Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate – All You Need Is Soul

All You Need Is Soul Cover

Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate – All You Need Is Soul
Frontiers Music
Running time: 45:29
Release date: 11/05/2018
Review by Chris White

The first thing I noticed on this release was the poor quality of the guitar sounds, which didn’t improve after a change of monitors and a second set of headphones. Darren Householder is a good player but this sort of production lets down the overall quality of the release.
The title track has signature harmony vocals that could relay the listener straight back to “Wasted in America” but the material on this album doesn’t hit the same lofty levels of sing-along choruses and frenetic guitar solos on the previous album releases.
The tracks disappear into the background a bit until you get to “When The Devil Comes” which raises the excitement a notch, but then the final tracks push the listener back to wondering if the songs couldn’t have been somewhat improved.
The overall album does have a sort of demo/B-side vibe to it, with less polished production than the Love/Hate releases of yesteryear but this release doesn’t feel like it has the capability of keeping the listener’s interest for more than a couple of plays.
Jizzys voice is still remarkable and is definitely the highlight on what comes across as a fairly forgettable album.
01. You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone
02. Comin’ Home To The Bone
03. High For An Eye
04. All You Need Is Soul
05. House Of Sin
06. Mortified
07. Frustrated
08. When The Devil Comes
09. You Don’t Know What It’s Like
10. It Doesn’t Matter
11. Little Treasures
12. Mr Jimmy

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