Vulgore – Renegade

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Vulgore – Renegade
Roasted by Rob Sutton

Born in the city of Stoke, (well hardly a city as it has no cathedral, more like an amalgamation of towns to create a shitty city) is the band Vulgore. Let’s start with their millennial metalhead inspired logo; we have silver with blood on it, so original. What’s next, baggy trousers with too many dog chains on or badly drawn make up? Well continuing with the 00’s theme one of them does in fact have black make up on, it’s almost as if this image has aged about as well as Amy Winehouse in her 30’s. Now these guys seem to have done fairly well in their short time being a band, most notably playing Bloodstock (probably because they had blood on their logo) and being managed by Unearthed. I mean how did Unearthed find these guys? Was it a drunken night in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, where everything was a bit hazy, or were they spiked by the slightly intimidating drummer? Either way this has worked really well for Vulgore as they are continually playing opening slots around the country to a handful of desperate metalheads. Good going guys!

Right onto the actual song, first off, where was this recorded in? Their mum’s basement? The amount of reverb on the vocals is clearly showing that he can’t actually do any kind of metal vocals and is just masking this by using the age-old black metal trick of echo. Yeah, there isn’t any black metal here so don’t get excited. If you want to get excited about decent metal just keep driving along the M6 and avoid the Stoke junction. I’m pretty sure one of these guitars is actually out of tune, genuinely sounds like the horrible groan your car gives you as your clutch starts to fail. Tinnitus is better. For once in one of these roasts it actually sounds like the drums have been recorded live albeit, with the practice pads still on, but hey… kudos. So lyrically ‘Renegades’ starts with a load of words thrown together just because they rhyme – congratulations on passing your primary school poetry class, lads! In fairness the words are fairly complex for a group of teenagers that clearly needed a support worker. There is a lot of talk about dying for freedom and justice. Freedom from Hanley, Burslem, Stoke in general, c’mon I want to know which one! Justice would have not having this song circulating on my YouTube for the past hour while I have to write this. 

Credit where credit is due here though, I can actually hear a bassist, not like it matters.

Disclaimer: All the above does not represent my actual thoughts towards Vulgore and this was done with the full consent of the band. In fact they are a lovely bunch of lads who have even played gigs for us… Though I don’t remember agreeing to this, funny as I only recall having one pint, but I can’t remember anything… blasted drummer! 

Who am I kidding myself this is just death metal done by the special education class!

I thank you… Duck!

‘Renegade’ Official Lyric Video


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