Gypsy’s Kiss – 74

74 Album Cover Art

Gypsy’s Kiss – 74
Vole Records
Release Date: 30/06/2021
Running Time: 54:24
Review by Dawn Smith

When we think of Iron Maiden, we generally think of one of the biggest bands in the history of metal. But the Iron Maiden story started with a little-known band called Influence, who later changed its name to Gypsy’s Kiss.

Originally formed back in 1973 by Steve Harris (Iron Maiden founder and bass player) and David Smith, when the two lived within a short distance of each other, in East London. With a mutual love of West Ham United and progressive rock the two formed a band, along with Paul Sears on drums and Bob Verschoyle on vocals.

However, the band was to be short-lived as, despite playing prestigious venues such as The Cart And Horses in Stratford (later to become known as the birthplace of Iron Maiden) and The Bridge House in Canning Town, the band called it quits in 1975.

After being asked numerous times to reform, the band agreed to play at Burrfest in March 2018. Although this was meant to be a one-off gig, two more followed and “overwhelmed and motivated by the worldwide support from the Iron Maiden fan community” David decided to keep going and Gypsy’s Kiss was a real band once more.

“74” is the band’s debut full-length album, after the release of their EP “Heat Crazed Vole And Other Tails” in 2019.

First thing to note about this album is that is it NOT, and I repeat NOT, an Iron Maiden album, so if you are expecting galloping riffs and in your face drums, then this is not the album for you.

This album seems, to me, to have taken its influence from the NWOBHM era of Rock/Metal and, although this is not a genre, I am particularly a big fan of, I am glad the band went in this direction, and didn’t just hold on to the coat tails of Iron Maiden.

This is a solid Rock album with some great tracks, my favourite being ‘Gone For Good’. There is nothing new, musically, on “74” and I am sure there are a few blinkered people that will say it has all been done before, and maybe it has, but is there something wrong with a band sticking to its roots? I certainly don’t think so.

Will I buy an album from these guys in the future? Yes, I will. Will I go to see them live? Again, yes, I will. I would like to see them leave the whole “Iron Maiden” thing behind them but with the accompanying tour called “The Maiden Prequel UK Tour 2021” I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon!

01. Take Me Down
02. Gone For Good
03. Better Than Me
04. My Own Holy Grail
05. Smoke And Mirrors
06. Nothing To Say
07. Traveller
08. Arabesque
09. The Man For All Seasons

David Smith – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jonathan Morley – Guitars, Vocals
Fraser Marr – Guitars
Ross Hunter – Keys, Vocals
Robin Gatcum – Bass, Vocals
Stuart Emms – Drums


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