Macakongs 2099 – Amor

Macakongs 2099 – Amor
Release Date:15/01/2020
Running Time: 22:30
Review by Victor Augusto

Something very peculiar about the Musical Scene from the city where I live (Brasília, the capital of Brazil), is how Heavy Metal and Hardcore bands show a great union and connection with each other. Much hard work goes into the promotion of events where these two genres play shows together. Many local Hardcore bands act in this way and all of them are very-old bands Of course, it has not happened from nothing. Bands like Terror Revolucionário and Death Slam (both of whom have taken part in EMQ’s interviews here at Ever Metal), among many others made it happen, mainly through the promotion of the concerts I mentioned. Macakongs 2099 could not be left out of this history, since they have been on the road since 1998 and have promoted many events, opening space for the most diverse local bands. The quartet spreads their Hardcore, with a critical and social content, always with an acid criticism and a hint of humor to talk about it. Ironically, their newest full album is called “Amor” (that means love in Portuguese).

The band’s sonority values straight compositions, with strong riffs. All songs are short and all lyrics are in Portuguese, now sung by the bassist and band’s leader Djalma Phu. This time, I can feel that they are more focused on Thrash Metal than just on pure Hardcore, and this probably has something to do with guitarist WA, considering he also plays in an amazing Thrash Metal band called Degola. He has added some solos alongside all the beautiful rhythms played by the guitarist Léo, giving a special emphasis to the music. The cool thing about both guitarists is the freedom with which they play, not sticking to a formula. Drummer Thiago doesn’t use complicated drum lines which increases the feeling on the album and makes it easy to digest.

“Amor” is a short album, and it is hard to talk about highlights when you have such an awesome record from beginning to end. However, I will mention what most caught my attention and quote them in the order they appear on the album. ‘Traiu Sinistro’ has the addition of clean vocals. It also has extremely strong lyrics about people who were friends and betrayed each other. The melodious voice adds to the theme, creating a counterpoint to the heaviness of the instruments. ‘Combustível da Dominação’ has a Dead Kennedys vibe at its beginning, bringing a classic Punk Rock spirit, in addition to the lyrics being very hard about our alienation and how easily people can be manipulated.

Now, stop everything you are doing, as I am going to talk about ‘Haters Amam’ (that means haters love). What a CLASSIC song! The best on the record, in my humble opinion. Not only because it portrays the idiocy in which we live in a divided Brazil, where people are totally blind, exactly as explained in ‘Combustível da Dominação’. They are killing themselves on the streets, in defense of pets called politicians, while the politicians continue screwing and laughing at this war among the population. It is such a strong track, with a furious riff and tightly fitting drum variations that make it beautiful. The accompanying video begins with an interruption of your normal TV programming to the “free hardcore campaign” I confess that I had a good laugh when Phu says on the lyrics that he never voted on a “Distrital” (specific kind of Brazilian politician) because he doesn’t even know what they are useful for. What a song!

Still talking about influences, you can hear some Exodus on ‘Terra de Ninguém’. The distorted bass notes from the beginning of ‘Cerrado Sem Miragem’, which closes the album, reminded me of the S.O.D. song ‘Milk’, as well as the idea of a direct, aggressive sound, even if this track is a Rap, arranged in Heavy Metal, with the special participation of Dino Black. Once again, this time with the reinforcement of Dino, they expose many issues from society that, we, the people pretend do not exist.

Summarizing what I think about this amazing album. You can hear the heaviness of good old Hardcore, which the city of Brasília has known since the 90’s, from all Macakongs 2099 roots, but it is heavier now. There is a good and dirty production, and they have made it like this on purpose, without taking away the quality and equalization of all the musicians. They also don’t sound dated because of the added Thrash Metal elements, which gives a disguised brutality in the false calm that the album presents. In other words, we have a lovely album for worshippers of good and pure Crossover. Listen to it with all the love from your heart.

01. Sobreviventes do Caos
02. Traiu Sinistro
03. Combustível da Dominação
04. Haters Amam
05. Amargo Arrependimento
06. Pesadelo da Realidade
07. Terra de Ninguém
08. Tristes Conclusões
09. Cerrado Sem Miragem

Djalma Phu – Bass and vocals
Léo – Guitars
WA – Guitars
Thiago Brito – Drums


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