Walkway – Top Shelf Content

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Walkway – Top Shelf Content
Release Date: December 2012
Running Time 51:57
Review by Rick Tilley

Walkway are a Classic Rock band whose name has been cropping up on my radar regularly over the last few months, with some very positive comments, so there was a good level of anticipation when loading their debut album ‘Top Shelf Content’ into my CD player for the first time! So the question is have they justified all the hype? My answer is unequivocally yes! Formed in Diss, United Kingdom in 2008, and influenced by bands such as Van Halen, Aerosmith & AC/DC they have literally not stopped since, gigging almost constantly and building a great live reputation on the way, including supporting ‘The Darkness & Black Stone Cherry in 2012. This album is a culmination of all that hard work and hopefully a springboard to launch Walkway, deservedly, to much bigger and better things.

‘Top Shelf Content’ kicks off with ‘One Touch Too Much’ and straight away you are hit by the quality of musicianship and catchiness of the song, something that doesn’t let up for the whole album. Musically the influence of the above named bands is recognisable, but I would like to add a few more to the table. Imagine Tyketto, Little Angels, Giant & Tesla mashed together and that would be a good start. Bass player Alex Rosedale & drummer Joe Evans make a great rhythm section, holding everything together nicely and powering the songs along. However, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Chris Ready and brother lead guitarist James Ready have to take credit for elevating this band above the norm. Chris has a great voice with just the right amount of gravel, but that can be as smooth as silk when needed. As for James, well his guitar solos are seriously impressive and remind me very much of Giant’s Dan Huff in places. Tracks such as ‘Overrated’, ‘Life Is Looking Good (To Me)’, ‘Rise’ and ‘More Than Enough’ have enough hooks to reel you in completely and believe me the air guitar and drums take a good battering when listening to this. There are also several quieter songs which hit the mark. ‘Thank You’ will have you raising your lighter and waving your arms high. Production is also very well handled, although for the type of rock that Walkway play, I did think the mix was a little bit too clean. A bit more rawness next time round would be welcomed, although of course that is just my opinion.

Another band that are criminally unsigned, Walkway have delivered a fantastic debut album that really should make people sit up and take notice. There is no way ‘Top Shelf Content’ is going to stay on the top shelf (or any other shelf) for that matter as I suspect many places will be sold out before long.

1. One Touch Too Much
2. More Than Enough
3. On And On
4. Overrated
5. Life Is Looking Good (To Me)
6. In And Out Of Love
7. Take A Back Seat
8. All I Want
9. Wasted Time
10. Get Out
11. Rise
12. Thank You

CHRIS READY – Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
JAMES READY – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
MIK SKIBA – Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals
ANDY BURLACE – Drums / Percussion / Backing Vocals


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Originally written for Brutiful Metal Radio in 2013

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