Spreading The Disease – Insurrection

Insurrection Cover

Spreading The Disease – Insurrection
Release Date: 27/10/2017

Running Time 47:29
Review by Lee Preston

This has been an album I’ve been looking forward to hearing after hearing the debut EP “Viral” by Kent based metallers Spreading the Disease late in 2016, who continuously tour the length and breadth of the country. And I’m pleased to say it surpasses everything the debut promised.

The album starts quite subdued on opening track ‘Find My Path’ before hitting some huge riffs acting as an extended intro before the rest of the albums tracks bludgeon you with razor sharp riffs, varied songwriting and cleverly laid out pacing. This is an album in the true sense, its varied without sounding like a band unsure where to go, quite the opposite, sounding more like a gig with peaks and troughs to give it some pacing, air and a sense of purpose.

Songs vary between groovy metal with an early 90’s vibe bringing Pantera and Prong riffs to a modern abrasive guitar as the basis of song structure, and then going into alt metal in later songs such as ‘Can’t Let Go’ which is an acoustic driven number that has a Tool vibe about it. The vocals are another strong point on this album, the main vocals being an aggressive but clear modern bark with a clear delivery of the lyrical content, which is very direct about modern life. Then there’s the backing vocals which are melodic in a 90s alt rock style, clear but edgy.

All in all, this is a rip roaring album from start to finish. Anyone who likes mid 90s metal, alt rock and modern metalcore will find a lot to enjoy here. Highly recommended!

01. Find My Path
02. Words Unspoken
03. Dischord
04. Spreading The Disease
05. Greed
06. Save Me
07. Whores Of War
08. Method To My Madness
09. Can’t Let Go
10. Brexit Wounds
11. Last Goodbye


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