Theorist, Cut Short, Only the Righteous – The Boulevard, Wigan, 18/03/22

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Theorist, Cut Short, Only the Righteous
The Boulevard, Wigan
Live Review by Rob Sutton

Back at the Boulevard again, so I won’t mention anything about the venue as I have already raved about the place in previous reviews. The line-up for this gig goes in a slightly different direction from past events where all the bands are of a similar genre, rather than being a mixed night so we are met with a Metalcore / Hardcore crossover night. First up was supposed to be Saurr, but unfortunately the dreaded plague strikes again (pretty sure they are avoiding me as this is about the third time I’ve wanted to see these guys) nevertheless we are left with 3 bands to get those Metal tingles going.

Taking the first band honours was Only the Righteous, a band I have seen and reviewed before. Each time I watch these guys they do get better and better, with this set being no exception. They fill the stage with their own lighting rig, something that sometimes can be a bit unnecessary and for a venue this size, it kind of works but just seemed to be way more hassle than it was worth. Sadly for Only the Righteous the sound towards the beginning was not on their side, with both the Bass and the Guitars being barely audible and the backing tracks being way too loud for the entirety of this set. Once the bass and guitars were sorted, these guys began to shine, adding the typical Metalcore formula and in some cases throwing some pop/punk in there for good measure. I loved the addition of the Pop / Punk style and so did the crowd as much of the crowd began to dance happily to these. I enjoy my Metalcore and these guys do little wrong throughout their performance, they’re tight, catchy and overall very enjoyable. My only worry for them is when there are so many bands similar to them; they seem to get a bit lost in the scene, maybe more of the Pop / Punky influence.

Liverpool based Cut Short are up next and these guys have quite a name behind them and this is apparent with the number of people who have turned out to see them. They kick off in a typical Hardcore bullish manner treating the crowd to breakdowns to swing your fists to and riffs to dance around like a loon. All seems good so far. Then we come to the reason why bands need to be less reliant on backing tracks… For Cut Short a technical difficulty brought their set to a grinding halt for what felt like 5+ minutes. Now I get that these things happen but for fuck sake someone do something?! They all gathered around the laptop doing something while the crowd just stood there bemused as to what was going on. This completely destroyed their set for me and all it took to save this was someone to chat to the crowd or a drum solo, heck I would have gone for a sing-along to the wheels on the bus if it meant I wasn’t standing there bored waiting for them to sort this out. Once things got back on track I can’t really fault their performance, great crowd interaction, ending on their strongest song etc. but honestly it didn’t matter, the set was done after the first song for me.

Theorist up next and these guys also had a buzz about them, mostly down to a few members being from Cale Lane but also the fact they’re damn good! Unlike the previous two bands there was barely any reliance on backing tracks which was really nice to see in this genre. Someone had told me beforehand that Theorist sounded like Protest the Hero and you can see why. They have some lovely techy riffs from the guitars, complex drums and a cracking range of both clean and shouting vocals. I must also say that the tapping on guitars throughout was simply mind-blowing to watch. In fact the whole set was! Every instrument fitted beautifully to create something that I feel has been missing from the local scene for a long time. The crowd were well and truly behind these guys and so was I. the only thing I would have liked would have been an encore but they had run out of songs… It was a shame but maybe next time, eh?

I enjoyed this gig and it was nice to go to Wigan almost knowing what to expect. I wouldn’t like every gig here to be a specific genre but to mix it up every now and again, works! No doubt I’ll be back here before long.


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Old Selves w/ Recall The Remains, Only The Righteous, and Death By Discourse

Old Selves at Grand Central Manchester Poster

Old Selves w/ Recall The Remains,
Only The Righteous, and Death By Discourse
Grand Central, Manchester – 11/11/2021
Review by Rob Sutton

The Coronavirus nearly stole Grand Central from the Manchester scene, with plans afoot to make it into a family restaurant. Luckily for local metal, it was saved, and brought back as the go to pub for metalheads. Not only this, but gigs have also resumed at the venue, which shows just how strong the scene in Manchester is.

Tonight, 4 bands took to the stage, the first of which being Death by Discourse. Sadly, due to some Mercedes driver deciding to have a crash on the road into Manchester, we were unable to catch them.

First up for me then was Only the Righteous, a post-hardcore band from the North West. These guys have been floating around on my radar for a few months, but this was the first time I’ve managed to catch them. Sadly, they were missing a drummer, and thus had to make do with a drum machine. It worked for this gig, although being pre-programmed, they did lack punch. Luckily the rest of the band bouncing around made up for the missing member, and they spent pretty much every song fully engaging the audience, which was met with many audience members singing back at them. Vocally they seem to be going down the style of old school Underoath. However, while the more shouty style of screams really fit the genre, in this case it did sound strained, and I feel they need a lot of work. Only the Righteous also boast multiple members adding to the vocals, but for me this needed quite a bit more practice, as there were a few places where they were out of time with each other. Tonight’s show was fairly solid though. They got the crowd going, and warmed up for the evening, and above all, many people looked to be enjoying the show.

I had the pleasure of seeing Recall the Remains at BadgerFest a few weeks ago. They blew the audience away then, and tonight was much the same for them. Not only were they full of energy, but they performed with a level of precision that is unmatched by many bands in the scene. We were even treated to a new song, which was a highlight in the set for me, as well as some of the older tunes, which I found myself singing along to. Speaking of singing, the clean vocals performed by Jordan (bassist) are simply beautiful, and among some of the best in the genre. He also performed some screams, which sadly don’t quite work for me, they sound a little rough. Maybe this is the style from inhaling that just doesn’t float it for me. Front man Jacob is a beast on stage, jumping around and headbanging throughout the set, all while treating the crowd to a mix of growls and screams. It’s quite an art to mosh and growl at the same time, but he pulled it off perfectly. Backing the fantastic vocals were 2 phenomenal guitarists, who sometimes got lost behind the vocals. But the mix of sweeping and tapping solos, with the use of a whammy bar is a sound that really puts a smile on your face. Underneath all this there was a hint of backing tracks. They’re nice to hear, as they aren’t in the forefront, and let you appreciate the musical talent on display. Recall the Remains played a blinder of a set – one worthy of a headline slot. The buzz for these guys in Manchester is growing, and rightly so! It was a thoroughly enjoyable set, and I look forward to seeing what they do next.

Finally for tonight was a band I had pleasure of sharing the stage with on Halloween. Yorkshire boys, Old Selves, seem to be constantly on the road at the moment playing gigs right across the UK. They have clearly already made a name for themselves in Manchester, as there were many of their t-shirts on display here. The crowd, however, seemed to have thinned drastically, and constant feedback issues during sound check would have knocked any band, but not these guys. They open with pure energy and were already bouncing around the stage. Their guitar work is fantastic, the whole set was laden with incredible riffs and soaring solos. These guys show off, and rightfully so; they are exceptional guitarists. Their use of backing tracks when I played with them was subtle, and added a really nice element to their style. Tonight though, they were way too loud, and because of this all the other instruments got lost in the mix. Old Selves throw a mix of different subgenres into their sound; from hardcore, to metalcore and even thrash. This creates something new, something that stands out from your normal metal band. I really enjoy watching them and trying to pick out where their influences are. As entertaining bands go, these guys are up there, but I keep thinking the headline slot wasn’t right for them tonight, as they didn’t get the same reaction as the previous 2 bands.

It feels so good knowing that Grand Central is back! It has always been a great venue to play and to watch and with gigs coming thick and fast here, I will be back again!


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