Warrior Soul – ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Disease’

Rock _n_ Roll Disease Cover

Warrior Soul – ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Disease’
Livewire/Cargo Records UK
Release Date: 07/06/2019
Running Time: 30:35
Review by Paul Monkhouse

Rick Here. I have two reviewers who have massively different views on the band Warrior Soul and both wanted to review their latest album, so I thought why not let them both write one. Here is the Pro Warrior Soul review!
Easily hands down, Warrior Soul were one of the outstanding bands at last year’s Stone Free Festival at the O2 and put on a truly ferocious show that was high on power and total devoid of b/s or posturing. Main man Kory Clarke dominated the stage and is a total original who’s only real contemporary is Iggy Pop, his unhinged persona filled with both a true punk spirit and a social conscience that challenges as much as it entertains during their incendiary gigs. The rest of the band are certainly no slouches though and provide the perfect back for their wild leader.
Given the absolute fire and electricity of their live shows it would seem impossible to capture that in the relatively sterile atmosphere of a recording studio but with this release they have done just that and it’s an album that crackles with life, practically tearing out of the speakers and smashing you round the face whilst making you dance like an idiot. Whilst the previous album ‘Back on the Lash’ was superb, this one is another massive step and should be part of the soundtrack to every metalhead and punks Summer.
‘Up the Dose’ is a rip-roaring opener, full on boogie that brings to mind same dirty rock ‘n’ roll as the early Bon Scott years of AC/DC. Clarkes sore-throated vocals are the perfect accompaniment to the rawness of this beast and have an honesty and (say it quietly) class that many try to fake but never achieve. As well as bringing the boogie of the Young brothers to the table there is a real kinship to Motorhead here in its no nonsense delivery and commitment. This really does deserve to be played very loudly.
The title track is next up and continues the mood with a really live feel that places the listener into the confines of a dark and sweaty punk gig or, conversely, in a battered car going on a road trip absolutely anywhere in the world. This is music to make you feel alive and Warrior Soul are unafraid to refuse to bend to trends or outside influences and remain very much their own men. The aptly titled ‘Off My Face’ scorches and the guitar solo absolutely screams, whilst ‘Melt Down’ is a brutal rant against the system and a slap-in-the-face call to arms. These two tracks perfectly illustrate one of Warrior Soul’s greatest strengths with the balance of music for partying with drunk friends and a much more serious, cerebral edge to the band. Time and again it’s down to the listener to get what they want from it and that’s never a bad thing, but the hope is that it’s the lyrics that provide the strongest emotional response.
‘Rock On’ is musically much more in the mould of a goodtime track with its chant along chorus but most certainly isn’t a throw away cut and displays a real ear for melody. The same is true for ‘War Ride Children’, a song that has real elements of a NWOBHM style than has been scuffed up with a filthy sandblaster. Clarke snarls and sarcasm drips like venom as the guitars of Adam Arling, John Polachek and Dennis Post roll and boil behind him. Whilst totally eschewing any sort of ballad, there is much to enjoy in the album and it’s full of musical highs and lows that give the release textures rather than just being a one pace sprint for its duration. But, again, there is an honesty here that is unlike virtually every band you could name that’s on the circuit today and carries on baton from the much missed Lemmy.
Rounding off the album, ‘Going Mental’ and ‘After the Show’ are two more blasts of punky hard rock that bring up a delicious gumbo of AC/DC, Andrew WK and the Stooges, leaving you unsure whether you should just press play and listen to the album straight through again or go for a much needed recuperative lie down.
If you have ever loved AC/DC, Motorhead or just some truly great visceral rock music you need to get this album. If you don’t love it, you should probably check your pulse.
01. Up The Dose
02. Rock N Roll Disease
03. Off My Face
04. Melt Down
05. Rock On
06. War Ride Children
07. Going Mental
08. After the Show
Kory Clarke – Vocals/Drums
Adam Arling – Guitar/Bass/Vocals
John Polachek – Guitar
Dennis “El Guapo” Post – Guitar/Vocals
Christian Kimmett – Bass/Vocals
Ivan Tambac – Drums/Vocals
John Besser – Drums
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