Gates To The Morning – Walk Between Worlds

Walk Between Worlds Album Cover Art

Gates To The Morning – Walk Between Worlds
Release Date: 22/07/2022
Running Time: 42:57
Review By Alex Swift

New Jersey-based trio Gates To The Morning, the project of multi-instrumentalist Sean Meyers, plays an atmospheric form of progressive black metal, and their most recent release, “Walk Between Worlds” is the subject here today. 

Opener ‘King Obscure’ is comprised of clear guitars and tense background ambience. The light background parts fade away as the piano enters, leaving us with an endearing and melancholic tone. Next, ‘Piscean Daydream’, begins with more clean guitars and soothing background tones. Tom’s drums maintain a constant presence as the song progresses. Clean vocals and upbeat, optimistic guitar chords open ‘Moon in the Mid-Day Sky’,  the layered  lead guitar work wonderfully complementing the songs cerebral nature. 

‘Paradigms Fall’ begins in a quiet, peaceful manner. The vocal harmonies are seductive,   transporting you to far-off realms that you can only imagine, the soothing music, helping you put your troubles out of your mind. ‘Sacrament’ has a poignant presentation with a number of components that eloquently complement one another. A gloomy tune with vocals that sound ritualistic, ‘Chapel Perilous’ gives you the impression that you are being punished for the faults you have done in life. 

This is followed by ‘Chasing Shadows’, which moves like a dancer who has memorized their routine. Nothing goes wrong, nothing is made wrong, and everything seems planned. This transitions into ‘Terra Incognita’, which features beautiful vocal harmonies. The piano led ‘Return to Earth’ is quite charming with the beautiful  poetics and skilful ebb and flow. Finally, we come to the last song, ‘Fortress’, which begins with a funk-laden groove. As the song progresses, layers grow and swing to the music, slowly enveloping and swallowing you in the serene tones.

Great music should provoke thought and challenge your preconceptions. The album’s ability to walk the tightrope between hope and despair was one of the things that challenged me. The majority of the tones were atmospheric, but there were murky parts in the background that occasionally reared their head. Through this combination, “Walk Between Worlds” delivers a diverse and intriguing listening experience.

‘Paradigms Fall’ Official Video 

01. King Obscure
02. Piscean Daydream 
03. Moon In the Mid-Day Sky
04. Paradigms Fall
05. Sacrament
06. Chapel Perilous
07. Chasing Shadows
08. Terra Incognita
09. Return To Earth
10. Fortress

Sean Meyers – All instruments and vocals
MPMD – All instruments and Engineering/Mixing
Jon Salluce – All instruments


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