Dying Light – Far From Life

Far From Life Album Cover Art

Dying Light – Far From Life
Release Date: 28/01/22
Running Time: 43:01
Review by Simon Black

Dying Light are a new act out of New Jersey, but in fact represents a new project from a clearly very experienced group of musicians. You can always tell when this happens, as many self-produced first albums from less experienced players often leave a lot to be desired in the production department, but older hands know what sounds good and understand the importance of a focus in quality in that department. That shines through loud and clear here, as the production is loud, lavish and with a lovely fat well-rounded feel to them, that leaves every instrument clear to the ear whilst creating a cohesive band sound, which quite frankly tells me that producer Charlie Berezansky not only knows his onions, but knows when to add garlic to boot.

Musically this is nodding in lots of directions, with elements of Stoner Groove particularly in the vocal department, but weaving in and out of a solid Melodic Metal/ Traditional Metal base. What it most definitely has, is oodles and oodles of heaviness and some really moody melodies that create an almost Gothic atmosphere at times. If reading this you think that sounds a bit of an eclectic mix, then you would be right, because when an act forges a sound that’s uniquely their own, then old hacks like me struggle often to pin them down stylistically – until someone uses them as an example of something new and christens them with their own sub-genre. I’m not sure that Dying Light need that yet, but what they do deliver is well-crafted songs pulling together a number of stylistic influences without sounding derivative. What’s best is that whilst not sounding like they are bristling with overt technical pizazz many of these songs are actually quite the reverse, because as any band will tell you it’s a lot harder to play slower than faster.

I love the down and dirty guitar interplay from Jim Haldenwang and Doug Edwards because it’s weaving at its best and it allows Jeff Ross’s haunting and moody vocals the space to keep you focussed. His voice has a lovely rich timbre and this is clearly a man who knows how to use his phrasing and emphasis charismatically. The only downside to the record I can really hang a hat on is that the tone and pace does not very too much throughout, with minor keys dominating throughout. But the album doesn’t overstay its welcome so this is not really an issue, and with all that experience ensuring a good sense of structure persist it’s really only a minor quibble. Heavy, moody, catchy and well-crafted, this is a really promising starting step.

01. The Cycle
02. Parasite
03. Far From Life
04. Walk Away
05. Darker Fear
06. Cry Out
07. Mercy
08. Follow You
09. The Season
10. Sweet Death
11. Dead Inside

Jeff Ross – Vocals
Jim Haldenwang – Guitar
Doug Edwards – Guitar
Chris Fritz – Bass and Backing Vocals
Shaun Dilliplane – Drums


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