Andralls – Bleeding For Thrash

Andralls – Bleeding For Thrash
MDD Records
Release Date: 19/10/2019
Running Time: 36:58
Review by Victor Augusto

I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to telling you what makes a band so respected by its fans, respect like Brazilian Thrash Metal band Andralls receive after 22 years on the road. Of course, with so many years struggling in a country which focusses on a very different musical culture from Heavy Metal, it is normal that Andralls has lived through difficult times, but it looks like all problems they have faced have helped them to get stronger and “Bleeding For Thrash”, their sixth studio album, is a good example of what I am saying.

After a short hiatus, the band returned with vocalist/guitarist Alex Coelho and everything looked good for the writing/recording of the next album, except for the fact that Alex was diagnosed with thyroid cancer during the process. He was incapable of singing for a few months, but he won this fight and finally Andralls have delivered an insane album that makes the seven years of waiting, since last album “Breakneck” was released in 2012, worth it.

Playing fast and heavy is the band’s trademark, maintaining focus on a good cadence, being not too fast or slow, just at a good Speed (Metal) to value the riff. The opening song ‘We Are the Only Ones’ is enough to understand Andralls’ sonority. Some interesting details make the album even more attractive like the song ‘Andralls on Fire, Pt. III’ which is full of references, in the lyrics, to the band’s old songs. The composition and lyrics of ‘Legion’ are a tribute to Brazilian Death Metal band Rebaelliun who had Fabiano Penna as the main composer, he was also part of Andralls line-up in the past. What the band could never imagine is that the song would become a tribute to Fabiano, as he passed away in 2018. Also, the instrumental song ‘27*02*18,’ which finishes the main album, is another tribute to Fabiano and this song title refers to the day he died (27/02/2018).

‘Acid Rain’ is a cover song for the Brazilian band Subtera and the track ‘Noiséthrash’ is much slower and breaks the sequence of fast songs. Vocals are delivered in a speech like manner and they talk about the union and passion of life among crazy Metalheads who share the same passion about music. The word Noiséthrash is a pun in Portuguese (Nois é Thrash) that is informal jargon for “We Are Thrash”. It is also a pun for Noise and Thrash, in English. Very clever, well done Andralls!

The album has two bonus live songs, recorded during SWR Barrosselas Metalfest in 2018. One is the opening song from this album that shows that Alex’s voice is still the same before and after his battle with cancer and ‘Fear Is My Ally’, originally recorded on the “Inner Trauma” album (2005), which shows the old Andralls and how the new songs keep that same spirit alive.

“Bleeding For Thrash” is more than a good Thrash Metal album. It shows a band full of passion and who are still very important to the Brazilian scene, even after so many years on the road. Welcome back Andralls, the kings of Fasthrash*.

*Jargon used by the band to define their sound. Fast and Thrash!

01. We Are the Only Ones
02. Andralls On Fire, Pt. III
03. 64 Bullets
04. Bleeding for Thrash
05. Legion
06. Noiséthrash
07. After Apocalypse
08. Imminent Cancer
09. Acid Rain – Fasthrash Version (Subtera Cover)
10. On Fire
11. 27*02*18
12. We Are The Only Ones (Live At SWR Barrosselas Metalfest 2018)
13. Fear Is My Ally (Live At SWR Barrosselas Metalfest 2018)

Alex Coelho – Vocals and Guitars
Felipe Freitas – Bass
Alexandre Brito – Drums


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