Bulletproöf – Dynamite EP

Dynamite EP Cover Art

Bulletproöf – Dynamite EP
Ossuary Records (European edition)
Release Date: (Europe) 01/11/2021
Running Time: 20:11
Review by Emma Torkington 

Bulletproöf are here with their brand new EP, “Dynamite”! This 4-piece band takes inspiration from the likes of Judas Priest, Grave Digger, and Attack and with these absolute 80/90’s heavy metal legends feeding their music, I was excited to listen and see what they can bring. So, let’s jump in and see what these guys are all about! 

This being an EP means there are only 5 songs available, but they are a great selection of tracks, so you get to know this band very quickly! The start of the EP is hard hitting with those influences straight out of the gate, getting you right in the mindset for 80s heavy rock. ‘Fist Pounding’ has to be my favourite track on the EP. You start nodding along, and feeling that heavy rock vibe immediately. Some may call it cheesy, but you can’t help smile at it! The last track, ‘Feel The Heat’, has a totally different air about it – it reminds me of the band Lordi (not a bad thing at all, Lordi are one of the best known acts from Eurovision, after all!). 

The EP overall is good, and I can definitely hear the Judas Priest influence, but I can also see a huge connection with Manowar! Again, this is not a bad thing at all in my eyes! The music itself is very tight – a good cohesive band. My only criticism is the vocal harmonies, which to me personally, don’t have that same tightness as the rest of it had. Though individually the voices are really good! This is a great building block for more EPs/albums in the future. 

01. Banners High!
02. Dynamite
03. Flag of Freedom
04. Fist pounding 
05. Feel The Heat

Poli Serafini – Lead vocal / Guitar
Matías Pena – Drums
Martín De Bonis – Bass guitar / Vocals
Ariel García – Lead Guitar / Vocals


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