Afterlife Symphony – Moment Between Lives

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Afterlife Symphony – Moment Between Lives
Revalve Records
Release Date 09/09/2016
Running Time 57:29
Review by Rick Tilley

In more recent years there appears to have been a plethora of Metal and Rock bands emerging from Italy and, to my ears, a good majority of them in the Symphonic, Neo-Classical and Progressive genres are extremely good. Worldwide there has also been an explosion in female fronted bands and that can also only be a good thing, so when ’Moment Between Lives’ by Afterlife Symphony (a female fronted, Symphonic Metal band from Italy) appeared on the MGTV review list I said “yes, I’ll take that one”

I’ve now listened to the album about eight times, mainly in the hope that something will click and it will jump out at me, alas, I have to report that ‘Moment Between Lives’ is a mediocre album and Afterlife Symphony a band that are going to have to work at originality to stand out from the crowd.

At nearly sixty minutes in length ‘Moment Between Lives’ is made up of eleven tracks and on my first run through the album several of those did appear to contain pretty solid riffs (Courtesy of Eddy Talpo), some good orchestral sections and more than competent drumming from Antonio Gobbato, but rather than become more familiar each time they were listened to, they actually melded back into the rest of the album and the whole thing became one long, mid-paced and morose piece of music. What makes things more confusing is that this is supposed to be a concept album and the following quoted passage is taken from the record company’s website explaining the story!

“Moment Between Lives” is a concept album, a mystical journey between the esoteric and the vivid reality, between choices, dreams, loves, fears, anger and introspection. The circularity of the events, the continue question, the hunger for knowledge, these are the elements that form this album. Song after song, you advance, falling more and more in the comfort of the traveller.

” … Choose your life with care … “

Of course there are going to be some translation issues, but can anybody out there explain to me what is actually being said here? This is, at best, vague and unfortunately matches the music in its direction. Vocalist Anna Giusto has an ‘okay’ voice, it’s mostly in tune, but it lacks feeling and emotion and because most of the tracks are played in the same key and at the same speed it’s all a bit bland. On a couple of occasions she does come across sounding a bit Amy Lee but just when I think she is going to grab the music and take it up a level she falls short. Stefano Tiso plays good keyboards and piano and it’s his orchestral passages that make the best of the music available. In fact if it weren’t for those passages I’d be hard pressed to call this Symphonic Metal, It’s more standard metal with those pieces tagged on and as for bassist Nicolas Menarbin, he really doesn’t have much to do at all.

Only final song ‘Genesis Of Eternity’ shows any signs of really coming alive but it’s still not enough to get me more than mildly interested. If you think I sound mean saying all this then it’s because I’m frustrated. There is no doubt the five musicians here have talent but they are going to have to be much more convincing if there is to be another album. With so much excellent competition around these days, particularly in the Symphonic genre, then words such as mediocre, bland, samey and average really don’t cut it. I was expecting a lot more from Afterlife Symphony!

1. Half-Moon Light
2. The Abyss
3. Under The Sleeping Tree
4. My Existence To You
5. Broken Breath
6. Dreamer’s Paradox
7. Seventh
8. Last Hope
9. Novembre (Part I)
10. Novembre (Part II)
11. Genesis Of Eternity

Antonio Gobbato – Drums
Anna Giusto – Vocals
Nicolas Menarbin – Bass
Eddy Talpo – Guitars, Guitars (acoustic)
Stefano Tiso – Keyboards, Vocals


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