The Brothers Keg – Folklore, Myths And Legends Of The Brothers Keg

The Brothers Keg – Folklore, Myths And Legends Of The Brothers Keg
APF Records
Release Date: 11/09/2020
Running Time: 43:45
Review by Alun Jones

And lo, the ancient seers have foretold of the coming of the Brothers Keg. Anticipation building slowly, the wise masters of APF Records have foretold a fortuitous event, something that would elate the masses and bring joyous union to the land. At least it feels that way! Old Al can’t be the only one who’s been expecting something special with this release?

The Brothers Keg are a three-piece band from London way, comprising Tom Fyfe on drums, Tom Hobson on guitar and vocals and Paul Rosser on bass/vocals. Together, their music is colossal stoner/doom with a huge sound, massive ambition, and a fine angle on self-mythologising. The result is an album so epic, so over the top, and downright fun, that the Brothers deserve every ounce of assured swagger that they no doubt possess.

Tom Hobson himself describes the sound as “HP Lovecraft meets Queen’s ‘Flash Gordon’ listening to Jeff Wayne’s ‘War of the Worldsat the wrong speed, smoking a medieval spliff dipped in poppers.” That’s this review written really – do I need to sell this any harder to you?!

If you need more persuasion, imagine a cult sci-fi fantasy B-movie soundtrack featuring spoken word narration and bludgeoning riffs, and you’re halfway there. Tracks like ‘Moorsmen’, and ‘The Army Of The Thirsty Blade Approaches’, are skull splittingly mighty, generating a genuine feeling of excitement.

‘No Earthly Form’, and ‘Brahman’ have it all: heavy guitar and pounding rhythm; countered with atmospheric psychedelia that the listener can absorb like a movie. ‘Brahman’ is nearly 13 minutes of music that doesn’t outstay it’s welcome: from meditative chanting, a killer stoner riff, and washes of acid-soaked guitars creating a spacious landscape.

The narration adds to the band’s mystique without being cheesy or silly. Yes, it’s all ridiculously good fun – but the sheer weight of musical invention adds up to something exceptional. Add in some glorious cover artwork (that looks like a cyborg He-Man pursued by a demented Skeletor) and “Folklore, Myths And Legends Of The Brothers Keg” possesses an undeniable charisma. I want the vinyl, the t-shirt, the poster – I want everything! Hell, I want Brothers Keg action figures (with weapons and musical accessories, features small parts, ages 3 and up) and I want them NOW!

Another contender for album of the year? You betcha.

Of course, the Brothers Keg aren’t the only famous brothers in rock. Those crazy Van Halen boys are two of my favourites – oh, I used to have some wild times with them. Like the time they pulled the thread out of the crotch of David Lee Roth’s pants, so when he performed one of his patented scissor jumps – the pants split, and Diamond Dave’s family jewels were revealed for all. You didn’t need to be in the front row to see it everything, I can tell you.

Dave had his revenge at a later gig, though. Backstage, he switched out the blue M&Ms in a complimentary dish for laxative pills; Eddie’s tight white trousers were not a pleasant site at all that night. Now you know why their rider has always stipulated the blue M&Ms are removed ever since…

01. Moorsmen
02. From the Records of Arthur Shnee
03. No Earthly Form
04. The Ice Melteth
05. Introducing the Brothers Keg
06. Brahman
07. The Army of the Thirsty Blade Approaches
08. Castle Keg
09. Epilogue

Tom Fyfe – Drums
Tom Hobson – Guitar/Vocals
Paul Rosser – Bass/Vocals


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