Outright Resistance- Me vs I

Me Vs. I EP Cover

Outright Resistance- Me vs I
Release Date: 06/09/2016
Running time: 32:00
Review by Vikkie “Queen Of Rock” Richmond

Stevenage screamers have been recognised underground as a bit of a diamond in the rough for a while now, but I suspect it was their outstanding performance at the very soggy Amplified Festival that catapulted them well and truly out of the darkness into a very bright limelight.

“Me Vs. I” is not billed as an EP, but at only seven tracks long, I would be hard pressed to call it an album. It’s all irrelevant really as it doesn’t matter whether its 30 minutes or 30 hours long; Outright Resistance are a pretty special find.

So what can one expect from ‘Captain’ Paige Lee and co? Well, if you haven’t yet seen the band or heard the music, frankly you have to have been living under a rock. Proceedings get under way with the rather threatening “Me Vs. I”, a short intro to the music. “Maimed In Chelsea” is the first proper track and it features some amazing double bass drumming. Growling vocals and screams from Lee accompany a strong riff running through the song, making it an opener that leaves any listener wanting more.

“Prove Them Wrong” is a good pacey, head nodding track whilst the slow burn of “Pain” morphs into a frenzied pace. I could make out some discordant keyboard in there, which adds to the atmosphere of the song. “Gee, Dysphoria” is also an angry track with a bruising time signature.

“Destiny Is All” is a slightly slower track, but it’s a winner in my book because there are some sneaky pinch harmonics squeezed in there. If I had to choose a track that I feel sums this band up, it’s this one. It is menacing and it creeps along and into your consciousness like iced water through veins.

Last track “Take The Blame” is another frenetic offering that really is just the perfect closer to this small, but perfectly formed collection of music.

I saw the Amplified performance and this band truly kicked some metal arse, brightening everyone’s Saturday morning. It’s true that in a couple of places the production is a little bit shaky, but nothing to worry about. It’s basically a great collection of bruising songs and surely it’s not going to be long before Outright Resistance break through into the collective metal community consciousness, if they haven’t completely done so already. With some absolutely storming vocals and first class musicianship, “Me Vs. I” is a blistering, intense and enjoyable offering that can be enjoyed again and again, getting to know every little nuance of every song. Outstanding.

01. Me Vs. I
02. Maimed In Chelsea
03. Prove Them Wrong
04. Pain
05. Gee, Dysphoria
06. Destiny Is All
07. Take The Blame



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