Black Lilium – Dead Man’s Diary

Black Lilium – Dead Man’s Diary
Release Date: 31/01/2020
Running Time: 47:49
Review by Mark Pritchard

After listening to the AWESOME album “Dead Man’s Diary” by German Melodic Progressive Metal band Black Lilium, a new band to my ears, I can easily say that it is a hell of a breath of fresh air. Heavy instrumentals with such calm, soft and relaxing vocals as well as having beautiful guitar solos it has taken my hearing by storm, especially during the tough situation that we are all going through at this moment in time. It is calming my worries and calming my soul.



Black Lilium was founded in 2014, and the participants worked on the compositions, both diligently and with a focus on quality. They wanted it to be completely melodic and timelessly beautiful, with ear-friendly refrains and really grippy structures – together with a singer who was perfect for the exquisite PROGRESSIVE MELODIC METAL style of the formation.

With the signing of golden throated Felix, a direct hit was achieved. This top talent covers the entire emotional range of the songs with his changeable and harmonious voice. Broad and iridescent floating keyboard scores of captivating beauty round off what is on offer with brilliant guitar work. The high musicality is simply impressive.

Black Lilium present veritable catchy tunes with deeply inspired hymns such as the big hit ‘My Purpose’ or the equally empathetically accentuated power pack ‘Everything I Am’. It is a matter of enjoying excellent gems that you shouldn’t hear every day despite the continued flood of bands – as if Muse with Mando Diao had made an unwavering decision with all their talents and skills to win the all-melodic Metal mastery in the field of aesthetics!

If one does the effort and studies the realistic lyrics of the tracks line by line while listening, you can increase the goosebump factor even more.

Beast In The Backseat


01 Beast In The Backseat
02 Paragon Of Imperfection
03 Demon In Disguise
04 Start All Over
05 Never
06 Walls Around My Soul
07 Everything I Am
08 The Ones You Made Us
09 My Purpose
10 Dead Man’s Diary
11 Ghosts Without A Voice


Felix Hochkeppel – Vocals, Keys
Marcel Wroblewski – Guitar
Maurice Scholz – Guitar
Lasse Lammert – Bass
Jan Knoop – Drums


Photo by Andy Gruenitz

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