Ungraven/Slomatics – Split EP

Ungraven & Slomatics Split EP Cover Art

Ungraven/Slomatics – Split EP
Blackbow Records
Release date: 05/03/2021
Running time: 30:53
Review by Alun Jones

How did you spend your time during the pandemic? Did you learn a new language or a musical instrument? Did you get out there running, hammering marathons and getting super fit? Or, like most of us, did you hang on there by your finger nails, just about keeping it together and escaping the monotony? Well luckily for us, these two bands – Ungraven and Slomatics – decided to put their talents to creative use and deliver some music to keep us all sane in these bizarre times.

This is one EP, two bands and six songs in total. First off, we have Ungraven, who despite only being formed in 2019 feature musicians of fine pedigree: Jon Davis (Conan), David Ryley (Fudge Tunnel) and Tyler Hodges (Tuskar). ‘Defeat The Object’, their first offering, features a reliably sturdy riff to nod your head to. Next track, ‘Onwards She Rides To A Certain Death’ comes galloping out of the gates like an armour covered battle horse – it’s no nimble dressage, more like a cavalry charge into a frenzied battle. Ungraven’s final song, ‘Blackened Gates Of Eternity’, has a grinding intensity that has an industrial feel.

Slomatics pick up the baton and start off with the brutally heavy, atmospheric ‘Kaän’, which seems to move sideways rather than forwards. Slow and hefty, I’ve seen ox bow lakes form quicker than the pace of this monster. ‘Proto Hag’ follows a similar style, but you’ll be glad to learn that it’s even more intense. Slomatics have been building their reputation for some years now, and these tracks confirm their prominence. Their final song, ‘Monitors’ – probably my favourite on the whole EP, though I feel bad singling out one track – only pushes their reputation further. The music is almost trancelike, with a magnetic melodic element.

This split EP is dense and compelling. Both Ungraven and Slomatics impress with their conviction and integrity. The only down side is that approx. 31 minutes just isn’t enough. This is a very enjoyable starter, but it just makes me hunger for a full plate of whatever these two immense bands can serve up. Please sir, can I have some more?

01. Defeat The Object (Ungraven)
02. Onwards She Rides To A Certain Death (Ungraven)
03. Blackened Gates Of Eternity (Ungraven)
04. Kaän (Slomatics)
05. Proto Hag (Slomatics)
06. Monitors (Slomatics)

Jon Davis – Vocals
Tyler Hodges – Drums
David Ryley – Bass

David – Guitars
Chris – Guitars
Marty – Drums, Vocals



Ungraven & Slomatics Promo Pic (Slomatics pic credit Gerry Dollso)
(Slomatics pic credit Gerry Dollso)

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