discover new incredible bands through this lovely art of reviewing music. In this case, the word “new” is just a reference for how recently I discovered the Portuguese band Sacred Sin, but they have had a long journey on the musical road. My first time hearing them was when I got the EP “Born Suffer Die” that I reviewed here, 2 years ago. Still today, I listen to those songs when I run my suffered 10 kilometers on the streets, under the hot and dry weather in this central area where I live in Brazil. These songs are really like a source of extra adrenaline to keep the energy high.

At the time when I first reviewed them, I was very surprised at how good and precise they are, with a great balance between aggressiveness and cadence, considering they are a Death Metal band. This new full album helped me to understand more about their spirit and notice a few more details. But before I spread my words of love for them, just let me explain that I’ve never heard their previous materials, aside the EP I mentioned, so forgive me if I am saying some completely non-sensical things about them, which you all must be used to. So, let’s start our journey.

My first impression is Traditional Death Metal! I don’t even know if it could even be considered a genre, but it is like having the first bands from this style, but using the same good and clear productions from the newer bands of the genre. Don’t expect something extremely brutal and fast, even though these 2 elements are part of Sacred Sin’s Music. You just must hear songs like ‘Perish In Cold Ambers’ and ‘Defy Thy Master’. 

It is fast in a good measure, also carrying great solos that put value on having precise, well played notes in the perfect moment rather than just shredding the guitar with hundreds of soulless notes, as many other bands do. Maybe it brings the spirit of the traditional Heavy Metal bands, when solos were well thought out and composed, but in a Death Metal orientation.

Tó Pica and Luis Coelho show an incredible synergy when they share the changes among the solos and riffs. By the way I must highlight a small detail which was the first thing that brought my attention to their music 2 years ago. The catchy riffs. Sometimes a simple and catchy riff, allied with good melodies, can offer proper excitement to the music, and it is exactly what you will hear here.

My second impression of the music is Doomy atmosphere knitted inside a Death Metal structure! Considering the 2 years of uncertainty and darkness we have just lived on this planet, with all the consequences that the pandemic brought us, this album brings this kind of feeling. I believe it increases because when we finally had the chance to have a better life, it hasn’t happened, and we are still suffering with all the disgraces of mankind, like this war and how everything reflects on many countries. For me, ‘Skull Crushing Darkness’ is the song which best offers this feeling from their music.

Songs like ‘Hell Is Here’ show it too, with a kind of mantra being said over and over again by the singer/bassist Jose Costa. On ‘Icons Of Blood’ he does the same, but it changes to a repetitive message, like a warning broadcasted by a radio. If you close your eyes and try to imagine a picture from this song, maybe you will imagine something like a devastated city after a war, as we are seeing recently. I mean, that is what I felt, and it is not necessarily what the band is saying. The highlight on this song goes to the cadenced drum fill from Fernando Dantas, which really made this track interesting. 

Again, considering my short knowledge of a band with such a huge history, I get the impression of this good balance between Death Metal and all the darkness from our earth, that is represented by the other elements like the dark Doom addition in their music. But if I could summarize “Storms Over The Dying World”, I would say how good they are to mix all their influences without fleeing from the “Traditional Death Metal”, and keeping their own identity strong. 

Considering we are in front of a band with more than three decades of experience, it is easy to say that they really know how they want to sound, and I can assure you they sound amazing!

Storms Over The Dying World Official Video 

01. Storms Over the Dying World
02. Perish In Cold Ambers
03. Last Man
04. Hell Is Here
05. Icons Of Blood
06. Rites Of Doom And Death
07. Shroud Of Broken Promises
08. Defy Thy Master
09. Skull Crushing Darkness

Jose Costa – Vocals  and Bass
Tó Pica – Guitars
Luis Coelho – Guitars
Fernando Dantas – Drums


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Sacred Sin – Born Suffer Die

Sacred Sin – Born Suffer Die
Lusitanian Music
Date: 24/04/2020
Running Time: 11:30
Review by Victor Augusto

I am not a guy who believes in love at first sight, but when music is the subject, I can affirm that it is a perfect possibility. Maybe with a little change in the expression to “love at first listen” which is more appropriate to describe what I’ve felt on hearing the Portuguese band Sacred Sin for the first time. Just one song was enough to assure me I was hearing an incredible band and I couldn’t avoid the thought of “finally, remarkable music to listen to”, considering the massive amount of bands releasing good material, but few of them can be remarkable!

Of course, I am not talking about a young band, considering Sacred Sin have been on the road since 1991 and they have just had a short hiatus between 2011 and 2013, but they have returned with full force and this EP also celebrates the return of one of the original members, guitarist To Pica. All the years of Sacred Sin experience look like they have helped the band to know exactly what they want in their compositions.

As I said before, we have here an experienced band that plays incredible Death Metal with a mix of all the brutality of Morbid Angel with all the technique of the Swedish bands from this genre. All arrangements and compositions left me astonished by the sonority they created, from the opening riff of the first song ‘Born Suffer Die’. I was also hugely impressed with the intense atmosphere over all the brutality. This wonderful blend is what you will hear on this EP until the third and last song ‘Cursed’.

Very special mention goes to second track ‘False Deceiver’. This is an absolutely incredible song. For me, it is like a classical song that easily could figure out in any mainstream Death Metal album. The guitar work, with the riffs and solos, together with the insane drum variations and the amazing vocal interpretation; make this song so special that I’ve been listening to it, without stopping, since the first day I heard it.

Despite being a short EP, “Born Suffer Die” is a perfect release to show how incredible Sacred Sin are. This EP also makes us (fans) wish for a new full-length album, at least in my case, a new fan of the band, I am very eager for it.

Parabéns Sacred Sin!!!

01. Born Suffer Die
02. False Deceiver
03. Cursed

Jose Costa – vocals & bass
To Pica – guitars
Luis Coelho – guitars
G. R. – drums


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