Ashley Worhol – Perception


Ashley WorholPerception
Published by Bookbaby
Release Date: 21/12/2017

“What if you could view the world from someone else’s eyes…. wouldn’t you be curious?”

This is the question that is asked on the cover of Ashley Worhol’s new collection of poetry, an interactive hybrid poem and photography book titled “Perception.”

But, first let me tell you a bit about the author.

Ashley Worhol is a composer/vocalist/producer/instructor and pianist from Houston, Texas, who has a degree in music composition from the University of St Thomas and is a classically trained soprano opera singer. She is also the lead vocalist and composer with the band Worhol, which she formed in 2012 with her father, Larry, when they decided they wanted to follow their dream together as a team. With a classical background from both parties, Worhol’s music can best be described as symphonic and theatrical.

Perception is the author’s perspective of this world we live in and through the words and the pictures, the reader is invited into her world, while at the same time, trying to conjure up their own from what they see and read.

Everybody has their own perception, or view, of everything that happens in life, and the author states herself in the opening notes to the book that she wants the reader to “free your minds as you read each word and indulge your curiosity. Allow your mind to wander and perceive each poem as your own interpretation.”

The cover image is, in my opinion, very strong and sends out the message that people only know of us what we choose to show. Do we show the innocent side, while hiding the dark or do we portray ourselves in a bad way to stop the good from being hurt? There are two sides to everyone, but people perceive us only by the information we give to them.

The poems are full of emotion right from the very beginning and appear to tell the story of a young girl’s journey through life, and the changes she experiences both emotionally and physically.

The reader is made to feel a whole host of emotions from sadness and hopelessness to anger as they travel through the book, before the girl appears to find happiness. She has finally found a place of peace and contentment and she now knows what she should be doing with her life.

The girl, whether that be Ashley, herself, or just the fictional character from a book, is baring her soul for the reader to see, maybe to tell the reader that what they go through is not necessarily all bad and that it can lead to good, or maybe just to express how she is inwardly feeling, but in doing so, she is also inviting the reader to open up theirs, and make up their own minds about the words in the poems.

The book itself is beautifully set out. I only received a digital copy, but I can image the pages being of very good quality, bound sturdily together, and the cover a hard back. The imagery used, and the photographs / illustrations are simply stunning, while the fonts used for the writing reflect the theme of each poem.

Despite studying English Literature to a high level, one thing I could never get my head round properly was poetry. This book has really turned that all on its head and I hope that there is more to come from this, obviously, very talented young lady.


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Worhol – The Awakening

Worhol - The Awakening

Worhol – The Awakening
Imminence Records / WormHoleDeath
Release Date: 10/03/2017
Running Time 37:56
Review by Tsarina Wilson

“The Awakening” is the debut album from Texan symphonic metal / rock band Worhol.  If the name sounds familiar that’s because guitarist / pianist / composer Larry Worhol and his daughter, vocalist / pianist / composer Ashley are related to pop art icon Andy Warhol and wanted the family name to be the band name. Larry and Ashley are both very passionate about the music they love, have music degrees and a love of classical music, which is why they decided to form this band along with bassist / visual artist Craig Malinowski and drummer Marty Naul to realise their vision. They have been together since 2013 and have gradually been writing new music and touring, releasing a music video which received much interest. After signing a record deal with Imminence Records and a publishing deal with WormHoleDeath they are now ready to unleash their first album … and what an album it is!

“The Awakening” is one of those albums that, once you’ve listened to it, you have to keep going back to it! I say that because I’ve found myself drowning in Ashley’s vocals!

“Time To Say Goodbye” is my favourite track on the album, full of haunting vocals and lyrics, the whole album is full of twists, turns and musical variation and just when you think you have heard a good track, boom! The next one is equally as punchy!

You can air guitar to the solos in your head and you get lost in another world listening to them. There are very few female singers in this genre who will give you goose bumps but Ashley definitely does this to me throughout the course of the album, it’s so powerful without being overpowering, yet in the background orchestral hints keep you listening throughout without it ever becoming boring.

I could easily see Worhol being sought after by film makers for soundtrack music, with the powerful vocals and intense music this album has, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Guitars in track seven, “We, The Abused” are amazing … they build you up, drop you then pick you up again!

Ashley’s voice is so hypnotic yet so classical and with the background music and orchestral arrangements, you can’t help but listen to every second of the “The Awakening” in case you miss something. It truly keeps you listening and I can only imagine and can’t wait to see what Worhol would be like in concert, they would keep crowds riveted and I for one would be there to see them!

“The Awakening” is a fabulous debut album and it’s been a thrill to have this as my first ever review!

01. Voices From Above
02. Bowing Before You
03. Time To Say Goodbye
04. Already Forgotten
05. Rage And Revenge
06. In This Town
07. We, The Abused
08. Jurisdiction
09. Is This What’s Left Of Me



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