Chloe Ozwell (Sister Shotgun) – Hero (Skillet Cover)

Chloe Ozwell (Sister Shotgun) – Hero (Skillet Cover)

Rick Here

I think we have mentioned a few times in recent weeks that we are living in strange times. Covid-19 has affected, just about, everyone on the planet, in one way or another, and we are far from seeing what the outcome of everything will be.

Regardless of how we are all feeling, there are a massive amount of people around the globe, who are, shamelessly and bravely, helping the rest of us to try and live as normal a life as possible. Emergency service personnel and carers, who are helping the sick, vulnerable and elderly, and providing other vital services. Shops and stores who are staying open, and delivering supplies to the general public. Cleaners, members of the armed forces, postal workers, and industries who have re-purposed their businesses to make vital equipment, and many, many more. They are all Heroes!

Sister Shotgun vocalist Chloe Ozwell decided to record a version of ‘Hero’ by Skillet and asked some of these heroes to send her pictures of themselves so she could make a video to thank them and here is a link to that video!

All that remains to be said is huge love and respect to Chloe for doing this and THANK YOU to all of these wonderful HEROES for doing what they do.

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