Dark Juan’s Top Ten Releases Of 2020

Dark Juan’s Top Ten Releases Of 2020
By ‘Dark Juan’

Yes, my dear children of the night. It is that time again. It’s near Yule and the Krampus is rampant. At least that was what I said to Mrs Dark Juan during a night-time meeting in the hall leading to the bathroom. The Smellhounds are currently quiescent, Mrs Dark Juan is currently creating felt art and I have a bit of time off from wrangling young gentlemen, and also the Mighty Gothikpanzer flew through its MOT, so in a rare moment of sober good humour I present to you all this list of what I consider to be the records of the year. There’s going to be a few honourable mentions at the end, because this year has been a fucking BANGER for new metal, even though we have all been confined for the good of our various realms… Shall we dance?

10. Häxan – White Noise (July 2020)

An astonishingly assured debut album from a young British three piece, variously from Cheltenham and Wales. “White Noise” is based on the sound of classic hard rockers and these three young ladies kick serious amounts of arse. If I were to rank this list on the amount of songs by a single band reverberating around my poor damaged head, Häxan would have fucking aced it, folks. Harking back to an age when hard rock was king, yet somehow managing to convey a modern edge, HUGE fucking stadium rock choruses and killer riffs abound and the songs just drip snotty attitude and the kind of swagger you’d normally associate with veteran bands who have been massive for decades. This, unsurprisingly, is a Very Good Thing indeed and this album is still on fairly constant rotation in the Mighty Gothikpanzer after several months because of its sheer quality and the obvious enjoyment the band have in playing their music. Plus, I love Sam Bolderston’s voice, and this slab of good time, party rock and roll is an excellent addition to any metal fan’s record collection for when you want to dial back the heaviness and listen to something groovy.


9. Basement Torture Killings – Lessons In Murder (May 2020)

Primal, British old school death metal. Uncompromising and a listening experience not unlike having your face marched over by a thousand hobnailed boots for the rest of time, this record reminds us just how good death metal can be when played with passion and excitement. Vocalist Beryl is at her most effective when employing a Jeff Walker-esque high pitched snarl and the music is the soundtrack to all the worst horrors you can perpetrate on the human body with a bit of imagination and a room full of power tools. Speedy, bloody and shockingly violent, Basement Torture Killings took my face off with their sheer intensity and ferocious commitment to death metal. A top-notch addition to any collection of extreme metal.


8. The Black Dahlia Murder – Verminous (April 2020)

I have had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Black Dahlia frontman and all-round good egg Trevor Strnad for Ever-Metal.com. It was the first ever interview I had conducted with a metal superstar, which has scared me half to fucking death to the point I haven’t done another, and I am ashamed to admit that there was quite a lot of abject and pathetic fangirling from your favourite pseudo-Satanist metal hack. Kudos to Trevor, who was most gracious during the times I was waffling in a panicked fashion. Thankfully, “Verminous” is quite simply a jaw-droppingly fine record from a band who have discovered the secret of expanding their sound into new dimensions without losing the core of what they are. This album is going to be impossible to top – Strnad has never sounded better vocally from subterranean grunt to head splitting howl, the songwriting and experimentation on display is astounding, and the band have lost none of their snaggletoothed bite and awesome power. Yet more proof that heaviness does not preclude melody, The Black Dahlia Murder are absolutely, ahem, MURDEROUS in their intensity and wild eyed, flailing power and this is the watershed moment in an already stellar career for these American extreme metal stalwarts. A most worthy purchase, should you choose to indulge yourself.


7. Master Charger – Origin Of The Lugubrious (August 2020)

Fellows in the British doom/stoner scene with Red Spektor, Master Charger are an order of magnitude heavier. Taking their cues from classic Sabbath, Master Charger dial down the psychedelia and turn up the heaviness quotient to something akin to a sonic avalanche. Yes, these guys are heavier than a planet with your mum and sister standing on it wearing underwear fashioned from neutronium. Sonically dense and Mogadon slow, Master Charger play artfully crafted doom metal with a stoner edge and are blessed with the voice of the pleasingly alliterative John James, whose whiskey and Marlboro Red soaked vocal is a joy to hear. Master Charger are fucking magnificent bastards and this is a record of such colossal heaviness that there were earthquake warnings in New Zealand when I played it.


6. Red Spektor – Heart Of The Renewed Sun (October 2020)

A SLIGHT change of pace and style to the previous entrant, Red Spektor served us up an absolute PEACH of an album in “Heart Of The Renewed Sun”. Effortlessly melding 60s psychedelia, the bluesiest of blues rock, metal and stoner, RS carried me off into internal mescaline fuelled musical visions of infinity, without all the tiresome bad tripping that normally comes whenever I take vast quantities of acid. Yes, for all I like to have my face melted by the speediest and rawest of heavy fucking metal, there are times when I want to trip balls and have my mind expanded. Red Spektor are the PERFECT band to take you on a tour of your own psyche. This isn’t to say that they ain’t heavy though. They are a gaily painted, super heavy battle truck bristling with acid gas projectors. If you dig melody and experimentation, grab this album.


5. Olivia Neutered John – Gorewhore (May 2020)

Holy fuck, not since the early days of Carcass or The Berzerker have I heard such demented savagery. Olivia Neutered John play old school grindcore in such a visceral way. It’s raw and bloody and ONJ are taking names and not taking any fucking prisoners. If you’re looking for melody, forget it. This is just sheer bastard powerviolence with a strong anti-paedophilia message. Considering my career in putting back together the recipients of abuse, this is a message Dark Juan not only gets behind, but will be joining Olivia Neutered John on the front line armed to the teeth and screaming for vengeance. The songs are short, sharp, devastatingly speedy shocks, not unlike stabs to the heart with cruelly serrated blades, yet the warped sense of humour necessary for grindcore lurks just behind the utter sonic destruction of the music, and ONJ make this list because there are painfully few bands making grindcore record these days, and I fucking love it. And they have the BEST band name EVER!!!


4. Quinn The Brain – Open Wide EP (May 2020)

Red raw and visceral nu-grunge with a serrated punk edge. No, stick with me here. Texans Quinn The Brain are ANGRY. They are fucking furious and they want the world to know it. Painfully emotional, but dripping with wry humour and a not inconsiderable amount of bile, this four track represents a surprisingly complete body of work from a band who easily evoke the memories of the classic riot girl bands of the 2000’s. Arta Salehi’s vocal especially reminds the verbose idiot writing this of the great Kat Bjelland of Babes In Toyland and the equally great (and very tall) Brody Dalle, of The Distillers. Plus, they are named after an episode of Daria (remember that show?) which is also a massive plus. Proof that heaviness doesn’t come just from metal, Quinn The Brain’s music is as flayed skin emotional as you can get.


3. White Crone – The Poisoner (February 2020)

Friend of Ever-Metal.com, general lovely person and top-notch blues musician Lisa Mann visits the results of a lifetime’s love of classic metal upon us and by Satan it’s a fucking banger of an album. Traditional metal all the way, it remains spectacularly vibrant and is more exciting than being caught in a ladies’ finishing college somewhere near Cheltenham wearing nothing but a bow tie and a wry grin, whilst carrying a bottle of champers. Lisa’s voice brings back echoes of the great metal vocalists, her barrel lunged delivery both powerful and excellent, along with top notch songwriting, guitar playing and some of the finest bass work you’ll ever hear irrespective of genre. The woman is a musical goddess and I will forever champion White Crone.


2. Protosequence – A Blunt Description of Something Obscene (May 2020)

My face still hasn’t recovered from the beating it has taken from this supertechnical death metal band’s record. If you love Necrophagist, you’ll fucking love this band. There are only four songs, but then the guys have thoughtfully included instrumental versions of each track and they are explosively brilliant. Stunning guitar work and drumming proves that death metal is not just a bunch of hairy arses battering their instruments and regurgitating their own giblets in a vague approximation of music. Fucking hell, boys, girls, and all other genders, this album is almost classical in musicianship such is its depth and complexity. I have played it a million times already and I show no signs of stopping.


01 The Machinist – I Am Void (November 2020)

Holy fucking fuck. Jesus Christ in a chariot driven sidecar. It is conceivable that The Machinist are my new favourite band. You are all no doubt aware that I regard The Berzerker’s self-titled debut album as the most violent and psychopathic record ever, and the benchmark for sheer brutality. Well, my faithful followers of all known genders, those worthy Australian nutjobs have finally been toppled from their throne by The Machinist’s extraordinary fusion of black metal, death metal, power electronics and industrial. For a debut album,” I Am Void” is simply staggering and utterly breathtaking in both scope and execution. My people, honest to both the false God and our Lord and Master Shaitan, this release is a landmark in extreme metal. It simply can’t possibly get any heavier or faster than this without shredding causality and destroying the universe. Best of all, they are fellow Mancs!


So, there you have it. Dark Juan’s top ten records of the year. 2020 might have sucked humungous hairy balls because of the worldwide pestilence and plague, but by God the world of metal didn’t. A vintage year for the music we love, my family of weirdos. If I may, I wish to share a few honourable mentions because there were several bands who missed the cut by a gnat’s chuff…

Bofo Kwo – Space/Time Carnivorium (June 2020) – Demented Finns tell the tale of three intergalactic cannibals and their adventures to a death metal soundtrack. As insane as it sounds.


Sertraline – Clouded Minds And Silver Lines (May 2020) – Young, British prog metal band gifted with exceptional vocalist in Lizzie show that prog metal can kick arse in a big way.


Lucifer – III (March 2020) – Absolutely gorgeous international doomsters with classic rock sensibilities and image keep up the exceptional quality of their releases with their third record.


Bull Elephant – Created From Death (August 2020) – “Created From Death” is the story of a slain African elephant that occultist Ahnenerbe SS attempted to bring back from the dead as a new form of battle asset. However, before re-animation could be completed it was intercepted by a mysterious witch-shaman, pursuing her own agenda and redirecting the undead creature’s purpose. With Nazi attack wolves.”

Says it all, really.


And last of all, we remembered the sadly missed Wayne Static with Static-X’s “Project Regeneration Vol. 1” (July 2020) which was simply magnificent nu-metal and a more than fitting tribute to one of our Lost Boys.


I’m done. I’m utterly spent. May you all make merry and receive all the love in the world from your families and significant others. A joyous Yuletide to you all. Remember to spell Santa correctly, kids, otherwise you’ll be getting a surprise you won’t forget in a hurry.

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Rick T’s Top Ten Releases Of 2020

Rick T’s Top Ten Releases Of 2020
By Rick Tilley

Hello to you all, It’s me. Here are my top ten releases of 2020. I think this is the toughest time I’ve ever had choosing. Unless you’ve been living under a rock then 2020 has been an incredibly strange year and being at home so much has meant that I’ve listened to even more albums than I usually do Even though I don’t get much chance to write anymore, it’s safe to say, that the quality of music this year, under difficult circumstances, has been mesmerising.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the whole Ever Metal Team for their continuing hard work, all the bands/artists who create the music that we love so much, all the record labels, PR/Management companies, Radio Stations, Venues and Festivals we work with and to each and every one of you who likes, shares, listens, comments and follows Ever Metal on our various platforms. This is a labour of love and, without you, we wouldn’t have an audience, and neither would the bands.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, and let us hope 2021 is a little kinder!


10 Eight Lives Down – Humans (September 2020)


‘Opening Shots’ (Official Lyric Video)

09 Countless Skies – Glow (November 2020)


‘Summit’ (Official Audio)

08 Bonded – Rest In Violence (January 2020)


‘Rest In Violence’ (Lyric Video)

07 Scars – Predatory (August 2020)


‘Ancient Power’ (Lyric Video)

06 Ron Coolen – Rise (March 2020)


‘White Summer’ (Audio)

05 Ward XVI – Metamorphosis (September 2020)


‘Mister Babadook’ (Official Video)

04 Wilderun – Veil Of Imagination (July 2020)


O Resolution! (Official Video)

03 DGM – Tragic Separation (October 2020)


‘Flesh And Blood (Official Video)

02 White Crone – The Poisoner (February 2020)


‘The Poisoner’ (Official Video)

01 Scardust – Strangers (October 2020)


‘Tantibus II’ (Official Video)

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Victor’s Top Ten Releases Of 2020

Victor’s Top Ten Releases Of 2020
By Victor Augusto

Hello to you all.

Here are Victor’s top ten releases of 2020. This gives me a chance to send Victor massive thanks and gratitude for the immense amount of work he has put in to Ever Metal this year. Reviews, South American EMQ’s interviews, helping with translation and his wonderful video interview with Scars and all of this on top of a very busy job as an air traffic controller in the Air Force. I know many lovely people, but few have the same passion and dedication as Victor, who lives and breathes the scene and music. I am very honoured to call him a friend and colleague.


10. Sacramentia – Prophecies of Plague (June 2020)


‘CruciFiction’ (Lyric Video)

9. Guardian of Lightning – Cosmos Tree (July 2020)


‘Cosmos Tree’ (Official Video)

8. Re-Armed – Ignis Aeternum (June 2020)


‘The Hollow Lights’ (Official Video)

7. White Crone – The Poisoner (February 2020)


‘The Dream Of Tiamat’ (Audio)

6. Onslaught – Generation Antichrist (August 2020)


‘Religiousuicide’ (Lyric Video)

5. Scars – Predatory (August 2020)


‘Predatory’ (Lyric Video)

4. Sacred Sin – Born Suffer Die EP (April 2020)


‘Born Suffer Die’ (Full EP Audio)

3. Granada – Amarre EP (January 2020)


‘Amarre’ (Full EP Lyric Video)

2. Sepultura – Quadra (February 2020)


‘Means To An End’ (Official Video)

1. Deathless LegacySaturnalia (March 2020)


‘Saturnalia’ (Full Short Film)

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White Crone – The Poisoner

White Crone – The Poisoner
Release Date: 22/02/2020
Running Time: 54:05
Review by “Dark Juan”

White Crone is Lisa Mann (Vocals, guitar, bass, and songwriting). You know, one of those really annoying people who are good looking and incredibly talented while the rest of us poor unwashed mortals have to struggle through life knowing that your only talent is managing to piss off as many people as the population of Wolverhampton with a single act. Granted, that act was putting up a picture of chirpy radio and TV personality Danny Baker on the internet and claiming it was Rosemary West (infamous child murdering horrorshow and one person I’m waiting to meet when I get to hell so I can kill her again and again forever). What? Pardon? I’ve digressed from my point again?

Good afternoon, friends, acolytes, denizens of the 13 circles and pet lovers! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Shame on you all for abandoning me so readily. Dark Juan has returned to you, to bless you with the benefit of my wisdom and syllabification, and I ask only that you give yourselves over to me, heart and soul. Then, and only then will you gain the paradise on Earth that I can offer you. Hey, I have to get my kicks somewhere – I’ve moved to near Halifax and there’s most definitely no virgins to defile here anymore and haven’t been for quite some time. Anyone? Form an orderly queue. No, to the left, Mrs. Smith. TO THE LEFT!

Enough of my blandishments. We are here for one thing and one thing only and that thing is heavy fucking metal. White Crone are providers of said metal today and we are going to take a ride through their debut release, “The Poisoner”. No, you don’t have a choice. SIT THERE AND DON’T MOVE LEST I UNLEASH MY GREAT RAGE AND FURIOUS ANGER UPON THEE, UNWORTHY KNAVE! White Crone is Ms Lisa Mann, based in Portland, Oregon, and she is primarily a one woman blues music making machine who decided one day that she would make a heavy metal record based on her love of Priest and the like from her youth. With considerable self-effacement, Lisa describes the name of White Crone as representing herself as she”…has very pale skin and is not as young as other female metal artists out there.” Dark Juan does not like this description, which is rather uncharitable at best, as age and sex have fuck all to do with talent and ability and everything to do with the cruelness of an entropic universe robbing us of vitality and life with every passing day and us humans being too stupid to actually learn to fucking get along as we all only have a limited time and we should all make like Lisa and DO what we dream about!

Opening the album is ‘The Dream Of Tiamat’, which could only be described as a statement of intent. There’s no fucking about here, Lisa just goes for the jugular, fastens her fangs in and starts tearing. One wonders whether her youthful appearance and vitality is caused by consumption of human blood…. The bass on this record immediately hits you, punches through the ribcage, gets your heart and starts SQUEEZING and doesn’t let go. It’s the musical equivalent of Judge Death hissing, “The ssssssssssentence isssssssssss death…” It’s very good indeed, and now Dark Juan has a new heavy metal heroine to go gaga about…

Title track ‘The Poisoner’ is also a splendidly brutal heavy metal song. Lisa’s vocal sits somewhere in between the vocal gymnastics of Ronnie James Dio, the mezzo of the always wonderful and Dark Juan teenage obsession Doro Pesch and the original Metal Queen Jinx Dawson. Lisa sings contralto with a powerful vibrato, but not like a symphonic metal nymph. She sings in the traditional, full throated style of the vocalists of yore – the Dio’s, Dickinson’s, Halford’s et al and gives absolutely no quarter. She can easily keep up with the best of the past and stands head over shoulders of rather a lot of modern trad vocalists. For example she could absolutely take apart Dragonforce’s current singer with a simple D-note held for six seconds. She’s got a very powerful set of…. vocal chords. What else did you think I was going to say? Perverts, the fucking lot of you…

The music, then! Lisa (for she appears to be a musical goddess! Sigh….) has written and arranged every song bar the Venom cover ‘The Seven Gates Of Hell’, and has provided most of the guitar work (with two solos contributed by ex-Glacier axeman Mehdi Farjami), all of the frankly murderous bass and the previously mentioned powerful contralto vocal and has created a musical monster. It is heavy metal with all the needless bullshit stripped away. It’s not constrained by genre. It’s not “-core”, or death, speed, black or anything like that. It is simply heavy fucking metal – that original, deceptively simple interplay between guitar, bass, drums and vocals, untrammelled by genre or ideal. The sole reason for the existence of this music is to tear your face off, but do it gracefully and as make it as beautiful a murder as it can. The vocal harmonies, and the power of Lisa’s voice are just spine-tinglingly wonderful and her guitar and bass work both superb. I can hear so many influences in the music, all classics – Iron Maiden (ESPECIALLY at the end of ‘The Seven Gates Of Hell’ – not a million miles from the ending of ‘Infinite Dreams off of Seventh Son’…), Judas Priest, Sabbath, Warlock and Coven are all notable for their influence on White Crone’s music. Melody. Musicianship. Songwriting as art and (witch) craft! These are all VERY GOOD THINGS. One does get so bored of demented howling and million miles an hour hammering (and that’s just from my bedroom hurgh, hurgh) and occasionally long for some melody. White Crone now also fill a hole that Ghost were filling by themselves (probably better too, because White Crone aren’t currently disappearing up their own musical arse by exploring their own mythos like on Kiss The Go-Goat.)

I love this record and I love Lisa Mann. For a blues musician to have come up with a heavy metal record that, although hugely traditional in sound, concept, lyrical themes and execution, that sounds this fresh, vibrant and exciting is nothing short of spectacular, reminds us in a timely fashion that the heart of heavy metal is the blues and has caused me to flood the house with a three month back up of hugely excited sex wee… Thank god I bought some new trousers. These are fucking ruined.

The Patented Dark Juan Blood Splat Rating System has emerged from its hiatus, come blinking and trembling back into the light and awards White Crone 9/10. A mark was lost because the record does suffer that most heavy metal of tendencies – to go wandering off into the musical hinterlands during the middle eight. That happens a few times, but it wasn’t bothersome…


01. The Dream Of Tiamat
02. The Poisoner
03. To The Abyss
04. Our Sacred Duty
05. Broken
06. The Seven Gates of Hell
07. New Planet Earth
08. Internment
09. Edge Of Gone
10. Melancholia
11. Under Hag Stones
12. 18 Rabbit


https://whitecrone.bandcamp.com/releases https://open.spotify.com/artist/1NozavBfHWpFM1TjevgqUp

Disclaimer: This review is solely the property of Dark Juan and Ever Metal. It is strictly forbidden to copy any part of this review, unless you have the strict permission of both parties. Failure to adhere to this will be treated as plagiarism and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

EMQs with White Crone


Hi everyone! Welcome to our new EMQ’s interview with Portland, OR based Traditional Heavy Metal project White Crone. Huge thanks to vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Lisa Mann for taking part.

What is your name, what do you play and can you tell us a little bit about the history of the band?

My name is Lisa Mann, I’m a bass player and vocalist, and my traditional metal project is called White Crone.  White Crone isn’t a band; it’s a mostly one-woman recording project. I wrote 11 out of 12 tracks (one being Venom’s Seven Gates of Hell) and played all the bass, and almost all the guitars. Master drum instructor Larry London provided drums on 11 tracks, ex-Sabbath/Dio drummer Vinny Appice guests on a song, ex- Glacier guitarist Mehdi Farjami laid down two killer solos, and percussionist Caton Lyles added texture to a middle-eastern sounding track.

I am a blues artist by trade, but I never lost my deep love of the heavy metal that I grew up with! So for the past few years I’ve been hammering away at this album, “The Poisoner”, in my spare time. With the help of engineer and co-producer Kevin Hahn, finally it has come to fruition!

How did you come up with your band name?

Well, I’m not as young as most female metal artists out there, and I have very pale skin. Voila – White Crone!

What Country/Region are you from and what is the Metal/Rock scene like there?

I am from the Pacific Northwest of the United States, living in Portland Oregon. There is a vibrant heavy metal scene out here, giving birth to bands such as Agalloch, Red Fang and Idle Hands. The metal scene in Portland is like a family, there are even heavy metal meet-up groups that plan gatherings online to hang out before shows, or have mixers at bars that play metal.

What is your latest release? (Album, EP, Single, Video)

The debut album is called “The Poisoner,” and it’s been getting excellent reviews from all over the world!  There is also a full-production video of the title track on my YouTube channel. The video tells the story of The Poisoner, a mysterious character that transcends time and space, delivering deadly retribution on behalf of the downtrodden.

Who have been your greatest influences?

When I was 12 years old, a friend gave me an Iron Maiden album- “Killers”. I had already started playing bass, but that album totally changed my life! I learned to play and sing along with the first five Maiden records, so that band was definitely my biggest influence. But I am also influenced by Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest, Manowar, Celtic Frost, Dio, more recently Ghost (love the proto sound), and of course Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath just celebrated 50 years, 50 years of metal! What a gift to the entire world!

What first got you into music?

My mother played acoustic guitar and sang folk and popular songs. My parents had what would now be called “proto-metal” albums from bands like Deep Purple, Cream and Led Zeppelin. I learned to play along with their bass lines on her acoustic guitar- for some reason; I was always attracted to the sound of the bass!

When I was 11 years old, growing up in Charleston, West Virginia, I saw a violin-shaped Paul McCartney style bass in a pawn shop. That school year, I walked home every single day at lunch, ate some toast or canned beans, to save my lunch money and buy that bass! I was malnourished to get that bass, and my father had no idea I was doing it. By the time I was 19 years old, then living in Portland, I was playing professionally, and I have been ever since.

If you could collaborate with a current band or musician who would it be?

As a youth, I was a huge fan of Ronnie James Dio and his band, especially drummer Vinny Appice. A few years ago, I wrote a prison chain-gang style blues rock song, and in my mind I heard Vinny playing drums. So I googled and cold-called him, sending him examples of my work, asking him to play on that song, ‘Judge a Man Forever’. He said yes! He recorded that song, as well as a song on this album, ‘Under Hag Stones’. So I have already collaborated with one musician that I always dreamed of working with. If there is a guitar player I would love to record with one day, perhaps it’s Tony MacAlpine. He has an absolutely superior sense of melody, and to me, melody is king.

If you could play any festival in the world, which would you choose and why?

Of course Bloodstock, Hellfest, or Wacken would be amazing! However I was recently on the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise and I think it would be great to perform on the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise. As an artist, you really have a chance to get up-close and personal with fans and hang out with other musicians on a cruise. Like I said, White Crone is not a band, so there are no plans as yet to perform live. However I have also joined a killer melodic metal band called Splintered Throne as their vocalist. We’re working on a new CD, so perhaps someday we’ll get the chance to perform a metal fest or cruise.

What’s the weirdest gift you have ever received from a fan?

I have a big shelf where I keep all the wonderful gifts I’ve received from blues fans. It’s not necessarily weird, but one fan made a multi-media poster with a cut-out bass guitar made out of leather. It has tuners (6 of course), pickups, a bridge, strings and all. She put a lot of time into it and I cherish it!

If you had one message for your fans, what would it be?

Thank you for listening to the music I worked so hard to create!

If you could bring one rock star back from the dead, who would it be?

Ronnie James Dio.  After he passed, I wept for days. Even still, I sometimes cry when I hear that voice.

What do you enjoy the most about being a musician? And what do you hate?

I am so very blessed to not only hear music in my head, but to be able to reproduce it and allow others to hear it as well. What do I hate? Data entry! Seems like as an independent artist, I’m always copying and pasting song titles and ISRC codes into forms! Ugh.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

The lack of transparency! It used to be easy to find out just how artists are being screwed financially. Bootleg records, bad record deals, a lot could be traced and hopefully remedied. But in the digital age, who knows how much is being made off our music without our knowledge?

Name one of your all-time favourite albums?

“Sad Wings of Destiny” by Judas Priest! I’ve listened to it hundreds of times! I was blessed to have met engineer Chris Tsangarides who worked on that album. I did a few tours as a blues artist in the UK with my guitarist friend Dudley Ross, who was a good friend of Chris’s, and was kind enough to bring me over to spend a long afternoon with him.

What’s best? Vinyl, Cassettes, CD’s or Downloads?

For audio quality, CDs or FLAC are best, hands down.

What’s the best gig that you have played to date?

Hard to say! However, my aforementioned guitarist pal Dudley Ross got me a gig at the Half Moon, Putney in London a couple of years ago. To play the same stage where Arthur Crudup, the Rolling Stones and The Who played? Wow, what a rush!

If you weren’t a musician, what else would you be doing?

Maybe a writer or painter! I need to be creative in some capacity.

Which five people would you invite to a dinner party?

Dave Chapelle, Leslie Jones, Sarah Silverman, Eddie Izzard and Patton Oswalt! I’d laugh myself to death!

What’s next for the project?

I have a few tracks already brewing in the White Crone cauldron and definitely plan to make another album in the future.

What Social Media/Website links do you use to get your music out to people?

My website is;
People can download “The Poisoner” at;
Or buy the compact disc through Music Millennium at;

You can also find me here:


Jaffa Cakes! Are they a cake or a biscuit?

Whatever they are, I ain’t eating them.

Thank you for your time. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I very much appreciate this interview- thanks!

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