Cyclocosmia – Immured EP

Immured EP Cover

Cyclocosmia – Immured EP
Release 27/01/2017
Running Time 17:29
Review by Rick Tilley

Cyclocosmia are a London based, female-fronted Progressive/Doom/Symphonic/Death Metal project put together in 2011 by producer and musician James Scott who uses guests from around the world to perform on his very personal musical ideas. In April 2016 debut album ‘Deadwood’ was released with vocals from Venezuelan/Italian Lorena Franceschini. However, in August 2016 she departed and Aliki Katriou, a New Zealand/Greek vocalist and film director, who had already directed two of the band’s music videos, took over for the ‘Immured’ EP which was released in January.

I’ve given you that brief history lesson because I’ve read in the blurb sent with the EP that Aliki is a guest vocalist for this release only and I think that would be a terrible shame. I say that because, just occasionally, an album or EP arrives on my desk that really makes me sit up and take notice, Cyclocosmia have delivered the best 17 minutes of music I’ve heard so far this year and much of that is down to the brilliance of the vocals. This lady has 11 years of theatre and film experience as well as 7 years of operatic training and she has one of the most unique voices I’ve heard in years! She was already working as artistic director and vocal coach for Cyclocosmia before taking on lead vocal duties and to lose this talent after just one EP would be a disaster. Not only can she sing like an angel but her extreme growl is immense. She is ethereal, haunting and evil in equal measures and gives me serious Goosebumps every time she sings! Apparently James and Aliki also write and perform together in Alt-Metal band Eight Lives Down but, as of yet, I’ve not heard anything by them so it’s impossible for me to say if that would make up for her not continuing to sing in Cyclocosmia

Of course there is also the music and James Scott has delivered four songs and a concept that is stunning from start to finish. His story here is about the Vestal Virgins of Ancient Rome who were so holy that it was an offence to spill their blood. This meant that if one of them broke their vow of chastity they were buried alive! What a hideously wonderful story and one that works perfectly with the music presented here. James’ guitar work and production is also fantastic and he has said that you should listen to this as one continuous song! It’s easy to do that because each part blends effortlessly into the next!

Musically this is not complicated but it’s so beautiful and well thought out that I find it difficult not to lose myself completely in every single note. To combine the genres they have and to do it so well really sets Cyclocosmia apart from so many other bands. Why this isn’t on the mouths of every Metal website and print Magazine is beyond me. Even the band name and logo has had a huge amount of thought put into it. Everything reeks of professionalism, passion and talent and Cyclocosmia deserve everyone out there to hunt ‘Immured’ down and, at the very least, give it a listen. This really is an incredible EP and the only reason I’m not giving it top marks is it’s just too short. I need more of these two people working together on this project because they are a match made in heaven!

1. Immured Part I
2. Immured Part II
3. Immured Part III
4. Immured Part IV
5. Immured Parts I-IV

James Scott – All instruments, Vocals
Aliki Katriou – Vocals


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