Unbreakable Album Cover Art

By Stephanie Stevens

The world is so much better with San Antonio, TX hard hitting band KINGDOM COLLPASE in it. The band features, Jonathan Norris (Vocals), David Work (Guitar), Aaron Smith (Bass) and Elijah Santucci (Drums) and they came together to make some prominent, exceptional hard rocking music. I got introduced to the band when I happened to find them on Spotify and heard there single ‘SUFFER’ which was appeasing to the ears due to the hard, diverse, melodically impressive tones and a storyline everyone can relate to, one way or another. The next thing I knew I had a press release about the band in my inbox and I was stoked to get to know them better. They are releasing a new single in their arsenal ‘UNBREAKABLE’, an anthem that will jolt you emotionally and bleeds with honesty.

They have just signed with Dynamic Talent International’s roster (which includes Red, Alesana, The Veer Union and more) and, with this partnership in hand, tour dates will be coming soon as life gets back to normal. So, once you fall in love with the sound of this band you can jump on tickets to see them kill these killer hard rock tunes live.

I had a chance to chat with Singer Jonathan Norris about the lyrical value in their music, how the band got together, videos and being on mainstream radio so early in their career.

Q: Introduce me to the world of KINGDOM COLLAPSE, how is it being a band coming out of Texas and how you all met?

A: How’s it going, Stephanie! Good question! Me and the guys grew up playing in several different bands and I knew everybody for a while before we actually formed this line-up! Aaron Smith and I go way back to our early childhood days. David Work and I played in an old band together and Elijah, our drummer used to play in another band in the Houston area that we would play shows with when we came to town. Being in a Hard Rock band from Texas is funny because everyone and their mother listens to country around here. So, we’re very much against the grain of what’s going in the area right now, musically-speaking.

Q: After hearing a few tracks it seems you guys are almost like the therapist Rock band, lyrically bringing out relatable and relevant topics in your music. How does it feel having fans being helped by your music and, for you personally, how does it feel to be able to write music that can be real and honest?

A: Thank you! That’s exactly what music did for me growing up. It’s always been a form of therapy and an emotional release. I write about real-life struggles and situations that left their mark on me. It’s been so awesome seeing our songs have that same effect on people and help them in a positive way. That’s something that is signature to Kingdom Collapse and we never want to lose that.

Q: Your newest single ‘UNBREAKABLE’ is keeping on track with the emotion and honesty. On a personal level, how has a past struggle helped you guys as a band get stronger and grow?

A: Definitely! ‘Unbreakable’ was written last year, (fun fact) shortly after I actually had COVID-19. I could hardly breathe for almost two months after the fact and had to really push my lungs back into shape to sing again. But to really dive deeper, the song was written about WAY more than that. It’s about all of the life struggles that we all go through from the time we’re born to the time we die. Loss, cancer, heartache, betrayal, divorce, financial disaster, etc. The list goes on and on, but it’s about those things making you stronger.

Q: When will or when did the new single drop and is this a teaser for a full-length or EP coming our way soon?

A: The single dropped Friday, June 18th and is available everywhere! This will be a single from the upcoming album. Still in the album process as of right now but this is the first taste of the new album, sometime in 2022.

Q: You guys always have some killer videos to go along with your songs. Do You think that, with the topics you write about in the songs, a video is very important to base the story around it and how do you all enjoy the video process?

A:We love doing our music videos! Kevin from Kreuked Media has been with us since the beginning and it’s incredible to see how much we’ve grown as a team since our first video, ‘Suffer’.

Q: You covered Saliva’s ‘Always’. What made you take on that particular song and band?

A: Good question! I always loved Saliva growing up and ‘Always’ was a favourite of mine. It started as something fun during the shutdown and then I went to the guys with the recording and was like “We got to put this out!”.

Q: What other artists or musicians inspire you guys and who were the first band that made you want to be a musician in a serious manner?

A: I would say the first band to really inspire me as a kid was definitely Creed. Love them or hate them, they were the SHIT back in the day! Tremonti inspired me to pick up the guitar in the first place. I know David would say the same thing! Haha.

Q: One song and video of yours I was very interested in was ‘Payback’. Give me a brief description of where the lyrical topic came from and, with all the videos you have done, how did the making of this one differ?

A: Yeah! “Payback” was written about the feeling of being backstabbed by someone that you thought was there for you and had your back. It’s just about immersing yourself in that angry feeling and letting it all out. Which is why it makes such an awesome workout song too! Haha.

Q: Being an up ‘n’ coming band on the scene, how does it feel knowing your music has been on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Top 40 and Sirius XM Octane? If you hear your stuff on the radio what emotions run through you?

A: It’s so surreal! We’re coming up on our third single that has gone to Sirius XM Octane and it’s crazy to see us wedged in between bands that we’ve looked up to for so long! The Billboard thing is nuts! It’s something that we always had our sights on and it’s awesome to see things consistently moving up and in the right direction.

Q: If you had any advice to people heading into the latter half of 2021, what would it be?

A: My advice would be too keep your head up! It’s been a crazy last year and a half but it’s awesome to see life somewhat return to a sense of normalcy.

Q: In May 2021 you signed with Dynamic Talent Int, one of the leading booking agents. Before this were you guys booking your own tours (Pre-Covid) and are you ready to become road dogs? What are you most excited about with this? Any Tours you can leak out or local shows you are gearing up for?

A: Yeah! Everything booked before this point was booked by us, DIY. With the success of our last radio single, ‘UPRISE’, that really changed the game for us so we’re ready to get out there and meet all of our incredible fans.

Q: Any last comments or words to your fans that you want to express before we end the interview?

A:Thank you so much for reaching out and having us do an interview with you! Looking forward to meeting you out on the road and we will see you soon! ‘Unbreakable’ is out NOW!


‘Unbreakable’ (Audio)

Kingdom Collapse Promo Pic

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S.A.M. - Remedy (Feat. Danny Worsnop)

By Stephanie Stevens

Welcome to the world of S.A.M. (SAVAGE AFTER MIDNIGHT), a band that came storming into 2019 with a ton of fire and intention. “11:59” was the EP that drove the band into the ears, hearts and mouths of the rock world. With singles like ‘10 FEET TALL’ and ‘UNLEASH’, songs that penetrated with so much melody, elaborate groove and vocals that made you understand what diversity is! It was no wonder this band was gaining a fanbase at a powerful rate!

Just about the time that an explosion for the band was on the edge of hitting, a pandemic of the world hit and everything came to a standstill. The members of S.A.M. didn’t let this hinder or halt them from continuing to interact with fans and grow the bands fanbase more! They also created and, when I say creating, they did an outstanding job as they worked with friends Jack Fowler of Sleeping With Sirens and the one and only Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria to put together a new single that not only blows away their older work but showcases the strength in songwriting and growth this new band is achieving on a daily basis. ‘REMEDY’ fires on all cylinders; intricate, ballsy, energy packed and melodically enticing, It’s a track that’s addictive. This Memphis quintet is ready to hit it even harder in 2021 and I am absolutely stoked to be part of the mix supporting them for their future.

I had a chance to chat with band member JT about future tour plans, the new EP they have in the works, how ‘REMEDY’ took shape and the fun they had making the action packed video for the single.

Q: Welcome new fans of your band into the world that is S.A.M.! How did you guys form and what makes your band members stellar people to work with?

A: What’s up everyone, we always love adding new members to the S.A.M Fam! We formed a number of years ago and have evolved through a few different name changes through the years before settling on S.A.M. This current line-up of the band is pretty awesome! Most of us have a long history with each other from playing in various bands around Memphis – so it’s been pretty smooth to transition into this latest version of the project.

Q: You had some massive momentum going before Covid hit with your amazing EP “11:59”. With all the hype with the release did that keep you guys energized and positive during quarantine or was it an emotional time for you all?

A: Thank You for the kind words on “11:59”! Yeah, we kept positive through the pandemic, despite the pause in touring. We took the time to take stock and write a ton of new material with a killer group of collaborators! I think it was emotional in the sense that no musicians had the chance for over a year to connect with their live audience. That part was certainly challenging.

Q: During 2020 did you stay active on social media to stay close with fans? Or did you take the downtime to focus on making new music?

A: A little of both, the entire world had plenty of time to sit at home and do nothing, and we tried to stay as active on social media as we could. I think the hard part was we had nothing to promote – so at times it can be difficult to stay connected.

Q: The new single ‘Remedy’ is brilliant! How did the song take shape in your mind and how did both Jack Fowler of Sleeping With Sirens and Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria come into the fold?

A: Thank You!!! We’ve been blown away at the response ‘Remedy’ has gotten and we’re truly grateful. Both those guys are family to the band, so putting those collaborations together was actually sooth despite the pandemic. They both did such a killer job making the song what it came to be.

Q: With having both Jack & Danny work with you on the song – how did that change the creative process for S.A.M. and what was the biggest thing you learned from working with them?

A: Our process is a bit different and really works for us in the sense that none of the band ever gets too personal or territorial with the writing process, in fact we ADORE having other people come in and contribute to our music. We think that it adds to the diversity and growth of the band’s sound. As far as what we learned, we learned Danny can sing his ASS off!!! And Jack absolutely rips when push comes to shove. It was crazy how naturally that song came together!

Q: Most people ask band members what motivated them to be in a band. I want to know what motivated you or inspired you to compose and write songs? And do you feel you grow in knowledge with every song you create?

A: We’ve always been inspired by the song writing process in general. I think in the beginning stages for any songwriter, you call upon personal experience to create the song. Many years ago, we changed our approach to songwriting, and started writing based on characters of a story rather than what’s happening in our own lives. We found that approach has opened up a whole universe of concepts we can touch on now. Of course, you’ll always derive material from personal experiences, but we don’t feel as tied up with that as we used to.

Q: Lyrically with ‘Remedy’ what do you hope people take away after hearing this track?

A: To cut out those toxic people in your life that bring no joy, and serve no purpose other than to hinder your personal growth.

Q: Another cool aspect of your band is the amazing videos you put out. Do you feel making videos is as important as songwriting?

A: It’s certainly a different art form, it’s strange because you never want to assume that your version of the song means the same thing to every type of person, you always want to leave the door open for fans to create their own experiences and interpretations of your music…I think that’s part of the magic in art. With the video to ‘Remedy’, we swear Shi & Danny just wanted an excuse to make a 4 minute action film!! 😉

Q: How did making the ‘Remedy’ video test your creativity? How fun was it having Danny onboard for it?

A: Wayyy too much fun! The making of ‘Remedy’ didn’t necessarily test our creativity like a normal video concept would, I think it was more that we wanted to capture the essence of the moment. Danny and Shi were in the moment and doing things on the fly. I think that’s why the video came out so well, it was natural and just flowed.

Q: You have an EP in the works for later this year – how would you compare the vibe of it to “11:59”?

A: The vibe is different because we’ve grown as a band and as songwriters. We think we’ve also taken the production to another level. We’re excited to share more as the year goes on – because it shows the natural growth of the band.

Q: Being in Memphis/Nashville – have you been able to play locally yet? I’m sure you’re excited to get back to playing live!

A: Other than a live stream show we did for Amazon Music on Twitch a couple of weeks ago, we haven’t yet. But we hope to soon.

Q: Will you be touring in 2021? Any hints on who you may tour with?

A: There’s a lot of discussions in the works – but we can’t make any announcements just yet. Follow us on our Socials so you can see when we’ll be coming to your town! I think it’s safe to say that in 2022 we should be back in full swing again on the touring front.

Q: Any special words to your fans and the new people who will be hearing ‘Remedy’ for the first time and becoming fans?

A: Check out our stuff, and connect with us everywhere – we always love hearing from the fans. Be sure to go listen to ‘Remedy’ on Spotify and all the other streaming platforms. Most importantly – Keep your heads up, we’re almost past this Pandemic mess. Thanks everyone!!


S.A.M. feat. Danny Worsnop – ‘Remedy’ (Official Music Video)

S.A.M PR Photo  - Credit Matt Bender @TheBenderMatt
Photo by Matt Bender @TheBenderMatt

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Seasons Single Cover Album Art

Horror and Metal make a KILLER combination!
By Stephanie Stevens

Attention Horror fans, Metalcore fans and Heavy Metal music fans! As you may know, the latest instalment of the film series, Friday the 13th: Vengeance 2, will be released in the fall of 2021! What you may not be familiar with is a band who has been working their asses off, crafting the brutal and metalcore sound for the soundtrack! SEASONS is bringing to life the song ‘KILLING SEASON’ a track created by the band looking into the perspective of the fictional masked murderer Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13thfranchise. The song is loaded with references to different aspects of Jason and events that happen to the character throughout the movie franchise. The guttural roars and the screeching assaults vocally pummel you. From aggressive fiery musical verse elements to the captivating and searing melody induced chorus it makes the song an adventurous nightmare.

SEASONS formed in 2017 and are from Richmond, VA. Consisting of dedicated musicians that all have a strong passion for performing energetic shows and crafting top-notch influential songs.

I had a chance to speak with the band about working on a classic horror film soundtrack, a new singer and drummer, having a track for the wrestling community and the future of music for this killer band SEASONS.

Q: Give me a little insight on how SEASONS formed and how would you describe the philosophy of the band’s music and the personality of the band?

Nick GK (Guitar): Seasons formed in 2017 when original guitarists Matt Poe and Matt Gregory decided to form the band. Both musicians had been in and out of bands for years and they decided they wanted to give it a try again.

I think the personality of the band would surprise people.  I think we give off a really energetic and intense vibe in our shows and music videos, but behind the scenes I’d say we’re pretty laid back. That intensity is brought out when we play because we’re excited about our own music. But behind the scenes we’re pretty relaxed people.

Q: looking at the background of your band some cool shit has happened to you guys in the past, but the most recent and probably most iconic thing is you guys just released a song to be featured on the new Friday the 13th soundtrack coming out in 2021. How did that fall into place and had you already had part of the song ‘KILLING SEASON’ written?

Nick GK: The way we got the opportunity with Friday the 13th is that our bassist Matt (Poe) had been chatting with a guy named Peter Anthony, who had starred in another Friday the 13th film. Peter was the one who got us in contact with Jason Brooks, who is the director of the upcoming Friday the 13th movie. Matt reached out to Jason and basically asked if we could write a song for the movie, and Jason essentially told us to submit something and he would think about it. We didn’t have the song written ahead of time. We wrote the song with the intention of submitting in hopes that it could be included in the Friday the 13th franchise in some capacity. And we are so fortunate that it has been.

Q: What does it mean to you to be able to write a song about an iconic serial killer and where does your mindset have to be to kind of relive a character everyone knows and put your own twist to it?

Mark (Guitar): A lot of us are horror fans and Randall (Vocalist) loves Jason. I started the music with something that sounded brutal for obvious reasons into a softer, clean section to give you that calm before the storm. And then at the end my mindset was in the eye of the killer hence the guitar screeches as in a horror movie.

Q: Another new thing about the band is for KILLING SEASON, you put into place a new singer who used to be the drummer. So how did that all happen, and did you realize he had such a diverse vocal ability?

After discussing our options, we proposed to our then drummer, Randall Sykes, that he take over the duties as the front man. Randall has a great screaming voice and a lot of charisma on stage, and I think we all knew he could do it. We were so excited when he said he’d like to be the front man, and we got to work right away writing the songs that would feature Randall as the singer. We then spent a few months trying out different drummers trying to fill Randall’s old position. In the last month, Joshua Woolcott came in to try out on drums, and right away we knew it was the right fit.

Q: Going forward with the new singer how do you feel your music is going to evolve and change and what do you hope to experiment most with having this new asset to your brand and band?

Mark: Randall def has a different type of voice. His singing can get higher and his screams lower. I think our existing material and what’s to come will be more brutal but also more melodic.

Q: Have you guys been in the studio to record for an EP or full length or are you at ease just releasing singles for now since the music world is still up in the air?

Mark: We have recently been releasing singles, as they are mastered, but we are trying to work towards a more, big picture move, so to say.

Q: going back to other awesome stuff that has happened for the band you also had a 2019 track ‘VIOLENCE IS A VIRTUE’ playing in the wrestling world. How did it feel seeing that on TV and how was the song picked for that particular wrestler?

Mark: Matt had a mutual friend who hooked us up with AEW that made it happen, but it was pretty cool to see your song so pump that a wrestler wants to walk out to it. Took me back to childhood.

Q: you guys really take a solid focus on the technical side for sound when you’re playing as you can see in a lot of your songs. When you are writing for a SEASONS song what is the most important aspect the band agrees on before even getting into songwriting mode and how long does a general song take to complete for you guys?

Mark: Usually it starts with a riff and sometimes a theme. Matt’s strongest quality is being like a metalcore composer. So, we come up with the basic structure and he kinda Picassos it all together into what you hear as the finished product. As for time, we have worked on songs for months until completed cause sometimes we are like “squirrel” to another song and ‘Killing Seasons’ was basically written in a 3-hour band practice cause it just flowed.

Q: I love knowing you guys are also very diverse where everyone in the band comes to the table with the structure and writing of songs which I think would bring so much more diversity into the band to experiment. How does it impact you guys as creators and bonding with each other as a band?

Mark: We all like rock and metal but the genres, that we all like specifically, can be very different so a chord or scale progression that I would put in a song is completely different that one of the other guys would come up with. Also, it forces us all to listen to other music we otherwise wouldn’t.

Q: Where do you see the band’s biggest growth since your inception to the current day?

Mark: I came into this band right before ‘High Fives’ music video and since that was our first music video, I’ve seen a lot of numbers really go up since then.

Q: Have you guys thought about the day you can play a live show again and if so, how do you want to represent your band in a live aspect once things get back to normal vs. what you did in prior years?

Nick GK: Seasons takes a lot of pride in how we play live from both a technical standpoint as well as an entertainment standpoint. If you come to see us, we want you to hear the songs played as well as we can possibly play them, and we also want you to walk away thinking you got your money’s worth. If you come see Seasons, you will not see 5 guys looking at the floor strumming their instruments. We jump up and down, run around the stage, head bang, and jump off our amp cabs. We are excited about our music, we are excited to play it live and we want the audience to share in that excitement.

I think when we get to play live again the audience is going to get that energy but to a higher extent. We will be so excited to play live again that the audience will get the energy of Seasons from 2019 but in an even more extreme way.

Q: if you could help inspire one new musician coming into the scene what advice would you give to them and one thing you wish you knew when you were starting out?

Nick GK: The best advice I could give a new musician entering the scene is to just be curious. Learn from the other bands out there and from the other folks in the industry. Knowledge is power in the music business. If a musician comes into the scene hungry to learn and to improve themselves, everything will fall into place for them.

Q: if you could pick the brain of any musician dead or alive today who would it be and what top 3 questions would you ask them?


– What drives you to be so creative and innovative
– What was the most important thing for you when writing the guitar structure of a song
– What was the secret to that awesome 80’s hair

Nick GK:

Sammy Hagar
– What was the craziest tour of your career from a partying standpoint?
– How many speeding tickets have you gotten out of from ‘Can’t Drive 55’?

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein
– Max bench?

Zakk Wylde
– You have an awesome beard.
– Max bench?

Q: How has music influenced and impacted your life and what is one thing you can thank music for giving you this far?

Nick GK: To me, music has always been a consistent voice in my life, and I have found comfort in that. If you’re going through a hard time, I think there are always songs out there that can bring you comfort and help a person get through what they are struggling with.  Music can be a sort of saving grace to a lot of people in that sense.

Q: Inspire other artists and tell us someone who inspires and motivates you and why?

Mark: Trust me I am far from “making it” but I was 28 when I joined this band and was like “it’s too late I’m too old I should hang it up” and this happened. So, I’d say never give up, never stop playing, and never ever get rid of your gear. And I’m inspired by Jason Richardson every day because he reminds me no matter how good I am there is someone out there who can shred circles around you so PRACTICE!


‘Killing Season’ (Official Video)

Seasons Promo Pic

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Dead Original Bought And Sold Album Art

A chat with Paul Wandtke!
By Stephanie Stevens

Dead Original is from Chicago, IL featuring singer/songwriter Paul Wandtke (ex-Trivium, Rock of Ages) drummer Sean McCole, and bassist Mike Petrasek (Bedlem). Fusing together groove, grunge rock vibes in a straight ahead ‘less is more’ rock destination. Dead Original are on the verge of releasing their debut album on February 26th which contains melodic hooks with lyrics for the tortured soul. The guys are promoting the release of“Bought And Sold” with FREE WORLDWIDE shipping and the album features over 13 tracks written and produced by Dead Original.

The guys have given fans and the music world a sneak peek of some of the tracks on the album with ‘Restrained’, ‘Let It Burn’ and the most recent single ‘Blasted’.

I had a chance to speak with Paul Wandtke about the new record, leaving Trivium and working with fresh musicians in McCole and Petrasek, what they miss about touring and the most fulfilling part of being a musician.

Q: How long did it take you guys to write and record “BOUGHT AND SOLD” and how would you define the overall sound of this new band to fans and the music world just hearing about you?

A: It took about 6 months. It’s pretty straight ahead, you’ll know what Dead Original is about after a verse and chorus of one song. I engineered it at our music studio at The Music Garage in Chicago, IL, using Logic Pro and an Apollo interface. It was literally 3 months after I had left Trivium. I simply didn’t know what else to do, either find another gig or make new music on my own. To be honest I didn’t even know if it was going to work having been a drummer my whole life. But as Dave Grohl says, do it, even if you suck.

Q: You had drummed for Trivium and bassist Mike Petrasek is currently from Bedlem. To fans who don’t know the process of a band member leaving one band to start another, what kind of emotional toll if any goes through you as you start to build and begin with a new foundation of a band?

A: Being in a band is frustrating because one person that isn’t on board 110% can negatively impact a band. You’re literally only as strong as your weakest link.

Q: The album comes out Feb 26th, 2021 and you guys have released a few singles. Did you have certain reasoning why you put out each single when you did and do you feel that the songs build on each other?

A: The release was simply delayed due to the pandemic, so we just kept releasing singles!

Q: I love the harmonies vocally in the newest single ‘BLASTED’. When you guys sit down to write do you find it easier to write lyrics once you have a melody or vice versa and what do you believe is the most important thing about songwriting?

A: As of now, Dead Original was not a collaborative effort for the first album “Bought And Sold”, I literally tracked and wrote it all before finding Mike and Sean. Bedlem however is a collaborative effort, Mike and I exchange vocal melodies and lyrical ideas with Bedlem. That’s more of Mike’s vision lyrically and I support his ideas in Bedlem. Sean is a solo artist he’s a great songwriter on his own too.

Q: ‘LET IT BURN’ was probably the song that made me a fan of the band, I love the grungy gritty aspects with a ton of melody. What for you is the proudest moment of that song and if you could define the meaning of the song in 3 words what would it be?

A: I’m proudest of the fact that it is a slow riff but it’s still kind of energetic. I think we are on the cusp of being a generic band by being so simple, but we somehow pull it off, especially live.

Q: If you could pick the brain of any musician that has left us who would you want to sit down with and just be blessed with their knowledge of the music world?

A: Ray Manzarek from the DOORS because the guy was a genius.

Q: What is the most fulfilling thing for you on a personal level to be able to do this kind of job for a living?

A: Music is freedom whether you’re a fan or an artist of music or both. So, for us, it’s the freedom that we feel we are sharing with people and we love that.

Q: I thought it was sweet your fans were concerned about your video making for some of the singles you did for this album. How did you ease the worries and how did knowing people care that much mean to you?

A: It’s pretty cool. We like being connected like that!

Q: recently a lot of bands and artists are talking about cancel culture and being banned or taken off some media platforms! How do you guys view the likes of some of them taking their career on themselves and your view of the cancelling of some people’s freedom of speech?

A: It’s all just freedom of speech, if you believe in yourself keep on the good fight in whatever you are fighting for.

Q: What is the biggest part of touring that you miss and what do you think is going to be the biggest thing to shake the rust off once you start doing it again?

A: We miss the free vodka backstage, we never realized how expensive alcohol is until this pandemic hit. On a more serious note, we love playing shows and we miss that!

Q Empower other artists and give them a piece of advice?

A: We are living in interesting times. There’s so much knowledge out there! Go study/become a musician!


‘Blasted’ (Official Video)

Dead Original Promo Pic

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Daze Of June – Tainted Blood

Tainted Blood Cover Art

Daze Of June – Tainted Blood
Prime Collective
Release Date: 19/02/2021
Running Time: 43:03
Review by Stephanie Stevens

2021 is coming in extra hard and special for me with the newest addition to my listening arsenal, the Danish Metalcore band Daze Of June. They have taken over my playlist from the gym to my everyday life with the singles they have been dropping from their sophomore release “Tainted Blood” coming to you on 19th February!

The aggressive tones and heavy parts that interact with the melody driven and dynamically clever hooks in the bands new arsenal of songs lays out the most beautiful musical landscape that I have heard in quite some time.

So, like I said, Daze Of June have been dropping some stellar new tracks from the upcoming album and I was introduced to them with the track ‘Hypnos’ which features guest vocals from Courtney LaPlante. ‘Hypnos’ is about having dreams/nightmares that something bad is coming and the song title is actually the name of the Greek god of sleep. The way that Benjamin and Courtney blend the vocal segments is like a conversation that lays out frustration, worry and fear with positive pushes trying to figure out if the thoughts are real or a dream. Musically it surges with heavier attacks and soaring melody driven moments that showcases both the tender and harder attitude the band possesses. Courtney’s female element brings the depth and dimension of the song to the next level and creates one hell of an introduction to the new album.

But just when you thought that was a favourite track, the guys push out newest single ‘Four Knives’, and when the chorus hits…well it takes my breathe away, such impressive melodic tone and yet, within an instant, the guys turn it into this aggressive hard hitter in each verse (check out the riff at 3mins 52 seconds in and you will ultimately get pumped up) that just really mould together the two sides of this talented band. Music that can appeal to the rock fans and the hard ‘n’ heavy music fans.

‘Son’ blesses us with a pretty piano intro and some haunting rock atmosphere. Vocals that take a step up in levels! Another reason why this band is a keeper in my book are the vocals which showcase all avenues in Benjamin’s range and make the album fresh and surprising, waiting to see how he captures each new track. But, even with the slight diversity vocally, it still bleeds, ties and circles you back to bring that signature Daze Of June sound, that makes this breathtaking and unbeatable.

‘Birth Of Memories’ is a track not yet released but it ends the album. It begins with a subtler rock element, not a ballad, but it’s a mix of melodic elements with faster, aggressive attitude throughout. The soaring vocals, harmonies and the overall interlacing sound just ends “Tainted Blood” on a massive level. ‘Hiroshima’ (featuring Keisuke) just hits you with a harsh, heavy and penetrating musical push and delivers vocally with harsh yet melodic vibes, it’s like the connection of thunder and lightning in a rainstorm!

I could go down the line giving props and love to all 9 songs on this album but what truly matters is, Daze Of June are writing music that is like a musical journey with harsh reality and softer areas of melodic truth, enhancing both elements they made popular on their debut album “Heart Of Silver” in 2018. Although this is a review of the band’s new material, I need to insert a small prop to the band’s debut and the songs ‘Shade’ (which has been on constant ration on my playlist), ‘It Stays’ and ‘The Current’, three powerful and diverse tracks from that album.

I am over the moon being informed about Daze Of June and I hope to see them perform and kill these new songs on a live stage very soon. “Tainted Blood” is out on Feb 19th, 2021. For a sneak peek check out all listening platforms for the band’s music, you will not be disappointed. Thank you, guys, for giving us such a diverse record for the present and in the past!!!

01. New Beginnings
02. Four Knives
03. Hypnos (Feat. Courtney LaPlante)
04. Son
05. Nyx
06. Refuse The Light
07. Hiroshima (Feat. Keisuke)
08. Black-Eyed
09. Birth Of Memories

Benjamin Julian Ganzhorn – Vocals
Sylvester Jensen – Guitars
Simon Gessø Hansen – Bass


Daze Of June Promo Pic

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Coming in strong with II COMING
By Stephanie Stevens

A Solid and strong band coming out of NY has just graced my earholes, FACED is turning up the volume with their newest album entitled “II COMING”.

The band is made up of founding members Jordan Simpson on guitar, Paul Burk on bass, Jay Matthews on drums who came together in 2017 and then quickly made Phil Loupin the energy induced singer of the band.

FACED is creating intense and driving elements with “II COMING” and were able to work with masterminds Howie Weinberg (mastering) and Sterling Winfield (mixing) who brought the vision of the band alive and that not only know their craft but have worked with many heavy hitters like Metallica, Pantera. Damage Plan and King Diamond.

‘POWER AND STRENGTH’ is the platform single off the disc and the guys just did a live performance video to display the hard-hitting synergy and fire the track has.

I had a chance to chat with Jordan about the band’s formation, working with people who have worked with his inspirations and much more.

Q: Tell me how FACED came together back in 2017 and how would you define your sound?

A: Me and Jason the drummer was writing and jamming and recording for years. We needed a front man to hold down vocal duties and that’s when we came across Phil. We met him years ago but at that time he was in another band. We crossed paths again and I showed him some stuff we worked on and he put some vocal tracks on some demo and instantly we knew he was the dude. He recruited his friend Steve to play bass on our first CD. On the 2nd one we recruited Paul for bass duties.

Q: From looking at your influences, it ranges from hardcore and punk to hard rock and metal. Two different lifestyles that also fit together. What have you learnt from each other musically when you have a broad sense of music influences in one band?

A: I learned having a frontman allows you to do more. Not just musically but live as well. Stage presence is huge. With Phil he just commands the audience. He entertains the audience which is amazing. We all have so many different types of music that influence us, so we just create this melting pot of metal. As long as we all like it we go for it. We don’t follow trends or what’s popular. We just play music that makes us feel good.

Q: “II COMING” is your newest release and I see you have posted it in entirety to youtube. Was there a reasoning for this and have you guys made actual discs for purchase or are you sticking with the digital age?

A: We just wanted to get it out there. In the middle of the pandemic people are broke and hurting financially wise. Including us. It’s a tough time because usually we play out a lot and sell merch. We truly miss it. But if it was about the money, we would have hung it up a long time ago. Faced is totally about the love of the music. We just want the music to be heard and fly the flag of metal. Carry the torch so to speak. But if someone wants to help out funding the next album, they can buy the album on any major streaming services.

Q: How do you feel your band has grown from your first release to this one and what surprised you about the growth when you all began writing?

A: I feel we have some more groove hardcore elements to the band. Also, there is a ballad on there as well which is new for us The 2nd album was pretty much already writing by me and Jason. Just as the first record. So, coming into the 3rd album we are getting all the guys to throw it into the mix and really get all 4 cylinders moving and we can already see the results and we are very excited about that.

Q: A cool thing with this album is for mixing and mastering you worked with people who have worked with your metal role models. Was that something that was focused on when looking for people or did it just happen by chance?

A: Well, I record all our band’s music at our studio. I tried to mix and master it but me being the perfectionist I am was never happy with my own mixes. The other guys were like yeah it sounds great but sometimes you have to be the bigger man and admit someone can do better. So, I reached out to Sterling Winfield who we have been friends with for a few years and he decided to take us on because I knew he was the dude who could make it come to life. He’s one of the best in the business. He’s worked with everyone from Pantera, Damageplan, Hellyeah to King Diamond. I tried not to fan boy too hard about it and just keep it real, ya know. Cause I’m sure everyone out there drives him nuts with that stuff. So, when we got the final mixes in, we needed to find someone to master it. I decided to call Howie Weinberg and I thought he would just blow me off because he has worked with some of the greatest artists in the world. But to my surprise he was very down to earth and so cool to me. We had some great conversation and decided to make it happen. Yes, this whole experience was a dream come true. But I try to stay humble and not let it get to my head. We are very lucky to have the right people at the right time making us sound the best we can be.

Q: Each studio time are you the type of band that really looks at it as another way to learn something to increase growth? If so, this time around, what do you feel you walked away from after “II COMING” was done?

A: Every day we try to grow in the studio and in the jam room. Always trying to push further ahead. This time when II coming mixed and mastered we felt very proud of this album.

Q: I loved the tracks ‘POWER AND STRENGTH’ and ‘CITIZEN ZERO’. Can you give us a small insight on how these songs came to life and what they mean to you?

A: ‘Power And Strength’ is like the anthem song. Kinda like our version of ‘Eye Of The Tiger’. I could see a boxer or even a wrestler using that song as an entry into the ring. LOL!

As for ‘Citizen Zero’ that was a total experimental song that just grew and grew. Me and Jay just jammed the riffs in the studio and Phil slapped some lyrics on it and Paul added bottom sick low end and boom it was alive.

Q: I heard you guys are dropping a new video. For which song and what kind of video can we look for conceptually with live shots etc and who shot the video for you?

A: The new video, being our first one, is for the song ‘Power And Strength’. It’s a live action shot video of us throwing down on the stage. It’s a mirror of what you would see at a live show, is the best description. It will be on our YouTube channel and our band Facebook page on Dec 1st. It was created by our awesome friend and supporter Nick Dicocco. He reached out to us to do a video and we were all onboard. He is very talented and a great guy.

Q: Back in summer you guys did a really cool livestream for CHROME tell us what that is and why it was important to raise money for it?

A: The Chrome is a great venue here in upstate New York that have treated us like family. So, when we heard they were being put up for sale we asked if there was anything we could do to help. So, a few bands started live-streaming there to help raise money to save the venue.

Q: Being from NY and seeing what kind of chaos has ensued in 2020 especially with the music industry and the community, where do you see this crucial piece of life, that is music, headed in your opinion and if fans can do anything, what would you tell them to do for the community?

A: The music industry is hurting so bad here right now. If people dont start donating to these venues to keep them open it will head to less places for everyone to play out. I know it’s a tough time but please donate to your favourite venues. The Government isn’t doing anything to help them.

Q: What made you decide a life of being a musician was what you wanted to do and has your decision on this changed through the years?

A: We all do this for the Love of the music. No regrets at all. We all eat, breathe and sleep music.

Q: When and if live shows come back to play where is the first place you wanna play and what three bands would you want to play with?

A: At this point anywhere. Just to get back out there and do our thing. We really miss it.

Q: What do you hope people walk away with after getting to know your band and your music?

A: We hope that people will enjoy the music and know we work our ass off to bring you fresh new tunes and albums. We hope they will come out and party with us when we come to town and bring their friends to check us out.

Q: Empower another artist and tell us why they inspire you?

A: To many to count. There are so many artists out there that inspire the whole band. The spectrum of music we all listen to is so wide and varies so many genres. I can speak- for myself (JORDAN) My greatest inspiration on guitar was DIMEBAG!!!! He will inspire me forever. (HAIL THE KING).

The End


Power And Strength (Official Video)

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By Stephanie Stevens

The Chicago based band BELLHEAD Consist of High Bass/Lead Vocalist Ivan Russia, formerly of the infamous Ahab Rex, Mr. Russia, and Sheriff Scabs; partnering with Low Bass/Vocalist Karen Righeimer – who has been a member of bands such as Fashion Bomb, Team Cybergeist, W.O.R.M, Bethany Thomas, and Pigface and are creating a unique, dark and punk quirky ambiance with the music they are making.

With the fire of male and female vocals intertwining with industrial esque music it becomes a unity of beauty and the beast.

‘UNICORN BONES’, the song on the duos newest EP entitled the same, ultimately drew me into the band. It just had a hard and haunting vibe to it that sucked me into the art that is BELLHEAD.

The band just recently did a cover of Bauhaus song SANITY ASSASSIN with a fascinating visual for it also.

Ivan and Karen are no strangers to the Chicago music scene but are making magic together as BELLHEAD.

I recently had a chance to ask them about the newest cover song, remixes and how Chicago has moulded them as performers/artists.

Q: When and how did BELLHEAD come into existence?

Karen: Ivan and I tossed around the idea of doing a project together for quite a few years – but it never stuck because we were both in pretty successful projects and didn’t have time for something new. In 2018 I left my music projects, and Ivan’s band mate moved to the east coast, so it was time to join forces.

Ivan: We had both played in the same band at separate times and got to know each other at shows and the like. I got the bright idea to propose a brand-new project to Karen outside of the bands we were in at the time. Progress was delayed by Karen being in a hit and run.

Q: Being a duo and having worked in other bands, how is it just having two people to throw ideas around versus a full band of different mindsets?

Karen: For me, it’s actually better than being in a multi-person band. When you’re working with up to six different members it can be frustrating coordinating everything from writing a song, scheduling rehearsals, or booking shows. With Ivan, we have similar work ethics and drive so it’s much easier to get things done.

Ivan: it’s a lot like throwing a medicine ball back and forth.

Q: How do you feel Chicago has moulded and sculpted your career as an artist and musician?

Ivan: Chicago has been a historically fickle mistress. Every show you go to there’s a handful of people standing arms crossed with a facial expression that reads “You think you’re hot shit? PROVE IT.” The meritocracy of the music scene has made me strive for nothing short of excellence. We have boundless enthusiasm for the music we are making and we engage with our audience and reward their participation. It feels more like a dialogue between us and the audience then a monologue of just standing on stage.

Q: What was the biggest thing that engaged you into the genre of music you create and perform?

Karen: When we started the band, we never really had an intention to be in a specific genre, or blend genres – we just wanted to make music that was enjoyable for us, and that we hoped people would also like. Ivan and I both have so many influences and music experiences that it just makes sense. You’ll hear aspects of anything from Nine Inch Nails, to Magazine, to Death from Above, to Johnny Cash. It’s actually pretty freeing not to have to be pigeon holed in one specific genre.

Ivan: If ‘Zooropa’ was a genre we would fit right in. Unfortunately, you’d never find us at the end of the search engine, so we pursue whatever excites us on any given song. It all makes sense from the crow’s nest.

Q: I see BELLHEAD keep a good recording and mastering team behind you and you don’t stray to work with others. What is it about them that makes you always go back? Do you feel they are as much a part of the band as you guys?

Karen: We are really grateful to have people behind the glass that are just as passionate about BELLHEAD as we are. Both our recording/mix engineer Neil Strauch (Iron and Wine/Counting Crows/Owls/Joan of Arc/Walking Bicycles/Slow Mass) and mastering engineer Carl Saff (Acid Mothers Temple/Smoking Popes/Red Fang/Guided by Voices) have impeccable talent, and what’s best is that they understand what our vision is, so it is not only easy but enjoyable to work with them. I don’t foresee us straying from our recording team anytime soon.

Q: BELLHEAD just released a killer cover of Bauhaus’s song ‘Sanity Assassin’. What lured you to this particular song by them and what has this band meant to you?

Karen: It was actually fan-requested. Last year Bauhaus announced their tour and as a homage, we decided it would be fun to cover a Bauhaus song. We let the masses suggest what they thought we should do via social media and had an overwhelming response for ‘Sanity Assassin’. Our intention was to really only play the song live once or twice, but due to fan enthusiasm coupled with no shows most of the year, we decided to release it as a single for people to enjoy. We are grateful to our audience. Their likes, comments, shares, messages, enthusiasm at shows, purchases, all the comradery, we are grateful for their feedback.

Q: Was BELLHEAD supposed to tour with Bauhaus also? If so, do you think it will eventually be rescheduled?

A: We were not scheduled to play with Bauhaus (BUT if they are reading this, we’re down for 2021). We’ve had a lot of shows cancelled in 2020 including playing with Birthday Massacre and Sister Kill Cycle. We hope that next year we’ll be able to hit the road and play in front of people again.

Q: You added a huge element to your team with Scott Fedor (Marvel’s Avengers VFX) directing the ‘Sanity Assassin’ video. How did this come about, and did you let him have free reign of the video theme for the song?

Scott Fedor: Please tell them you met me at a Hollywood soiree and after you finally pulled me from the middle of an orgy pile you asked if I’d be interested in helming the project.

Q: Tell me about creating a song and then putting a remix flair to it? Does it take about the same time to do both versions or do you feel one is easier than the other?

Ivan: Remixing our own song like we did with ‘Knife’ for the ‘Knife (Beware The Light)’ remix was about giving the song a different feel more of a club track/dance banger. When we remix other artists it’s mostly keeping the original artist’s vocals and building a new BELLHEAD song around it. In a sense we ask the question “What music would we write for this vocal performance?” Karen will add some bass, keyboards and vocals after I’ve gotten the beat together and various sounds I’ve found interesting for the song. We like to keep the remixes single length. Short and catchy.

Q: What do you hope the music world takes away from your band and music?

Ivan: I hope people enjoy the music as much as we do and have a good time feeling something. We like to see our shirts and stickers in the wild. It lets us know we are touching people’s lives in a positive light. I’m not here to save the whales or tell you who to vote for. I’m here for the music.

Q: Empower another artist and tell us why they inspire you?

Ivan: I play bass in a band called [ m e l t e r ] and they are a creative lot. It’s great to be “just the bass player”. I really enjoy playing the [ m e l t e r ] songs and contributing as requested. I will generally work on BELLHEAD songs during breaks in rehearsal so there’s probably some direct influence in there somewhere. Also, the [ m e l t e r ] remix of the BELLHEAD track ‘Runway’ makes me grin.

Karen: There’s this super talented multi-instrumentalist in Chicago (John Syzmanski). The first time I saw him play was at the Davenport where he went from playing the drums, to the bass, to the fucking SAW- like bending a wood saw on his knee and using a bow to make sounds. He’s in a ton of projects but has settled in really well with John Langford these days. Don’t tell him that I said he’s one of my major inspirations.

The End


‘Unicorn Bones’ (Official Video)

‘Sanity Assassin’ – Bauhaus Cover (Official Video)

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Brings You New Life With REVOLUTION RISING
By Stephanie Stevens

Always seeking to evolve
Always seeking to empower
Always seeking to unite.

The amazing force that SILENCE EQUALS DEATH has within the hardcore scene is purely amazing. From powerful lyrics to crushing music, the feelings of raw nature saturate hardcore and makes it one of the best genres of music. SED hail from NJ and bring to you a unique fashion of aggressiveness with melodic undertones and to me have become a notable force to be reckoned with.

With the release of the band’s newest EP “REVOLUTION RISING” you can see the undeniable growth, maturity and excitement they had for writing these songs. Lyrically it bleeds with real talk, the driving hard riffs and that energy induced vibe they capture so well is on a new level. Take an earful of ‘SWITCH’ or ‘PLAGUE’, two of my favourites, and tell me if you get the same warm feeling!

I recently had a chance to chat with some of the guys and got more details into the new songs, working with producers, how they liked a livestream and much more.

Q: You guys have always had albums n songs that capture reality driven storylines be it personal or life around you. 2020 has had a lot to write about. Did any of the impact of 2020 go into this new EP “REVOLUTION RISING”?

Scott: The song ‘Revolution Rising’ was actually written prior to the riots and protests. However, it was clear the country was on the brink so that’s what fuelled the idea. ‘Traitor’ is about Trump plain and simple. ‘Switch’ and ‘No More Ashes’ deal with life’s frustrations, which we can all relate to. ‘Pass The Torch’ is a nod to the young people coming up in the scene. We feel it’s up to them to keep it going and some old dogs tend to look down on the youth. We say, take em by the hand and show them the way so this thing we call Hardcore can live on for generations to come.

Wade: Most of our music has been written pre-2020. although, I could say most of the material definitely relates to most of what’s going on this year. Especially with the injustices of our government and the abuse of authority, our EP seems like it was written just a month prior to release. The only impact 2020 really had was it gave us the chance to really focus on what we put into the EP. We had more time to discuss how we wanted it to sound. So, it was more of a blessing in an ironic way more so.

Q: It’s been a few years since you released any new stuff. Do you think taking time, you guys came back with a renewed motivation musically and do you see growth in yourselves as musicians?

Scott: We’ve done a few singles for comps here and there, but it really felt good for the 5 of us to sit down and hash out some new material.

Ryan: We’ve been working on material since our last proper release “End Times”. We went through a number of line-up changes. “Revolution Rising” is the result of contributions from both past and present members.

Wade: To say the least, it was a long time coming. The reason we don’t push out content as much as we would like is because we get very picky on how we write our music. Scott and I usually go back and forth on what we want as far as composition, but we always manage to get the best results when we do. So, for us it takes time. Not necessarily because of the writing as much as how we want the whole picture to be viewed.

Q: SILENCE EQUALS DEATH is in a genre of music that pretty much is family and brotherhood. Do you feel the scene is even tighter these days or do you see a change in the scene?

Scott: Personally, I feel like there is a lot of unity within the scene. The majority of people involved in HC really look out for one another which is evident by the way we rally around those in need That’s not to say it’s perfect, but what family dynamic is? As a band we try to treat everyone we encounter with the same respect we expect in return. Fans of the band are not just fans but also friends. Band members are not above anyone in the crowd in my opinion. I feel like anyone who loses that connection, loses what makes this scene so special, thus losing a bit of that unified feeling.

Wade: I have only been in the scene since I’ve started working with SED. I have played in multiple genres all my life. I can say, I’ve never felt more at home than with the HC scene. I’ve never been accepted so quick. No one cares about how you dress, what you listen to. This scene has always accepted me for me. I don’t need to pretend. So that right there should explain just how amazing and family oriented our scene is.

Q: Let’s talk about the song ‘PLAGUE’. Probably my favourite track on the disc from the guitar solo, the breakdowns and the signature upbeat high impact sound you guys have. Can you tell the world how the song came to see the light of day?

Scott: The song was originally written for the Patient Zero Records split 7″, “Spreading The Infection”. We’re always looking to expand our creativity and for ‘Plague’ we wanted to explore the more thrashy side. The song evolved over the past couple years, so we decided to update it and include it on the new EP. Lyrically it deals with organized religion. Although we are not a bunch of religious guys, we do respect others freedom of belief. With that said, my personal view of organized religion is basically different sects twisting the words of books to control its followers. The true Plague on our society is the mind control and manipulation most organized religions impose.

Q: 2020 also put the music world on hold. But you guys just recently did a livestream. How did that go and how did it feel having a show but not having the energy of the crowd?

Scott: For me it was the excitement of seeing the hundreds of people signing up to watch it beforehand. Knowing they were out there all around the globe was awesome.

Ryan: It was fun getting in the room with the guys again and performing. We wanted to make it special, so we purposely scheduled it the same day as our EP release. I immediately thought of backroom studios given their rich history and how they’ve done a number of successful livestreams already. The experience was organic, and we had a great time doing it.

Wade: it was the first time I didn’t have to picture the crowd naked in order to get comfortable playing. I usually go through these anxious episodes before playing. So being excluded from a crowd was easier on the anxiety but harder on the heart.

Q: How did you guys go about recording this EP were you able to get together, studio wise, or was this a home created EP?

Wade: We tracked all instruments in my studio and Scott tracked vocals at his. I then went in and did the editing and we sent it off to my friend Doug Gallo at AGL sounds and he took over from there. I can’t thank him enough for pouring his heart and soul into making sure we got exactly how we wanted it to sound.

Ryan: Yeah, Wade really stepped up and did a fantastic job tracking and editing. Once Doug put his magic touch on it, it really brought the songs to life.

Q: When it comes to producers do you stick close to home with people you’ve worked with before or do you like to branch out and test new waters?

Ryan: We like to branch out and try something new with every release. When we chose Doug to mix/master we recognized that he hadn’t worked with a lot of hardcore bands in the past, but we didn’t care. The quality and care Doug puts forth with all his projects was enough for us to trust him with our songs. Doug did not disappoint. He brought a fresh ear to the table and we couldn’t be more proud of the end result.

Wade: I have to agree with Ryan on this one.

Q: Music in every genre is life for so many people. What do you think it is about music that can be so powerful to people?

Scott: For me it’s the pouring out of emotions. Topical songs are cool, but when you can really relate to what someone is saying and understand what, is often their frustration/pain, that’s priceless.

Wade: I have to agree, it’s all about emotion, plain and simple. You want to connect with something. For some, they have family, friends, etc. For most, they only have relations from sound. I have had bands save me through some dark times. You can’t get a feeling of emotion stronger than from music.

Q: Empower another artist and tell us someone you look up to and why?

Wade: One person I’ve always looked up to is Yoni Wolf from “Why?”. Although, he is the complete opposite end of the spectrum. He has shown me there is more to music than just guitar, bass, and drums. He has written music so abstract but befitting to the average listener’s ear. Opened a whole new way of thinking. Especially when it comes to producing. Another person would be Alexis S.F. Marshall. Him and his band also have shown me there is more you can do with empty space than just hitting power chords. He also takes risks. He doesn’t care what people want. He creates what he wants. I’m all about that. Last but not least, Drew Stone. That man seriously amazes me with how much he dedicates to the scene. He has shown a whole world of hardcore to younger crowds. If hardcore is dying, Drew Stone can single-handedly save it from failing.

The End


Silence Equals Death – Livestream at Backroom Studios (13th November.2020)

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Waking up the rock world with MONSTERS & MACHINES
By Stephanie Stevens

The Tennessee band AWAKEN brings you a solid plethora of rock n roll ambiance with the music they have created since the band’s formation. An Alternative/Hard Rock destiny for music fans where powerful melodies intercept with hard hitting moments and emotionally enlighten you with provoking lyrical material.

The band: Chad Griffin – vocals, Dustin Simpson – guitar, Chase “Sludge” Reagan – bass and Jimi Wilkins – drums are gearing to make 2021 their year with the release of the newest album “MONSTERS & MACHINES”. Joining up with INgrooves and TLG Entertainment the band is focusing on music diversity and have made an album that is fresh and manoeuvres you down different paths of Rock n Roll throughout the disc. The singles that have been a platform for this album show the ability the band has to shine with difference but always embracing the signature sound that is AWAKEN.

From my favourites ‘BEHEMOTH’ and ‘STAINED GLASS’ to ‘THE VEIL’ the guys engage you with melody driven power and hard-hitting jolts of guitar driven atmospheres but also slide in modern hits of synthy dark ambiance and beautifully electrifying vocal moments.

AWAKEN is ready to set the rock world on fire with “MONSTERS & MACHINES”.

I had a chance to ask vocalist Chad Griffin a few questions about the new music, self-producing, working with Trevor McNevan from Thousand Foot Krutch and three fun facts about the band.

Q: AWAKEN has been around for some time now and has really become a staple in the rock community, as I’ll get into in this interview, but when and how did you guys all come together and what is the biggest asset each member brings to the band?

Chad Griffin: Thank you, yes it has been quite a while. Longer for some of us than others. Dustin and I have been writing together for years with different people before running into Jimmy then Chase. Both playing in different bands themselves. We hooked up with Jimmy in 2012 before the recording of our first record and went straight into the studio for “Broken Circle”. The writing for that record was basically a compilation of songs we had written for a previous band. We became Awaken, put out that album, then hit the road. We ended up touring with The Protest many times which Chase was a part of. That’s how we met him. Through a domino effect of things that took place, he ended up parting ways with them to take care of his new baby. We later ended up calling him when we lost our bass player. The connection was instant.

Q: Your new album MONSTERS & MACHINES is coming. Did you push the release to 2021 because of the chaos of 2020 or was this just a set thing and how was it preparing and finishing a product during a year like this?

Chad Griffin: Yes, the record was pushed back due to our new connection with The Label Group and INgrooves. It was a mutual decision with everyone involved to start fresh in the new year after some chaos clears. It also gave us some time to add in a few tweaks and actually add a new track that wouldn’t have made the record in time. It will be a 12-track record. The whole process was quick and fun. Covid closed down a lot of things so it helped us get in the studio and focus on what we wanted to do.

Q: You released ‘STAINED GLASS’ and with this song you found clarity in the band’s sound. What was the turning point that you had, Was it a missing piece in creation?

Chad Griffin: We feel that song is a good reflection of our sound. That is more along the lines of songs that we like to write, that we feel is kind of the foundation of our sound…with the calmer verses and heavy driving choruses and hooks. That was actually a remake of a song we had back with our original group, so it has a sort of sentimental feel to it that brings us back to our roots.

Q: A newer track you dropped was ‘THE VEIL’ can you tell us your lyrical approach to this song and what inspires you as a lyric writer?

Chad Griffin: Honestly, that one is kind of a take on a lot of what is going on today. It’s hard to tell what is real anymore. You can hardly trust anything you hear, and people have trouble being real. It seems sometimes like people walk around living a front or a facade instead of being themselves. I actually have had those lyrics for over a decade, ha. I just took it and modernized it, and changed it up a bit. It was one of the newest songs added to the record, music-wise.

Q: One song off the new album that really brought focus to the band was ‘BEHEMOTH’. I really loved how it was a diverse sound more so than other tracks you guys released. How much do you strive to have complete diversity when going into writing a full-length?

Chad Griffin: That was always the track I wanted to be the first impression of this record. It was one of the first 4 tracks we had in the demo sessions and we knew it was a standout. We do put a lot of focus on the tracks being different than each other. We don’t ever want to put out an album that sounds like one long track. We like to have a little bit of everything. This is actually the most diverse record I think we have done. That’s one reason we are so happy with it. There is a lot of both worlds on this album when it comes to heavy and melodic.

Q: Back in the day, with your debut album, you had the ability to work with Trevor McNevan from Thousand Foot Krutch on the song ‘FATHOM’. How did you get that collab worked out and what was the biggest thing you walked away with after working with him?

Chad Griffin: We were playing a venue near where he lived, and he came in to check out the bands and just enjoy his time off. We spotted him in the crowd and he came out back when we were loading. We just let him listen to some of our songs and he loved it. Said he’d love to help us out and collaborate. He was honestly an inspiration. Always full of talent and positive energy. He was honestly one of the coolest people still that we have ever run into since doing this.

Q: You guys seem very at home writing music do you ever get roadblocks and what would be your best advice for when that happens?

Chad Griffin: We are so used to each other from writing together for so long. It honestly just comes naturally. I have to say we are pretty blessed with that end of it and can’t complain. I’m sure the blocks have come a few times, just like with anyone, but they really don’t stick around long. We are always able to work through it and make it happen.

Q: Taking songs you have written and bringing them to an acoustic setting. Is it an easy process or is it like re-writing a song? And how much emotional value changes for you to perform it?

Chad Griffin: I’m a huge fan of the chilled out acoustic stuff. It really lets us play around with different arrangements of the songs. I love getting to go in wondering how it will turn out and hearing some of our heavier music have different versions like that. It does naturally feel more passionate at times. I do love rocking out and singing over the louder music, but it is honestly cool to get to sit down and make it something different.

Q: Being from Tennessee I am sure you are always finding people who inspire and help you learn more in the music community. How do you view your community and what do you believe your band has given to others in the community?

Chad Griffin: We are a split band as far as where we are all from. I love my community and we have a really cool regional radio show and awesome DJ that really helps get exposure for bands around the area. We have festivals and a few good venues. It is cool being so close to Nashville as well. I hope to be an inspiration to younger bands in the area and show them if they can stick it out and just keep writing together some cool things can happen. There are many different styles and forms of rock music played around our town, regardless of it being stereotyped as such a country stronghold.

Q: What is the biggest difference between self-producing your work vs finding someone to do it and what do you honestly prefer?

Chad Griffin: We loved our time going to Travis Wyrick for our first record and the experience we had there. We learned a lot and loved how it turned out. We would love to eventually get to work with another producer in the future but honestly, we prefer doing our own thing. We love getting together during our own time and have the freedom we’ve been able to have. We learn new things each record on how to perfect certain elements and have fun with it. We don’t really know what we will do or where we will go for the next, but we’ve enjoyed doing these last 3 ourselves.

Q: If you can get out and tour in 2021 is there one band you would be honoured to go out with?

Chad Griffin: We would love to reconnect with The Protest. It would be like hanging out with our brothers again and let Chase get to hang with old bandmates. There are several bands we wouldn’t mind playing with, but as far as staying around on the road…they stay at the top of the list for us.

Q: What venue do you miss playing at most and why?

Chad Griffin: To keep it short and sweet…any ha. We aren’t picky at this point. We just miss playing. We miss them all.

Q: 3 facts about your band that have nothing to do with music?

Chad Griffin: -We love God, we are far from perfect, but strive to be better for him and closer to him each day, we love discussing current events, politics, and sending memes back and forth on a daily in group message and we love Mexican food!

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‘The Veil’ (Official Lyric Video)

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