Fear Of Falling – Breaking Point EP

Breaking Point EP Cover Art

Fear Of Falling – Breaking Point EP
Release Date: 28/05/2021
Running Time: 21:39
Review by Beth Jones

There’s been some really exciting new music appearing over the fateful year of the 2020 pandemic, and all the chaos that ensued from it. Lockdown has spurred a lot of musicians into a real push to get their music out there and rank up the creativity, which personally I’ve found inspiring, even though the only thing I was spurred into was drinking too much and posting stupid memes on Facebook (my bad, I’m sorry). One of the many wonderments to come out of that terrible period is South African Hard Rock/ Alternative band, Fear Of Falling who have now burst onto the recorded music scene with their debut EP, “Breaking Point”.

Covering themes of depression, anxiety, addiction, and complicated love, this 6 track recording ticks a whole lot of boxes for me, and I can see these guys really making a big impression on the Hard Rock/Alternative scene in the coming months, especially when live shows really kick off again. So much so that I’d be willing to put money on it! They’re already established musicians, with a variety of wins between them in the fields of performance, sound engineering, and production, as individuals. But for me, on the evidence of this EP, their coming together has created that magic alchemy to launch them even further into the stratosphere of global music.

There’s a whole lot of influences going on here which, despite the dark themes, make it a familiar and soothing sound. It’s got smatterings of The Foo Fighters, Seether, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Evergrey, and even a little crossover with mainstream Pop Punk. Now, that kinda shit usually irritates the hell out of me, but here it’s just visible enough to make it really clever. This is an EP that will be equally appreciated across the board, because it will form connections with people who admire a variety of different sounds. That’s something that many just can’t, or don’t want to do, so it’s a big tick from me for having the balls to embrace it.

Musically, it blends really driven guitars, that do dabble in the heavier end occasionally, with tasty rhythms and bass, some lovely synth and sampling work, and vocals that are just gruff enough to be edgy but retain a cleanliness that makes the whole sound crisp and polished. It places anguish in a comfortable blanket, making it relatable. And damn it’s got some catchy choruses. On the second listen, I was singing along, which is always a draw for me. I do love a good singsong, even if it’s melancholy as hell!!

If you like any of the aforementioned bands, or Alternative/Hard Rock that surrounds you with reassurance, despite not being completely the same as that which has gone before, then you need to get all over Fear Of Falling. In a year that’s already held some supremely exciting releases, this is one that I will remember, and I’m already thirsty for more.

‘Fear Of Falling’ (Official Audio)

01. Sex As A Weapon
02. Fear Of Falling
03. Fake It
04. Numb The Pain
05. End Of Days
06. Won’t Let Go

Lloyd Timcke – Guitar
Jack Atlantic – Vocals/ Guitar
Brendon McCaig – Bass
Dale Schnettler – Drums


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