Brutal Fest Carnival – Toinha Brasil Show – Brasília, Brazil

Brutal Fest Carnival Poster

Brutal Fest Carnival
Krisiun, Vazio, DFC, Fleshpyre
Toinha Brasil Show – Brasília, Brazil
Live Review by Victor Augusto

It was Saturday night when half of the regular Brazilian people were celebrating one of the most famous holidays in Brazil which is Carnival. But there were a few crazy guys, called MetalHeads, that preferred to avoid these bad parties and they went to see one of the greatest Heavy Metal bands from their country, the mighty Krisiun. 

To make this Heavy Metal party even better, the event received two bands from Brasília. The Death Metal band Fleshpyre, also the legendary Hardcore band DFC. The last opening band was the incredible Black Metal band Vazio, from the city of São Paulo (Brazil). 

I hope you enjoy this video review of the show as much as our reviewer Victor enjoyed being there. 







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