Unto the Wolves- Year Three

Unto the Wolves- Year Three
Release Date 24/08/2020
Running Time: 64.03
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Ok for anyone who hasn’t heard of Unto the Wolves (where have you been?), I’ll give you a brief run down. Unto the Wolves is a one-man metal project. John “Gage” Sifuentes doesn’t just write the tracks, he plays all the instruments, and records it all as well! When someone says, “oh they’re the complete package”, believe me this guy is that. His influences come from bands such as Trivium, In Flames, Megadeth, Demon Hunter and many more. Gage’s vision with the Unto the Wolves project is to inspire tolerance of race, religious beliefs and cultures. He truly believes that people need to be accepted no matter their backgrounds.

I was lucky enough to review “Year Two”, Unto the Wolves’ last album, and so hope I get to do “Year Four”! After “Year Two” I thought, ‘wow this guy seriously can’t get any better’, then along comes “Year Three” to prove me wrong. You truly know that Gage puts his heart and soul into his music, you can feel the passion coming through your speakers. He has no plans to tour as far as I know, but I would love to be able to see him perform his music, even if it was on videos on YouTube, maybe something he may consider for the future? We can but hope.

The album title refers to his third year of content on his Patreon page, on which his work is released monthly to his followers. Then, at the end of the year, it’s all put together to make one album to be released. As a bonus on Patreon, you also get other things like daily thoughts etc. Gage is very much for his followers and fans and this is such a refreshing change. When you have loyal fans, being in touch with them and getting feedback is so important, and no one is more in touch with their followers than this brilliant man.

Because of the way he does things, the album took just over a year to make, and no doubt as soon as this is released, Gage will be starting on “Year Four”. There is nothing typical about the album. Each track is like a mini story within itself. There is so much emotion and energy on every track, but they all vary in composition. Some are non-stop, others are build-up, boom, slow down and repeat. One thing they are not is boring, or the same as a lot of other music out there. We are talking a complete metal breath of fresh air. On track three, ‘The Pacifist’, we have the addition of Kiara Laetitia, which was a pleasant surprise as it added just a little twist when you weren’t expecting it. Some tracks are pretty long – up and over 8 mins – but don’t be put off by that, as this is talent through and through.

His music is gritty, has hard hitting drumming with heavy metal vocals, but you will often hear a completely different musical instrument added in his songs. This is the inspiration for where the song comes from, be that culture, religious text, or similar that he has chosen to inspire him. Gage doesn’t want you to listen to a song from his point of view or his thinking. He wants you to have your own thoughts on it, and your own interpretation of what you think or feel, as everyone is different, and a song can mean something different to each person. Every one of Unto the Wolves albums are unique, there is no stereotypical song, each one makes you think about what you get out of the track. I think my favourite has to be track 7, ‘The Scars Alignment’. This track was so deep for me and made me think about my life and occurrences.

Once you start to listen to the album “Year Three”, it’s very difficult to stop. It’s addictive (in a good way), you think, ‘oh just one more track’, then ‘no, ok one more’! You find yourself submerged in a rollercoaster ride of emotions and thoughts. You would never be able to air drum to this (yes, I tried), I got to the end of track 12 and felt like I’d been on a fast spin cycle! So much energy, time and emotion, all in one album! Totally awesome!

01. A Resonance (Speaking Stones)
02. Steadfast (Church of all Worlds)
03. The Pacifist (Feat. Kiara Laetitia) (Italy)
04. Eye Of The Beholder (Iceland)
05. Fracture (Korea)
06. Validity Incarnate (Sweden)
07. The Scars Alignment (Cuba)
08. Calming Of The Neurosis (Medieval Europe)
09. The Catalyst Horizon (Janism)
10. Adaptive Nature (Russia)
11. A Culture Of Machines (Neo-Luddism)
12. Villain And Fiend (Scottish Folklore)


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