Sonic Prophecy – Savage Gods

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Sonic Prophecy – Savage Gods
Rockshots Records
Release Date: 19/01/2018
Running Time: 59:00
Review by Tsarina Wilson

This powerful album is full steam ahead from the first note of the first track. If you want an album full of punch, then this is one for you!

The band, who consist of Shane Provstguard on vocals, Darrin Goodman on guitar, Sebastian Martin on guitar, Ron Zemanek on bass and Matt LeFevre on drums, are one hellava power rock band.

The band, who have been existence since 2008, have released an EP as well as two full length albums and performed on several tours, and have now returned with their third studio album ‘Savage Gods.’

My first thoughts when I heard the album were a Black Sabbath/Manowar crossover with heavy drums, brilliant guitar riffs and some very strong vocals. Even on the slower tracks the range and power of Shane’s voice is just immense.

‘Savage God’ follows their 2015 release ‘Apocalyptic Promenade’ (Maple Metal Records) and their debut album in 2011 ‘A Divine Act of War’, which had its music used in the television series ‘Rock n Lock’, the video game ‘Volgarr The Viking’ and Danny Trejo’s movie ‘Vengeance’. This album covers many topics, lyrically, from quests and medieval wars to the dangers associated with extreme ideologies.

My favourite track is ‘Man the Guns’ but, then again, it’s very difficult to have a favourite. The tracks are all mini stories and each one is so good in its own right. At almost an hour of epic solo vocals, moody and dark songs, but with exciting riffs, this isn’t a “put on and ignore” album. It’s intense and needs to be played loud and proud.

The guys, from Salt Lake City, who have opened for bands such as Cinderella, Tyr and Alestorm, are a joy to listen to. This album isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste but then show me an album that is! If you want chest punching tracks, with a vocalist who can reach notes that would give Mariah Carey a run for her money, drumming that will leave you breathless even though you’re not playing and guitars that talk to you, then this album is for you.

01. Savage Gods
02. Night Terror
03. Unholy Blood
04. Dreaming of The Storm
05. Man the Guns
06. Walk Through the Fire
07. A Prayer Before Battle
08. Iron Clad Heart
09. Man and Machine
10. Chasing the Horizon


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