Daze Of June – Tainted Blood

Tainted Blood Cover Art

Daze Of June – Tainted Blood
Prime Collective
Release Date: 19/02/2021
Running Time: 43:03
Review by Stephanie Stevens

2021 is coming in extra hard and special for me with the newest addition to my listening arsenal, the Danish Metalcore band Daze Of June. They have taken over my playlist from the gym to my everyday life with the singles they have been dropping from their sophomore release “Tainted Blood” coming to you on 19th February!

The aggressive tones and heavy parts that interact with the melody driven and dynamically clever hooks in the bands new arsenal of songs lays out the most beautiful musical landscape that I have heard in quite some time.

So, like I said, Daze Of June have been dropping some stellar new tracks from the upcoming album and I was introduced to them with the track ‘Hypnos’ which features guest vocals from Courtney LaPlante. ‘Hypnos’ is about having dreams/nightmares that something bad is coming and the song title is actually the name of the Greek god of sleep. The way that Benjamin and Courtney blend the vocal segments is like a conversation that lays out frustration, worry and fear with positive pushes trying to figure out if the thoughts are real or a dream. Musically it surges with heavier attacks and soaring melody driven moments that showcases both the tender and harder attitude the band possesses. Courtney’s female element brings the depth and dimension of the song to the next level and creates one hell of an introduction to the new album.

But just when you thought that was a favourite track, the guys push out newest single ‘Four Knives’, and when the chorus hits…well it takes my breathe away, such impressive melodic tone and yet, within an instant, the guys turn it into this aggressive hard hitter in each verse (check out the riff at 3mins 52 seconds in and you will ultimately get pumped up) that just really mould together the two sides of this talented band. Music that can appeal to the rock fans and the hard ‘n’ heavy music fans.

‘Son’ blesses us with a pretty piano intro and some haunting rock atmosphere. Vocals that take a step up in levels! Another reason why this band is a keeper in my book are the vocals which showcase all avenues in Benjamin’s range and make the album fresh and surprising, waiting to see how he captures each new track. But, even with the slight diversity vocally, it still bleeds, ties and circles you back to bring that signature Daze Of June sound, that makes this breathtaking and unbeatable.

‘Birth Of Memories’ is a track not yet released but it ends the album. It begins with a subtler rock element, not a ballad, but it’s a mix of melodic elements with faster, aggressive attitude throughout. The soaring vocals, harmonies and the overall interlacing sound just ends “Tainted Blood” on a massive level. ‘Hiroshima’ (featuring Keisuke) just hits you with a harsh, heavy and penetrating musical push and delivers vocally with harsh yet melodic vibes, it’s like the connection of thunder and lightning in a rainstorm!

I could go down the line giving props and love to all 9 songs on this album but what truly matters is, Daze Of June are writing music that is like a musical journey with harsh reality and softer areas of melodic truth, enhancing both elements they made popular on their debut album “Heart Of Silver” in 2018. Although this is a review of the band’s new material, I need to insert a small prop to the band’s debut and the songs ‘Shade’ (which has been on constant ration on my playlist), ‘It Stays’ and ‘The Current’, three powerful and diverse tracks from that album.

I am over the moon being informed about Daze Of June and I hope to see them perform and kill these new songs on a live stage very soon. “Tainted Blood” is out on Feb 19th, 2021. For a sneak peek check out all listening platforms for the band’s music, you will not be disappointed. Thank you, guys, for giving us such a diverse record for the present and in the past!!!

01. New Beginnings
02. Four Knives
03. Hypnos (Feat. Courtney LaPlante)
04. Son
05. Nyx
06. Refuse The Light
07. Hiroshima (Feat. Keisuke)
08. Black-Eyed
09. Birth Of Memories

Benjamin Julian Ganzhorn – Vocals
Sylvester Jensen – Guitars
Simon Gessø Hansen – Bass


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