Suicide Silence – Remember…You Must Die

Remember…You Must Die Album Cover Art

Suicide Silence – Remember…You Must Die
Century Media
Release Date: 10/03/23
Running Time: 40:00
Review by Rory Bentley

Today we’ll be looking at one of the big boy releases of the 2023 Metal calendar from returning Deathcore legends Suicide Silence. Deathcore has undergone an unlikely and remarkable resurgence in recent years, going from a redundant genre seemingly on its last legs to something at the very forefront of modern heavy music. White Chapel have evolved into genre-splicing critical darlings, Lorna Shore are poised for mega-stardom and Shadow of Intent have brought a classical, cinematic finesse to accompany the beatdowns and pig squeals of old. During this period onetime scene leaders and pioneers Suicide Silence have had to deal with some frankly ridiculous backlash for their ambitious but flawed self-titled effort that in turn lead to them serving up an incredibly uninspiring SS-by-numbers follow up that made me feel very sad that a once great force was beginning to tread water.

Now that the dust is settled, and Deathcore is thriving again, this latest release gives a better idea of how the band will move forward and more importantly answers the question of whether they are still relevant in a genre that seemed to some to have moved on without them. I won’t keep you in suspense, I am very happy to confirm that there’s life in the old dogs yet. 

In a landscape where their peers are leaning ever further towards the grandiose and ornate, Suicide Silence have produced an album that essentially proves that they’re still the best at kicking the shit out of you with disgusting riffs, absurd beatdowns and absolutely vile vocals. Is there room for further growth? Yes plenty, but this is definitely a big step in the right direction.

The most immediate distinction from predecessor “Become The Hunter” is a much more raw and nasty production job, courtesy of Taylor Young, which recalls the halcyon days of the disgusting breakthrough “The Cleansing”. ‘You Must Die’ sees the band sounding positively feral in a way that sets them apart nicely from many of their more slick-sounding peers.

Eddie Hermida is also a big beneficiary of Young’s dedication to studio violence, sounding more fired up than he has in years as those paint stripping shrieks and bowel-loosening gutturals remind everyone why he is one of the best screamers in the game. Unlike many I enjoyed his unhinged croons on the self-titled album and it’s a shame to hear this side of his voice barely get a look in, but it’s hard to be mad when he’s busting a blood vessel at the end of the barbaric ‘Capable of Violence (N.F.W.)’.

Another strength of the record is the return of the band’s distorted version of personal empowerment. Despite the macabre surface-level lyrical themes of the likes of ‘Dying Life’ and the fantastically titled ‘Fucked Forever’, the classic Hardcore themes of backing yourself and living life to the full shine through beneath the grim wordplay.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a great time with this album, but I do still yearn for the band that used to lead the way for the genre, with final track ‘Full Void’ and its more measured build up and stunning lead work representing the only real experimentation to speak of here. If a new band dropped this record I’d be jumping for joy, but I hold these guys to a higher standard.

Nonetheless this is a definite righting of the ship and a thoroughly satisfying listen but I’ll be expecting a lot more from the next album if the band are to recapture “The Black Crown” of Deathcore.

‘Alter Of Self’ Official Video 

01. Remember…
02. You Must Die
03. Capable of Violence (N.F.W.)
04. Fucked For Life
05. Kill Forever
06. God Be Damned
07. Altar of Self
08. Endless Dark
09. The Third Death
10. Be Deceived 
11. Dying Life
12. Full Void

Chris Garza – guitar
Mark Heylmun – guitar
Eddie Hermida – vocals
Ernie Iniguez – drums
Dan Kenny – bass


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Voluntary Mortification – Suffer to Rise

Suffer To Rise Album Cover Art

Voluntary Mortification – Suffer to Rise
Rottweiler Records
Release Date: 22/07/2022
Running Time: 42:11
Review by Alex Swift

The term “Christian Deathcore” seems to be somewhat of a contradiction. No matter how passionate bands are about it, it seems strange for devout Christians to use their craft to preach the gospel in a medium that is so frequently assumed to be the antithesis of their beliefs.  And sure, we can guffaw at Christian rock’s many embarrassing moments – I’ve been known to do that myself, but our beliefs alone shouldn’t let us ignore some of the intriguing work in the genre. Metal details voyages through hell, serving as a rallying cry for all those clawing their way from the shadows  – in that sense, applying a frame of reference informed by the teachings of Christ need not be a negative. 

With their debut, Voluntary Mortification have accomplished exactly that. A concept album that uses nine tracks of savage cruelty to depict the protagonist Paul’s descent into the torments of hell and their eventual redemption. It’s a solid narrative that supports a fine Deathcore effort. ‘Death Tremors’, a pulsing, groove-laden mass of unashamed metal, kicks “Suffer to Rise” off. 

Here, the five-piece skilfully combine traditional death metal with a more aggressive offering for a final result that will drag you kicking and screaming into to the world they’ve created. ‘Vindicator’ contains a part that would rival practically anyone in terms of brutality. Beginning on a  thunderclap of guitars and percussion, the piece later slows to an agonising, glacial beat. In the end, a  final volley of scorching chords and screamed vocals come in as you struggle to gather your destroyed remnants.

The album’s second half has some excellent tracks, including the punishing ‘Abomination’, and the album’s closing track, ‘Crush the Serpent’s Head’, which ends the record in brilliantly violent fashion. You’ll feel captivated and liberated by this song as they viciously treat each riff like their sharpening a blade, before slowing the piece to a gigantic, lumbering stomp, and leaving us with a long, cathartic roar.

Noticeably though, there are some issues in the vocal delivery. Although the highs of the vocalist Conner are rather impressive, his lows are somewhat weak. The issue becomes less noticeable  as the album progresses, such as on ‘The Cull’, which is just an all-around and absolute destroyer. Make no mistake, the ferocity of his highs rattle you to your bones, and his range does save this record to some extent. However, it’s for the weakness in the lower register that I’m taken out of the experience slightly. 

“Suffer To Rise”, as a whole, is a compelling narrative that is sufficiently well-told without particularly breaking new musical ground. Regardless of whether you agree with the bands religious beliefs, their music is compelling enough to demand a listen just for how vicious it can be.

‘Death Tremors’ Official Lyric Video

01. Wages Of Sin
02. Death Tremor
03. Vindicator
04. Valley of Slaughter
05. Silence
06. Demoncratic Society
07. The Cull
08. Abomination
09. Suffer to Rise
10. Into Your Hands
11. Crush The Serpent’s Head 

Conner – Vocals
Eric – Bass
Matt – Guitar
Jacob – Guitar
Johnny – Drums


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